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>> Narrator: They were from two different worlds >> She was beautiful from the inside out

She was an angel >> He was from the hood, and he was so street >> She was attracted to the bad boy, the bad attitude >> I've never seen her love any other guy that way >> Narrator: But did these star-crossed lovers get in over their head? >> Somebody shot this woman in cold blood and just left her to die

>> Why would you do something like that? >> Narrator: The ensuing investigation will uncover a web of betrayal >> She was talking to a rival gang member >> He went and got another woman pregnant >> It could have been any one of them >> Narrator: In order to solve the mystery, someone will have to talk

[ Gunshot ] [ Gunshot ] ♪♪ ♪♪ Sunday, April 12, 2015 It's just after midnight in Miami Gardens, Florida, a struggling community 20 minutes north of downtown Miami, that feels worlds away >> It's the hood It's like you got to be on your P's and Q's when you're outside >> The crime rate is just ridiculous

>> Narrator: So it isn't surprising when officers are dispatched to a cluster of townhouses in the city's northwest side in the middle of the night >> There was a telephone call that came in, indicating that a man had been shot and, potentially, was lying dead in the area >> The caller wants to remain anonymous and doesn't provide any other details >> The person making the call is terrified Maybe they know who did this

Maybe they're afraid for their own life or their own safety [ Siren wails ] >> Narrator: Officers are on high alert when they arrive on the scene >> In those types of situations, the law-enforcement entity must enter first for the purposes of assessing the situation, and if necessary, neutralizing the active shooter >> The area looks like it's deserted, and whoever might have been there with the victim, looks like they're left >> It's clear

>> Yeah, it's clear over here, too >> Narrator: It's only after they've secured the scene that officers approach the victim and make a surprising discovery >> They find out this is not a man This is a woman She's bleeding pretty badly

She has been shot in the head >> Unfortunately, it was clear that she had expired and there was nothing they can do >> Narrator: As officers wait for CSI to arrive, they work to verify the victim's identity >> Her purse is actually nearby They go through it

>> They find her ID, and they're able to identify her as Jessula Goulbourne ♪♪ >> Narrator: Born to Caribbean immigrants, Jessula Goulbourne was raised to reach for her dreams >> I wanted to have a family where they would have everything they needed, everything they wanted

But it's hard [Chuckles], especially when you have to work sometimes 16 hours a day >> Jessula's mom worked as a corrections officer, and her father ran his own business >> They wanted to make sure that we had a good education >> Narrator: Intelligent and outgoing, Jessula did well in school, both academically and socially >> Jessula is very loving, caring, positive — you know, not a negative person at all

>> You could be in the worst mood, and Jessula would just come and start a conversation You would totally forget about whatever was bothering you >> Jessula was the type of person that anybody loved to be around She was the one who brung all us together >> Narrator: Though, for all her happiness, Jessula still carried her own burden

>> Jessula's parents divorced when she was a teenager And while her father remained in the picture, it had a definite impact >> Oh, you look nice! Where are you going? >> Out >> Out? >> Yeah, it's not like I want to be around here >> Being a single mother, raising kids on your own, especially when the kids were used to being with their dad, it's different

Now Dad's not there >> Her parents tried their best to co-parent, for the sake of the kids, but it just wasn't the same Jessula took it hard >> Narrator: Desperate to fill the hole in her heart, Jessula sought refuge in the arms of classmate Tyrone Bivins >> He came from a tough background and had a pretty rough childhood

>> His mom died years ago, so he was going from auntie to auntie He never really had a stable place He was basically raised by the neighborhood >> Jessula liked the fact that he had a different background from her It was something that made him a little bit more mysterious

>> She loved the fact that he was from the hood and he was so street >> He was like a rebel He was a person who always tested life He didn't really care about tomorrow He living in now

>> Narrator: Almost overnight, Jessula and Tyrone became an item >> She was in love with this guy >> She was head-over-heels She would do anything for Tyrone >> She wanted to have a kid with him, she wanted to have a family with him, and I think she wanted that more than anything in the world

