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Essen 2019 – Fired Up – Drawlab Entertainment – VOSTFR


Hi, it's Mathieu from Ludovoxfr and I'm with Evangelos from Drawlab

Hi, it's cool to see you Same, even if we just saw each other on the other side of the stand But from here, the perspective is new! We're here with a very different game, Fired Up And it’s going to rock Totally

It's a cuberpunk arena game We are not the fighters here, but the public! We are witnessing this arena fight We try to have fun To win, you have to see the cool stuff we want In the game, we have flashes that we want to see

Each round I will choose with a beating hand I choose the ones I want to see After consulting my hand, I decide which one I think will go off Then I will use my action dice on fighters to make it happen Because we are neither the fighters, nor even their coaches, you can't order them

We scream hoping that it works We throw our action dice, we place them on one of the fighters and that will change their stats For example I can tell someone to run faster His speed is moving Maybe this guy will attack in 3rd rather than 4th

I can encourage him to boost his statistics I can tell him to attack or defend more I can even boo him if I want him to fail Maybe I played a card that makes me want somebody take a lot of damage, let's tell him I can even bet on the outcome of the fight

If I say that he will win, I can place my bet cards on whoever wins or dies Everyone's trying to do this in the round And each round we have other dice, we try to influence someone else The thing is that every time we play, you can use as many dice as you want on a single fighter Each time, his influence descends

If an influence goes down to 0, we can no longer influence this fighter for the round When everyone was totally influenced, or when all the dice have been used, the fight begins Each fighter will attack the person he is looking at Maybe they will have changed targets, or not We will use the combat dice

maybe we will have a 4 dice attack It attacks on the head, legs, or a special attack, blank dice The defender rolls dice which can be blank too We will say that he has the head, it helps block one of the attacks But he receives damage from the other two If a fighter goes down to 0 health, he is out of combat

This is how we play Fired up – And the game ends after 3 rounds? – 4, actually We can bet on the outcome from the first round The earlier you bet, the more points you earn Of course, we also gain points thanks to our blows

OKAY ! When does it come out? We're at the very end of development, but the game is over We are working on a few extensions and on the text of the maps We want the game to be ready for spring March April It was a Kickstarter game

Will it happen in stores? And in French ? For the moment, we don't know about other languages We are mainly on the development of English But we are open! The game will go to the store but after the backers have received it We try to give backers a month of exclusivity, at least But yes, it will go to the store

Thank you, Evangelos, for this presentation of Fired Up See you on Ludovoxfr!

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