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Essen wir alle bald Insekten? Mit @Breaking Lab


Last week I explained in this video why we are still in this century could not suffer from an overpopulation, but an underpopulation But until that happens there are more and more people on this planet

More people living space, Need water and of course food According to experts, we must increase our global food production by 60% by 2050 so that we can Meet needs This food production is already pushing our planet to its limits today Over a third of the world's land is used for agriculture There over two thirds of the water are then used and 14

5% of all water is used by humans Greenhouse gases caused can only be attributed to the production of meat Add to that the devastating impact of monocultures, garbage, and pesticides and one can quickly imagine why we should urgently look for solutions One of these solutions could be insects "The food of the future" they are from Called experts I have a taste of this together with Jacob from Breaking Lab tested because we're going to eat a burger made from real worms

Yes, you can actually eat insects There are over 1,900 species of insects known to us, which are not only edible for humans, but also quite healthy Proteins, minerals, healthy fatty acids, fiber and even vitamins can all be found in crickets, Find fly larvae and worms In fact, we humans have been eating insects since it gives us – and we still do it today Insects belong to 1 to 2 billion people to the normal menu

Not out of necessity, but because they taste and lots of nutrients to have Only in the western world is entomophagy a little out of fashion For many, the idea is actually gross For me, too, by the way I'm happy actually don't care to eat this burger at all

I got there very quickly Pictures of a lot of rumble in the head Uargh How is it with you Would you like to Eat worms? I once did a survey up here, there are four possible answers: Yes, I already have

Yes, I would like to try it out Yes, but only if you see the insects more than such can recognize No, I don't get that on the table Would be happy to answer, I would be very interested in how you feel about the topic But insects are great not only for us, but also for the planet

you need much less water, consume only a fraction of the CO2 from meat production and require at the same time, much less space But actually the best thing is that there are insects can feed on waste Leftovers from supermarkets, restaurants and what we do Pack into the bio bin, the crawlers quickly and efficiently convert them into valuable nutrients You can make 1 kg of crickets from almost 2 kg of food For the same amount of beef you need 8 to 10 kilos

This is mainly because insects are cold-blooded animals Warm-blooded animals have to constantly use energy to stay warm The insects can do this Put energy directly into its growth But how does such an insect production work? An insect that is currently used by many Company tested all over the world is the black soldier fly she is initially kept in flight cages where she lays eggs for two weeks

From the eggs hatching larvae, which are optimally fed with food waste Alternatively you can also dip them in liquid food After 6 to 7 days the larvae are like this great that they are usable and killed Some insects are at this point dried, snap frozen and later sold directly as a snack Maybe there is still a few spices

Maybe there will be a little spice, but then it can actually eat so crunchy Often, however, insects are also ground, then they become liquid from solid separated, an oil runs off and a flour remains that contains the nutrients are The oil can in turn be used as a biological lubricant or even as a fuel Whoever is wondering whether this process is not painful for the insects is asking a good question A question that many scientists are unsure about

Some say that insects perceive their environment – they can see, hear and smell And they also react to these sensory impressions via their nervous system Others say, that insects perceive the world differently than we do They take impressions true and react to it, but feel no pain This also has to processed emotionally, for which the nervous system of most insects is not sufficient

On in any case, the manufacturers have agreed that the insects, similar to Farm animals are slaughtered as quickly and humanely as possible An alternative for vegetarians are But definitely not insects One should perhaps look at algae or mushrooms, which are already the food of the future traded As with electricity, there will probably be a good one here in the future Arrive mix There is no one alternative that solves all of our problems at once

By the way, we just reported on algae on Instagram There's every day a post from the field of science: important news, exciting inventions or simply beautiful pictures with interesting facts Sometimes we also post topics which unfortunately I couldn't become a whole Doctor Whatson video, but which I still wanted to share with you So have a look around to inform you about algae and follow me so that you always stay up to date It is definitely worth it

You can find me at @DoktorWhatson! Or the first link in the video description If you are like me now, you probably think to yourself: “It's nice and it's good that the insects are so great for the environment, I still don't eat them ” But even if you don't want to eat the insects yourself, they can still harm the environment help For example as feed The soy often used, for example, is mostly produced in Brazil and then shipped across the planet to animals to feed, which in turn we eat

It would be more environmentally friendly to produce insects here on site and feed them to the animals However, this is currently not permitted in the EU To The BSE crisis 20 years ago became the feeding of animal protein to livestock animals forbidden However, this does not apply to people We can eat insects without problems and exactly Jacob and I will do that now

Together we have a burger shop here in Cologne who recently started offering a genuine insect burger This is based on so-called buffalo worms, which, as just described, form a fine flour processed and shaped into patties with egg, soy and spices Instead of grilling them these patties then end up in the deep fryer and this creates a falafel-like patty which then ends up on the burger roll and finally on our plates together with lettuce, onions and sauces They are the insect burgers When I look at the pictures of these animals, I don't know if I want to eat them

Is there something crawling with me? No, fun! It actually looks pretty good So these are these Buffalo worms 27% of this patty consists of this worm meal Are you hungry? Um, totally yes You are not so hungry, you were eating something earlier, but I am really hungry, I actually haven't eaten anything today And I still disgust a little bit in front of it Really? I do not know what you can find disgusting on it? In my head is this picture of those disgusting worms that are so overlapping

So, I mean the composition I see no difference Bon appetit, Jacob Cheers! So you don't taste that much at first I think I will only eat a little bit now of the "meat" And it tastes

Good! So, I think it tastes amazingly ok It doesn't taste like meat, I wouldn't kid anyone now that this is meat, you can see it you can taste it Has another consistency But especially in a burger where there is a lot of salad, cucumbers, tomatoes and so on

Now that's really not a problem for me I don't find the consistency so different I think it's quite crispy on the outside, that's what irritates me a bit

But otherwise So now I have the pictures out of my head, it just tastes right now What I find interesting there is algae burger, it is similar, but I find it almost better If I had to say what is the food of the future I would put algae burger over insect burger

But they are actually much more expensive at the moment So insects are currently economically very useful, I think algae need something else But you also work on it Exactly, you're working on it Here I was in the vertical farm

So it's awesome because they are taking big steps to reduce prices And in countries like Dubai, it's worth it Yes, that's fine I think it's strong So if you want to watch this, on Breaking Lab, its channel, you can see what this vertical farm looks like in Achen There is a lot of exciting information about how tomatoes, salads and all sorts of things are cultivated In the middle of the city and vertically And above all, much smarter because it uses effects such as gravitation that influence the growth of the plant

The perfect light is used And above all, they have developed a system that was built from garage doors and roller shutters Which is just super, super cheap So I was totally flabbergasted and it's a super exciting episode because I had to sign a nondisclosure statement when i went there Top-secret video, but with great information My conclusion now, it is amazingly delicious, it is very good, I can only recommend it

If you can overcome yourself then Good Appetite So I can only say it tastes like a normal burger I would say

So really minimally different Delicious worms! OK, click here now so that you can come to Jacobs Video and see what the vertical farm in Aachen looks like Otherwise don't forget to follow us on Instagram @DoktorWhatson or the first link in the description We post exciting news from the field of science every day

As always, thanks for watching, stay curious, your Cedric!

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