>> Brenda couldn't stand him [ Chuckles ] She told her time and time again that, "This guy is not for you You're better than this" >> It was always something about him, but I could never pinpoint it >> Narrator: As the years went by, Brenda's hostility gave way to a grudging acceptance

>> Hey, Miss Brenda, how you doing? Need some help with that? >> Oh, no, thank you, I've got it >> I'm not even gonna lie He was charming He came out and he called me Mom and hugged me, and he was always nice 'Cause I loved her, I dealt with it

>> Narrator: Though they fell in love at a young age, Jessula and Tyrone seemed to be more than high school sweethearts >> After high school, they stayed together They seemed to really love each other >> Narrator: Even though she didn't approve of Tyrone, Jessula's mother, Brenda, was pleased to see the relationship didn't seem to be keeping her daughter from achieving her dreams >> She had the aspiration to become a correction officer

>> She got into security because law enforcement is a long wait >> She started studying She, like, set everything aside so she can focus on being a correction officer >> Narrator: While pursuing her career aspirations, Jessula encouraged Tyrone to achieve his own >> She was influencing him

He was looking for a job >> She was the first person to really believe in him, to say, "You can be more than this" >> Check this out This looks good >> Man, I don't know

You really think I'm qualified? >> Listen, you can do this in your sleep >> Jessula turned out to be a good influence on him and was stabilizing him and was helping him navigate through life >> They were looking forward to building their future together >> Narrator: But now it appeared that Jessula's life has come to a sudden, brutal end >> Someone just simply shot this woman and left her for dead

>> It's clear >> Narrator: It's clear that Jessula never stood a chance >> Police did an initial sweep of the area to see if they can locate any ballistic evidence >> Hey, look over here >> What do you got? >> That looks like an AK

>> You don't just pull an AK out of your purse to protect yourself Whoever shot Jessula set out to kill someone that night ♪♪ ♪♪ >> Narrator: At just 21 years old, Jessula Goulbourne appeared to be on the path for success, following in her mother's footsteps as a correctional officer >> She was very excited She was gonna be like her mom

She was gonna be like me >> Narrator: But shortly after midnight on April 12, 2015, Jessula's dreams come to a sudden and violent end >> She had been shot in the head by what police believed to be an AK-47 or some similar assault-style weapon >> Narrator: It's a detail that has disturbing implications for investigators >> This is a known area for gang-related activity

This weapon that was used is consistent with the type of weapons that are used in gang-related slayings >> Drive-bys happened there before Maybe, you know, she was caught in crossfire >> Narrator: That theory goes out the window when detectives begin processing the scene >> She clearly was shot in the head at point-blank range

And a gunshot at a very, very short range generally would lead someone to believe right away that this was not just an accidental drive-by shooting >> Narrator: A murder for financial gain also seems unlikely >> Since the first officers on the scene found Jessula's purse and wallet, there was no indication of a robbery, either >> Her wallet contained money and credit cards Had this been a robbery, that stuff would not have been there

>> Narrator: Which leads detectives to a troubling conclusion >> She was targeted >> Narrator: Now detectives have to figure out why >> The killer could have been someone who had a personal beef with Jessula, or she could have been killed specifically to send a message to someone else >> Narrator: Hoping for additional evidence, detectives search the home where the shooting occurred

>> The home that this took place in front of is vacant >> Narrator: Around the abandoned house, detectives find a litter of half-empty bottles, graffiti, and other signs of recent activity >> Based on the evidence they found, it appears there was some sort of party or gathering here that night >> It was clear that there must have been numerous people in that area at the time this incident occurred >> Narrator: Hoping for more intel, detectives turn to the neighbors who have begun gathering outside the scene

>> Once they see the amount of police vehicles and emergency vehicles that may come on scene, it's general in nature for someone to walk up and try and see what's going on >> Police get some neighbors to talk to them Some of them say that they heard the gunshots, but no one saw the shooter >> Narrator: Neighbors also tell detectives the townhome is a popular hangout for young people in the neighborhood >> They drink and party there, and actually, on this night, there was a large group of people there

