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Explico la canción TUSA a estudiantes de español | Breaking Down Song TUSA for Spanish Students


Hi, how are you? I am María and today, dear Spanish students, we are going to do Something different on this channel There is a song that is very fashionable

A song very popular of a genre that is not my favorite, but the truth is that I think it's going to be more popular this year and I'm going to be honest: how the song is so popular these days, I'm going to see if suddenly talking about that song to this Video is doing well I dont know

Let's see and this song is called TUSA Today we are going to try to understand some of the words of the lyrics of that song and we will try to

I don't know how to make sense of the lyrics, for you the people who are improving their Spanish and who like that kind of music So that without further introduction let's start! Another little thing as I do not want to demoneticize this video I will not even put the song, or sing the song so let's just read the lyrics

Already they know Let's focus on the words that are highlighted in the letter: so here he says today he went out with his friend to dial the grave Good, that "say" with z is "supposedly" That means tell by example where is Ana? I dont know Dizque went to college rather, he supposedly went to college but I don't think so Now: watch that pa

"It says to kill the tomb" the whole word is FOR but Spanish speakers usually shorten that word and say: PA It is not correct, but it is used a lot and now it is: the word that interests us: Tusa what is a tusa? A Tusa is a Colombian word that means that feeling of sadness and pain when you end a relationship with another person Tusa is the Colombian word, but if you want everyone to understand you the Standard word would be spite We continue: here it says that because a Man paid him badly How did he pay you badly? Well, surely the man, the guy was not very good people and surely they ended the relationship quite a bit negative Now we are going to continue with this that says it says that for another man does not cry how so another man? well yes in Spanish, at least in Colombia in the Spanish from Colombia is very very common for especially young people we say (because I'm still young) that man to refer to that man, that guy, A person like meh! anyone That man Now, of course this is use but in a very informal environment and well with the right people because Not everyone likes how that sounds what does it mean? Well, man literal

Man – man and we pronounce that man like that We continue: but if you put the song this is very important because that is a group of words You get a song I put one song I can also put a movie There is another word that is like too much not formal, but technique that is: play we can play a song but the truth is that reproducing is a more technical word and when we are speaking in a normal conversation or with anyone we simply say put a song: hey cody put that song what song do you want me to put Or can you please give me this song? So it says "It gives you a dumb depression" Well, because the feelings give us: it makes me sad, it gives me joy, it gives me a silly depression, as the words of this song say But he left it in the mailbox, so how do I leave it in the mailbox? well then if we look at the lyrics here say "crying starts calling him on the phone but he left her on mailbox "That means voicemail when you call a person and ring and ring and then do not answer

The phone sends you to voicemail So that's what the song refers to when he says he left it in the mailbox: he didn't He answered and then the girl asks "Is it because with another one?" Attention! eye with That verb: it will be Well it will be we can use it to talk about the future It is the verb to be in future For example, my daughter will be a doctor someday in the future But in the use we are giving in this sentence we are talking about a Doubt, of a possibility Could it be that he is with another woman? Is it going to call me? it is a possibility then you can use will it be? to talk about possibilities here and something very interesting happens here

yes you have heard the song and have noticed it but if you have not heard the song I recommend you listen to it because here comes Nicki Minaj that she well he is not a native Spanish speaker and is singing a bit in Spanish and that's great because here she says in the song she sings something like that but You gave all that cry for naRa naRa what she means is Nothing but pronounce naRa In the previous video I told you about of the pronunciation of the letter d when the letter d is between two vowels We will pronounce that very strong d

Let's pronounce it softer The tongue does not touch the upper part of the mouth, does not touch the palate, then that d sounds more like soft

soft relaxed But Nicki Minaj says naRa because he is pronouncing it very loudly Then no

It's nothing" So, more relaxed And then the singer Karol G continues and says a shot for the deep sorrow Pa: for but it is shorter

Ready you know And we go on Spending the case What does it mean spending the case? Look honestly I don't know I dont know What do you mean by that? but I will imagine that

well the girl is Speaking of drinking alcohol, I imagine that the cover is something to put the bottle of alcohol because the only cover I know is that of the pillow Sincerely So I don't know we continue with the highlighted parts of the song here she says "she goes to the disco (the disco) and just wants to dog" well, dog is a word that is already very popular but if you don't know what does it mean to perrear well it's a dance It is not a dance

It is a movement It is a move you make when you dance so

seductively moving hips and thighs And then she says "she knows cure with rumba "what is that? rumba is party, dance, fun, but with music Rumba is a party

And in the end the song is written "to the men they buzz " what is that? well here in the letter is written to what is that? To is the shortest way to say "all" what I tell you people talk like that A lot People don't pronounce all Many people when they speak quickly say simply to Especially here after he says to men

to men and "all men buzz" what is that? What is it buzz? Well look, I don't know I dont know what is it buzzing I dont know

But I imagine that all men They tell him how mmmhhh or "oops" or pretty

something like that I imagine that is it Those are the parts of the song that I said "that's very confusing to my Spanish students "So well, here's my explanation

Well what did we learn of the lyrics of this song? Well, native Spanish speakers don't We pronounce all the letters as they have always taught us Rather there are people who do pronounce all the letters but there are times when they don't There is people who don't pronounce all the letters and it's normal, it's common So if you are finding problems to understand native speakers as they speak normally, I advise you to take a look at the Spanish course in use dot com There I have some lessons to help you understand how people really They speak and connect the words Suddenly so you can learn to understand the Spanish speakers who are not teachers

Well, before saying goodbye This video, I have to tell you a gossip Gossip Well, it turns out that This year we are moving We are going to move but we are not going to move to another neighborhood or another city We are moving to another country

Yes We're going to Colombia this year, so very soon indeed

In two months So that's why we've been organizing things like papers, permits, the hardest part has been finding out how to move to Maya, our female dog It has been very difficult, so in that whole process we are going to take a time and that process takes a lot of energy so we will not be uploading videos every Friday but occasionally When we are in Colombia and we are already calmer because there we will upload videos more frequently like you They have already seen and are accustomed Well that was it

That was the gossip So well already! Thank you for watching this video and remember: if you are going to learn a language Why Not Spanish?

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