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F-1/M-1 Student Visa and DACA Update | Immigration Breaking News


Hey there everybody I'm Jeff Peek, El Abogado Güero with Peek & Toland

And today we're just going to share some news that just came out, with respect to immigration law that may affect you, or may not may affect somebody, you know A couple of things that happened You might remember, in the last week, the Trump Administration announced there's gonna be some changes with respect to the F-1 student visa And it put a lot of people in a panic, both school administrators, and a lot of students on F-1 visas that had to do with whether classes were going to be online, completely online, partially online, or is it going to be the whole semester or some of the semester, and basically send everybody running to figure out what are they going to do? Because the announcement basically indicated if there was a full-time online program, that you would be out of status as an F-1 visa holder and you had to leave the country immediately Well, that was a big scare because many schools still haven't even decided if they're going to be online or not

And a lot of students had no idea what to do, and it was just a mass panic, in that world for student visas Well, great news Here recently, the Trump Administration just announced that they're going to rescind that previous issued order that they're not going to implement that rule So therefore, you can take a deep breath if you're an F-1 visa holder, relax, you are going to be able to continue on in your program that you still have to, you know, be following the basic tenants of the F-1 visa You have to be enrolled as a full-time student

If you're an M-1 vocational student, obviously you need to abide by those rules Make sure you understand what that is You need, you can talk to your school's officer who's in charge of that for the international student office, to make sure that you have the right amount of hours Usually it's 12 hours for most university and college students It could be as many as 18 if you're in an English language school

So just check, make sure you are fulfilling the basic requirements, but it sounds like you are going to be able to do those online or distance learning or whatever they want to call it and maintain good status with your F-1 visa So that's great news The second piece of information is actually pretty interesting And if not exciting In a speech recently, president Trump announced that he wants to extend the DACA program and provide a pathway to citizenship

Now it remains to be seen if he has the authority to do that But it be kind of interesting to see who would oppose him Obviously, if you wanted to announce a pathway to residency or citizenship through, through executive action, I can't imagine the Democrats would want to file lawsuits to stop it It'd be interesting to see if his own party, the Republicans would file a lawsuit That's exactly what happened with DACA last time, where the governors of many Republican States and their attorney generals filed lawsuit over the expansion of DACA and through DAPA, which is what they're trying to give to the parents

That's what ended up in the us in the Supreme Court to begin with So here you have the Republican president saying he wants to extend DACA Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on it and given the executive branch the authority So be very interesting what his announcement is He hasn't made it completely clear yet what it's going to be, but he is talking a big game about potentially extending DACA in providing this pathway to residency or citizenship

So I don't know exactly what that will be, but I would advise anybody who is either renewing DACA or is eligible for DACA to be continuing renewing your DACA If you are a docket, initial eligibility person who never filed, definitely gets your application ready to go and get ready to file, if not file it already If you're somebody who maybe had a criminal record in the past, but was able to get a case dismissed now might be a great time, if you live in Texas to get that case expunged So that wouldn't be on your record whenever you apply We certainly can help you with any of those questions

Certainly you want to just discuss your eligibility with a lawyer, make sure there's no problem areas for you And be paying attention to these news updates that we're going to be giving in the weeks to come, because it is a matter of time he's going to make this announcement He just talked about this the other day in the Rose Garden And this is the second time he's mentioned that he wants to do this So it's pretty interesting and pretty exciting for anybody who is a dreamer or a DACA holder at the moment to see what may happen between now and the election year

It sounds like it's election kind of, uh, politic boats is usual that people trying to, president trying to give out benefits, uh, here, right months before the election But Hey, who are we to judge? We're just here to help you guys, if it benefits you, we certainly want to help you with it So stay tuned to this channel Call us if you have any questions, you can find more information at Peekandtolandcom and we'll see you soon

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