>> If police can figure out who was at that party, they're gonna have a treasure trove of witnesses to tell them what took place >> Narrator: That is, if they are willing to talk >> It's not exactly legal to be partying in an abandoned home >> People were hanging out, having a good time, enjoying themselves But once that shot is fired, everybody scatters

>> You have people who don't want anything to do with law enforcement, because their prior interaction with law enforcement has most likely been negative >> Narrator: However, before detectives can begin trying to piece together who was at the party, a hysterical woman approaches the crime scene >> I got to see my daughter! >> Active crime scene We have some detectives here, okay? >> No! >> At about 12:30, my phone keeps ringing, so I'm ignoring it [ Telephone ringing ] And this one lady, Jessula's friend's mom, texts me

She said, "Brenda, pick up the phone It's an emergency" So I called her She said, "You need to go to the crime scene before they move the body" I said, "What body are you talking about?" She said, "Jessula

" >> Jessula's mom immediately jumped into her car and raced to the crime scene >> My mind was just blown I didn't even think "dead" at that time, because who wants to think "dead"? >> I need to see my daughter [ Sobbing ] Oh, God >> They wouldn't let me in

And I said, "Where's my daughter? I need to see her Is she okay? What's going on?" "Ma'am, we cannot tell you" And nobody wouldn't tell me nothing >> [ Sobbing ] >> Narrator: But nothing can prepare Brenda for what she's about to hear >> One of the police officers said, "Your daughter was

killed" [ Sniffles ] [ Sighs ] >> No!! >> And at that point, my soul just jumped out of my body ♪♪ >> Ma'am, I know this is difficult

>> [ Sobbing ] >> but we need you to answer a few questions, if you can >> I don't know if I can [ Sobbing ] >> I didn't want to talk to nobody I just wanted to see my daughter >> Why? >> Please, ma'am, we need to find your daughter's killer

>> [ Sobbing ] Okay Okay >> Ma'am, can you tell us where your daughter went last night? >> [ Sniffles ] She was with friends >> Did she say which friends? >> No >> I told them, "I don't know, I don't know

I have no idea" >> Was Jessula involved in anything illegal? >> Heavens, no She was going to be a corrections officer >> She raised her daughter to be a productive member of society She wanted her to follow in her footsteps in law enforcement

>> Narrator: Instead, Brenda suggests an alternate explanation for her daughter's death >> Brenda says, "Look, if Jessula was killed, it's more than likely that Tyrone had something to do with it" >> Tyrone? >> Yes He's the boy she dated Tyrone Bivins

I knew he wasn't no good >> Narrator: The name immediately raises a red flag for detectives >> Tyrone had allegedly been involved in a drive-by that wounded four people a few years ago >> He was arrested and charged with attempted murder [ Gunshot ] >> Narrator: Barely an hour after the murder of her daughter, Jessula Goulbourne, Brenda Delva has just told police in Miami Gardens, Florida, that the 21-year-old had been dating a man named Tyrone Bivins

>> Brenda tells police that she had warned her daughter to stay away from Tyrone, that he was bad news >> I tolerated him because she loved him >> Narrator: Based on what detectives know about Tyrone, Brenda had been right to worry >> Back in 2011, Tyrone had been involved in a drive-by shooting [ Gunfire ] >> Fortunately, nobody was killed, but we do have four people who were wounded in this shooting

>> Narrator: Witnesses had initially identified Tyrone fleeing the scene >> Tyrone had been arrested on attempted-murder charges, but he never stood trial >> Prosecuting the case was a challenge >> The victims, as well as other witnesses, refused to come forward and cooperate, for fear that they could be targets down the line And as a result, all of the charges against Tyrone Bivins at that time were dismissed

>> Narrator: Now, investigators wonder, could Tyrone have struck again? >> There is no question that he could carry out this crime Tyrone Bivins was predisposed to this type of criminal activity >> Or it's possible Jessula's murder could be retaliation against Tyrone for some reason >> Narrator: Either way, Jessula's mother is floored to learn the full extent of Tyrone's criminal past >> I knew that he was in a lot of gangs, but I didn't know the extent and how serious and how deep it was

