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Every Joker Ever ? ft. Heath Ledger, Michael Keaton, Joaquin Phoenix, & More! | MTV News


– [Interviewer] Was it daunting to go up against Jack in the first one? – There were moments where it got a little weird, but by and large, no Not too much

He thinks like a filmmaker, 'cause he's been a director, and started as a writer, I think, really And he has great ideas and great instincts – I just, the love for movies and movie making, and the knowledge of filmmaking that he has, both on and off camera, is staggering I mean, he is a true movie star and a great character actor – Joker has his own philosophy, that he's the way he is because something happened to him in his past, but he's pretty devout, you know, he has a devout philosophy of anarchy, really

You know, no rhyme nor reason for his actions He's played brilliantly by Heath, and I think that people will really enjoy it – [Interviewer] I've heard you're doing this little film called 'The Dark Knight' – Done – The Joker, something about that, you're playing, right? – It was an exhausting process

Like I actually had quite a bit of time off in between scenes, but, you know, like weeks sometimes, but it was required, because whenever I was working, it just — it exhausted me to the bone At the end of the day, I couldn't move, I couldn't talk, I was just absolutely wrecked If I had to do that every day, I couldn't have done what I did, I would have had to have done a milder version of it – [Interviewer] There's been talk already on the internet of Heath Ledger, and maybe an Oscar, maybe an award — an awards-worthy performance Obviously, it's a great performance

Do you think it's awards worthy? – I have no idea I mean, I think it's a great performance, and I'm very excited to get it out there and have everybody able to respond to it and able to see that it's a great performance – [Interviewer] There is a lot of buzz surrounding you possibly playing the Joker in the 'Suicide Squad' movie Is there any discussions about that? Or regardless, what's your — – You know there's a film called 'Fight Club,' my friend, and you know what the first rule is, don't you? – [Interviewer] "Don't talk about Fight Club" – Enough said

– Talk about your relationship with Jared, and the Joker I'm not sure if there's a difference, or not, if you consider it different – There's, yeah, a massive difference I don't even see them as being the same person, I truly don't When I see Jared, I'm like, "Hey, how ya been?" As if I hadn't seen him for years

– First, we found out that Jared wasn't gonna be in rehearsal So we're like, "Aw, well that's messed up How he gonna not be in rehearsal?" And then there was a bang on the door, and you know, we're like, "Who?" And, you know, this dude barges in and throws a dead pig down on the floor in front of us And we're like, "Oh, shoot!" And he said, "That's from Mr J

" And he hands Margot [Robbie] a box with black roses, wrapped in black, and she opens it, and it's a live rat in the box! We're like, "Okay, so Jared has officially set off the Suicide Squad" – [Interviewer] Game is on – Game is on! You know, but he just went full Joker He went full Joker [laughs] – You mention 'Joker

' What can we expect out of 'Joker'? I mean, this is being compared to like, 'Taxi Driver' or a comic-book movie What am I getting out of Todd Phillips' 'Joker'? – I can't say anything! – [Laughter] – It's gritty and dark – [Laughter] Gotham! [Chuckles] – Can we expect something interesting from Joaquin [Phoenix]? He has never delivered an uninteresting performance in his career – Oh yeah, he's great, interesting on camera, off camera We had to do everything then, because Joaquin had lost so much weight that we couldn't do re-shoots later on

So we were figuring it out But Todd [Phillips'] quick, he's quick at getting stuff done, so we always had extra time, which was great – I'm excited, Todd, you, Joaquin, [Robert] De Niro, come on! – Yeah, it's a good cast – [Interviewer] Is there something that you see redeeming about this character, or is he just totally black to you? – Not at all, yeah, there's zero empathy I mean, you'll just have to wait and see, I guess

I mean, it's the most fun I've had with a character and probably will ever have And the movie itself, I think, is far exceeding my expectations It's looking — well, I haven't seen anything, but, from what I feel and what I've heard, it's — I think it's gonna be, really, a fun movie to watch

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