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Filmmaking Essentials: Coronavirus outbreak, economic impact, entertainment


Want to make movies? Hey there, aspiring filmmakers You’re the New Hollywood Generation

My name is Orlando Delbert This is ‘Hollywood, Unapologetic!’ I first wrote about success in filmmaking, and life, when I was writing, Pollyanna’s Tear Soaked Battlefields of Hollywood: A Survival Guide Against the Cynicism and the Hypocritical Today I wanted to speak about how the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 is already impacting the entertainment industry The number of those infected by the coronavirus continues to spread As of this episode, China has over 69,000 people infected, with 1,770 people killed

With no surprise, the Chinese film industry is at a standstill And the outbreak increased right before the Chinese New Year, a very lucrative time for the country Around the world, people are being fearful of public places, and live-entertainment venues The closing of theme parks and resorts, like Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland in January of 2020 are early examples in the hopes to keep families safe Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Tokyo Disneyland, as well as Tokyo DisneySea parks locations scheduled to close down from Saturday, February 29th to Sunday, March 15th

Universal Studios Japan announced a “temporary closure” of the park on those days as well All of the parks mentioned may stay closed as the situation changes Movie theaters in China have already been closed for a month, and that has been a fast-growing market in recent years Depending on how long the theaters are closed can easily mean losses of hundreds of millions of dollars this quarter alone for the studios and theater chains in lost ticket sales Some analysts are expecting to see losses in the billions

The Chinese marketplace makes up one of the largest percentages of Hollywood’s international box office revenue I know the Chinese promotional tour and red-carpet screening in Beijing for the next James Bond film; “No Time to Die”, starring Daniel Craig and Rami Malek was cancelled There is a possibility theaters may reopen in time for the scheduled mid-April release On April 2nd, “No Time to Die” will be released in certain international territories When “Spectre” opened in late 2015, it had earned $83 million dollars in the box office in China alone

It grossed $881 million dollars worldwide It’s expected “No Time to Die” to earn at least that much in April Without China’s box office revenue however, the film is expected to reach just under $800 million in gross earnings The Walt Disney Company, as well as other motion picture studios is in a “wait and see” mode at the moment Disney hasn’t had any major film releases in China yet this year with the exception of the Oscar-winning Searchlight Pictures title, “Jojo Rabbit”

For a high-stakes film for Disney, such as “Mulan”, starring Chinese actress, I hope I pronounce her name correctly; Liu Yifei is still an unknown It is a remake of an important animated picture and of the Mulan legend’s significance in Mainland Chinese’s culture They are not clear on what the theatrical release date will be in China Film and television production has already been effected CBS’ reality show, “The Amazing Race” in its 33rd season was temporarily suspended a few days ago after three episodes

That makes sense since the show has contestants hopping around the globe Paramount Pictures quickly shut down a three-week shoot scheduled in Venice, Italy for “Mission: Impossible 7”, starring Tom Cruise Paramount announced it’s “altering production plan” when local officials shut down public gatherings There are at least 650 people infected by the virus as of this episode and 17 deaths I should mention the production staff and everyone directly affected by the shutdowns of these productions to the best of my knowledge have not contracted the virus

These are just precautionary measures The South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival is proceeding as planned So far, they have had a small number of cancellations, and are working with federal, state, and local agencies to keep the event safe There has been one case of coronavirus reported in Cannes, France to date This is relevant because the “Festival de Cannes” usually announces its lineup in April before the film festival in May

The organizers are keeping an eye on things and plan to take necessary measures to protect all attendees So far, everything there looks like a go I do have to admit, I was reluctant to make an episode on the coronavirus initially But reading and hearing about the global impacts daily and how quickly the numbers have been growing, I felt it was too much of an important topic to not discuss I myself am optimistic

Potential vaccines are already in the works But testing periods can take a year or longer, at least here in the United States Although, there seems to be a lot of optimism by analysts and industry professionals that this may be a short-term disruption, listening to representatives from the World Health Organization and from specialists, doctors, and health organizations worldwide, it seems that we’re just ill prepared globally No one knew of this strain just back in November of last year I by no means wish to discount the loss of lives nor the hardships of those directly affected by this virus

I offer my deepest and most sincere condolences to all affected And it’s far too early to know how much of a financial impact the coronavirus might be on the entertainment industry Yet, we’re already seeing stock markets taking huge hits, the worst in a long time But of course, everything is based on how this pandemic impacts populations worldwide I can also see how this can turn into a long period of rebuilding for communities directly affected, and for our industry

After 9/11, the networks and studios cutback budgets, cancelled off successful shows, and the staff firings began I’ve spoken about this and the writer’s strike in other episodes Let’s be vigilant in keeping our loved ones and ourselves safe And keep an eye out for other potential possibilities to keep our projects moving forward Good luck! Be safe! If you’re looking for filmmaking for beginners, filmmaking 101, and for some filmmaking tips on how to want to be a filmmaker, make sure to click on the subscribe button

Click that bell so that you don’t miss anything Looking for “how to” filmmaking essentials? Be sure to check out the videos in the playlist, “New to Film Production? Start Here!” Think of this channel as a film crash course, or filmmaking crash course, and an introduction to filmmaking entrepreneurship, to build the skills needed well beyond just how to succeed Hollywood, and beyond whatever discussion other “how to” film school, “how to” indie filmmaking, in general “how to” film industry channels don’t talk about The “why’s” you truly need to know, to help you grow as a thought leader in life, the entertainment industry, and how it applies as part of the New Hollywood Generation is in this video series and in the Pollyanna’s Tear Soaked Battlefields of Hollywood: A Survival Guide Against the Cynicism and the Hypocritical, series of books Links below Remember, preparation is the key to you and your project’s success


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