>> Oh, my God See, I knew that boy wasn't any good! Why didn't you listen to me?! >> She was attracted to the bad boy, the bad attitude, the aggressiveness >> Narrator: Though despite everything stacked against him, Brenda still doesn't believe he was the shooter >> That would have been the last person that I would think would have killed my child >> I'd say he loved her despite the breakup

>> Breakup? >> Tyrone and Jessula broke up because he had a baby with another woman >> All these years, she defended him regardless of what he did But when she found out about that child >> Jessula was really hurt about the situation >> She was with him for eight years Eight years, she would have never thought that he would have had a baby or did any of that >> Jessula felt like, "Wow" You know, this — this — this was too much

>> Narrator: Despite her heartbreak, Brenda says, her daughter didn't take long to move on >> She soon started dating a guy named James Brand I saw pictures of them together on Facebook I saw pictures of them together on her phone >> Were they serious? >> I don't know! I don't know! She didn't talk to me about it! >> She would never come to me about certain things like that, especially when it came to, like, boyfriends or whatever

>> It's normal for friends to confide in each other about their dating life, instead of their mother >> Narrator: Back at the station, detectives begin reaching out to Jessula's friends, hoping to learn more about her latest boyfriend, James Brand >> She was really into him I was like, "Oh, my goodness She moved on

Like, she really moved on," 'cause I never thought it would happen >> Narrator: Though, according to her friends, James wasn't much of an improvement from Tyrone >> This new guy is basically Tyrone 20 James also had a criminal history and had a pretty rough background himself

>> The type, gangster, you know, that was Jessula type >> Narrator: Even worse, Jessula's friends say Tyrone and James were enemies in a longstanding feud >> The reason there was a rift between Tyrone and James was primarily because they came from different neighborhoods and that they were rivals in quasi gangs >> Narrator: Though Jessula's friends insist she wasn't intentionally trying to get back at Tyrone >> I don't think she knew that they were enemies, but that's who she liked And I think he was kind of pretty much happy that he was able to take Tyrone's girl, because they were enemies >> Narrator: Enemies who may have had another reason to feud >> Even though Tyrone and Jessula had broken up, he had still been coming around and they had still been talking from time to time

>> He's always trying to win her back after he's messed up >> Narrator: With two men competing for Jessula's affection, detectives fear either could be her killer >> Jessula's hesitancy in getting back together with Tyrone could have been the impetus for this killing >> Detectives also had to consider the possibility that James found out that Jessula was still talking to Tyrone and killed killed her out of jealousy >> There is a web of passion and lies here, and detectives knew somehow it led to her death

>> [ Speaking indistinctly ] ♪♪ >> Narrator: Just 12 hours after the murder of Jessula Goulbourne, detectives in Miami Gardens, Florida, have uncovered a twisted love triangle they believe could have led to her death >> Jessula had recently broken up with her longtime boyfriend, Tyrone Bivins, because he had gotten another girl pregnant >> After the breakup, Jessula started dating a rival gang member of Tyrone's, named James >> Talking to my woman? What you talking about, dawg? >> Tyrone was reportedly still coming around, too >> Guys, guys, come on, come on

Just stop, okay? >> Investigators wanted to speak with each of them as quickly as possible >> Why you so pumped? >> Narrator: But not just the guys >> If Tyrone had a baby with another woman, but was still coming around his ex, there's likely some drama there >> Detectives needed to know who Tyrone was dating and to see if she could have had anything to do with this crime >> Narrator: According to Jessula's friends, there was no love lost between her and Tyrone's new girlfriend, Monique Johnson

>> Jessula knew Tyrone's baby mother She worked at a local beauty-supply store Jessula and her would argue with each other >> Hey! I thought I told you, stop coming around here >> She wanted to fight Jessula

They was having words >> Girl, you cannot stop me from shopping >> Well, I need you to stay clear of me and my family >> [ Scoffing ] Oh! So, you're a family now? >> Yes >> Well, that's cute

>> It was no secret that she wanted Jessula out of the picture so that she could have a family with Tyrone >> Narrator: With strong motives for all three suspects, detectives work quickly to bring them in for questioning, starting with Monique Johnson >> Police don't tell Monique everything they know right away They just say, "We're looking for some information" >> So, what can you tell us about Jessula? >> Well, I heard she got shot

>> She only stated that she had heard that through friends She was reluctant to provide any other information regarding how she learned about that murder >> Narrator: Though Monique is more up-front about her feelings towards Jessula >> Monique is honest about her relationship with Jessula There was no love lost between them

>> Monique had a problem with Jessula, primarily because Jessula and Tyrone were continuing to talk with one another >> She always trying to rile me up to think she getting back with Tyrone >> At one point, Tyrone brought his daughter to my house, and Jessula called her and told her, "Look, your daughter is with me" >> Monique also claimed that Jessula had sent her Facebook messages implying that she might be pregnant with Tyrone's baby >> Did that cause you and Tyrone any problems? >> What you think? >> Monique admits that she and Tyrone had had some problems, but she says they've been working it out

>> And you weren't worried about Tyrone going back to Jessula? >> No >> She says, "There's no way that Tyrone would ever try to get back with Jessula" >> Where were you last night? >> Out >> With Tyrone? >> No >> Monique advised that she hadn't seen him for a couple of days

>> Monique tells police that on the night of the murder, she was with her friend Kiki, just joyriding around town >> Were you anywhere near 39th Avenue? >> No >> Are you sure? >> Police are wondering whether she could have swung by the party, but everywhere Monique claims to be seems to be on the opposite side of town from where the murder happened >> Narrator: It appears to be the truth, too >> Detectives get some information from Monique's friend

They want to verify the story And eventually, the let Monique go >> Narrator: With one suspect officially in the clear, detectives track down Jessula's new boyfriend, James Brand, and bring him in for questioning >> What can you tell us about Jessula's murder? >> I don't know anything about that >> Right away, James appeared defensive, which was enough to make detectives suspicious

>> Okay So, what can you tell us about Tyrone Bivins? >> Not much >> You did know him, right? >> Yeah It's not like we're friends, though >> He says they don't like each other

They've argued in the past It's kind of like a gang-rivalry type of relationship between the two of them >> Did you know that Tyrone is Jessula's ex? >> [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I heard that >> So, how'd it make you feel? >> Police want to see if he's jealous of Tyrone talking to Jessula again >> Why would I care about Tyrone? >> You got a beef with this guy, and he's messing around with your girl? >> Whoa

Jessula wasn't my girl >> James said no real relationship had developed as of yet >> That's not what she was telling everybody >> Maybe she thought that Doesn't make it true

>> Detectives couldn't help but notice that James was trying to distance himself from Jessula >> So, where were you last night when Jessula was killed? >> Home >> Anybody with you? >> No >> James didn't even offer detectives an alibi >> And you don't know anything about what happened to Jessula? >> No, man

Why don't you go try asking Tyrone? >> Why would we ask him? >> 'Cause she dumped him Didn't she? >> He is steadfast in responding that if anything happened to Jessula, they should be looking at Tyrone, not him >> Narrator: While detectives are suspicious of James, they have no choice but to let him go >> There was nothing to hold him on No one had even I

D'd him from the scene There was just no evidence that he was even involved >> Narrator: Luckily, detectives have one more avenue to pursue >> From the start, they had wanted to speak to Tyrone Bivins, Jessula's ex-boyfriend, but they had to track him down first

>> Narrator: A task that's proving easier said than done >> Investigators seek out locations where Tyrone has been known to reside or hang out Unfortunately, they are unable to locate him >> He never really had a stable place >> At this point, police aren't sure whether Tyrone is a killer on the run or possibly a second victim

>> If James did kill Jessula out of jealousy, that would also give him motive to murder Tyrone >> Narrator: Desperate for answers, detectives double down on their search efforts >> Detectives put up fliers and also blast Tyrone's picture and ask anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward >> Narrator: But before they can find him, a surprising pair of witnesses comes forward >> We've got some information on the Jessula Goulbourne case

>> We know who shot her >> These are eyewitnesses who are also friends of Jessula >> Narrator: And if what they claim is true, it could break the entire case wide-open >> These two witnesses claim that they weren't just at the party, they actually saw Jessula get shot [ Gunshot ] ♪♪ >> Narrator: Less than 24 hours after Jessula Goulbourne was gunned down, outside an abandoned Miami Gardens townhouse, two of her friends have come forward with shocking news

>> They were there that night They saw the whole thing >> Narrator: Their names are Becky Thompson and Katelyn Willis >> Finally, police get the break they need in this case >> Narrator: Detectives move quickly to get their statements, starting with Jessula's friend Becky Thompson

>> She said, on the night of the murder, Jessula called her, looking to hang out >> She told investigators that after Jessula picked her and Katelyn up, that they were going to the townhouse >> She said that this was a place that they would go to regularly, to hang out and to meet guys >> Narrator: Though, according to Becky, Jessula had gone looking to meet one guy in particular >> What's up? >> Hey

>> What's good? >> Unfortunately for detectives, Becky said she didn't know the guy's real name? >> As far as she knows, Buddy is somebody who's had some kind of relationship with Jessula They maybe have dated a couple of times >> Her and Jessula were relatively new friends, so she didn't really know much about her dating history >> She says that Buddy was hanging out there for a while >> She said, at this point, Buddy started showing off his gun to everyone at the party

And at one point, he even handed it to Jessula >> Know what you're doing? >> I know what I'm doing [ Click ] [ Sniffs ] >> Girl, unh-unh No, don't point that at me Stop playing! >> That fits the general description of an AK-47, the potential weapon that may have been used in killing Jessula

>> Narrator: Though Becky isn't exactly sure what happened next >> Then, she heard a big boom [ Gunshot ] And she looked up just in time to see her friend Jessula fall to the ground >> He shot her, like, right in the face >> She said that as soon as Jessula hit the ground, everyone scattered

>> She tells police that after the shooting, they were hiding They were scared >> Narrator: It's a harrowing tale, but it lacks one important detail >> Who is Buddy? It could be James or Tyrone or someone that isn't even on detectives' radar >> Narrator: Detectives hope Katelyn Willis can provide an answer

>> Jessula and Becky picked her up They went to the party and hung out with Buddy at the house >> Jessula was showing it to her She recalled Jessula saying, "There's one in the head," which means that the gun is loaded She handed the gun back to Buddy

>> That's not how you roll a joint >> What you talking about? >> Jessula and Buddy are starting to argue over the amount of weed that they're putting in the joint >> Katelyn said the argument seemed to provoke Buddy [ Crowd screaming ] >> Narrator: Like Becky, Katelyn said that everyone scattered after the shot was fired >> Katelyn also told investigators that she recalled Buddy saying things like, "It was an accident

" >> Narrator: An explanation neither Katelyn nor detectives are buying >> Narrator: While Katelyn is convinced that Buddy meant to shoot Jessula, she is also unable to give the police his real name >> She didn't really know him personally >> Narrator: But detectives have a plan >> Following the interviews, investigators prepared photo lineups

>> The lineups contain mug shots of both Tyrone and James >> Those photo lineups were separately shown to the two witnesses >> They each looked it over but quickly came to the same conclusion ♪♪ [ Gunshot ] ♪♪ ♪♪ >> Narrator: Detectives in Miami Gardens, Florida, have just made a breakthrough in their search for Jessula Goulbourne's killer >> Two witnesses who were also friends of Jessula come into play, and they were present at the time of the shooting

♪♪ >> Narrator: But that's not all >> Both women are shown a photo lineup, and both of them immediately point to Tyrone >> I heard it was him, and I didn't know what to do I just lost it >> I would have never thought he would have did that to her

I thought he loved her >> Narrator: While Jessula's family and friends come to terms with the shocking news, detectives focus on tracking down Tyrone >> Tyrone was a bit of a nomad, to begin with, so they weren't sure where to look On top of that, it seemed like he was on the run >> Fliers were placed in and around the area, looking for Tyrone Bivins and advising that Tyrone Bivins had killed Jessula

>> Detectives also asked the local newspapers and television stations to broadcast Tyrone's picture, hoping that someone who knows where he is will come forward >> Narrator: The leads are few and far between >> Tyrone Bivins was on the run for months >> No one knows where Tyrone is >> We thought he flee the country or the state

>> Narrator: It's an extremely trying time for Jessula's mother >> I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I passed out at work They had to send me to the hospital >> My mom — she could not cope She was not there, in a way, mentally

>> Narrator: Finally, in June of 2015, after months of fruitless searching, detectives try a new approach — Tyrone's baby mama, Monique Johnson >> Police put a tail on Monique, hoping that she'll take them to Tyrone >> Narrator: The strategy appears to pay off, too, once Monique leads detectives to a run-down house in the neighboring city of Hialeah >> The residence was described as gang-related and potentially a hideout for gang-related individuals >> Police from Hialeah and Miami Gardens, along with the U

S Marshals Service, raid the house >> They, at that time, located Tyrone there >> When they called me and told me that he was arrested, that was one of the best feelings I've felt in months It felt like weight was lifted off of me

I felt like I could breathe [ Sighs ] "Okay, now are we gonna get to the bottom of this?" >> Narrator: On June 24, 2015, detectives hope to do just that, when they finally come face-to-face with Tyrone >> Tyrone waived his Miranda rights and agreed to talk to detectives >> Narrator: Though it's soon clear that Tyrone has no intention of telling the truth >> Tyrone tells police that he was at the townhouse that night, he was just shooting dice, and that he left before the shooting

>> He says that the only reason people are trying to pin it on him is, there's still some lingering anger over the drive-by shooting from a few years earlier >> Narrator: Then, after swearing he had nothing to do with Jessula's murder, Tyrone points the finger at someone else >> Tyrone hinted that Jessula's new boyfriend, James, could have been behind the murder >> Narrator: Detectives know it's a lie >> They have two eyewitnesses who put the gun in Tyrone's hand

>> They keep pressing him, trying to see if he'll crack ♪♪ >> Under all the pressure from police, Tyrone finally asked for a lawyer >> Narrator: When Tyrone's trial begins, in March of 2017, Jessula's family packs the courtroom, determined to see justice served >> It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do But I went anyway 'cause I had to be there for my daughter

>> Narrator: In their opening statement, prosecutors portray Tyrone as a scorned lover >> Tyrone was mad because she had finally broken up with him for good And not only had she broken up with him but she decided to move on with, of all people, James, his bitter rival >> And as far as prosecutors were concerned, this was pouring gas on the fire >> That's what caused him to do this

He couldn't take it He couldn't take it >> Narrator: Jessula's friends Becky and Katelyn back up their claim >> They were able to piece together this story from beginning to end They identified Tyrone as the person who shot and killed her that night

[ Gunshot ] >> He did it because he saw that she was moving on "If I can't have you, no one can" >> Narrator: When it's the defense's turn, Tyrone's attorneys don't deny he shot Jessula, but they insist it was an accident >> The defense attorney makes claims that Tyrone never knew that the gun was loaded >> The defense argues that if this was an intentional murder, why didn't Tyrone try to kill the witnesses? Why did he only kill the one person and then let everybody go away? >> Narrator: It's an argument that falls flat with the jury, who find Tyrone guilty of second-degree murder

>> When the verdict was read, it felt like I could see my baby smiling It was a relief >> Narrator: Though that relief quickly turns to heartbreak >> They gave him 25 years He should have been gone for life

When Tyrone took my daughter from me, he took everything I'll never be fixed I think about my daughter every day >> Narrator: But Jessula's mother hopes she can help other parents avoid the same fate >> As a mother, watch your kids

If you feel something is not right, take care of it >> Be a voice If you see something that you feel like could lead to a point where somebody's gonna die, like, be a voice >> I should have taken over But she don't want nobody guiding her

He took my best friend He took my firstborn daughter I cry about my daughter every day It's been four years It is like yesterday

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