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Essen 2019 – Drawlab Entertainment : Alice in Wordland – VOSTFR


Hi ! It's Mat from Ludovoxfr, on the Drawlab stand with Evangelos

– Hello ! -Hello everyone ! This is your last outing, Alice in Wordland We find the author of When I Dream [Chris Darsaklis] Tell us, what kind of game is it? It's our new atmosphere game, based on words The title refers to Alice in Wonderland Players are invited by Her Majesty the Queen of Hearts

She is organizing a tea party Nothing is not easy with her since she is crazy, and we must follow his foolish requests to stay as long as possible The longer we stay, the more tea we drink, the more points we earn In the game, we have an invitation, we receive our characters Each player receives a character with a special ability

Imagine we are playing at 4 When the game starts, the Queen uses her power to choose the subject of the conversation The Queen will draw 2 cards of subjects For example, "Fruits" and "Halloween"; let's imagine that she takes "Fruits" To begin, we reveal the laws of the turn, drawing 3 cards forbidden letters

Each player will have to say a word about the fruits without using any of these letters These letters should not be used during the current turn If they use it, or if they are too slow, they are excluded So, how does it work: we saw the subject cards and the letters, and we have this pretty teapot that makes music it serves as a timer and gives the remaining time We press the button when we are ready I have to say a word about fruits without using S, P or J

I could say "banana", I press the timer, it resets it It's your turn, you must say something else! Haaaa! – Ok, I lost! – No, because you're the Cheshire Cat Your ability makes you disappear for a turn you can pass! Good game ! In turn, you can say "pass!", You press, and the next player continue, and everyone says a word, If I can not find a word in time or if I use a forbidden letter, I am excluded from the party! I then take my scorecard, meaning I'm 1st out I earn zero points I could not drink tea

Maybe the next player will be him, then him Bravo, you win! We then win our points You earn 2 HP

The Mad Hatter wins 1 VP Then we discard those cards Before the new turn, we change characters We continue until everyone could play all the characters Each turn, we change subject, letters and characters

It's a game about words and the ability to improvise The author must like these themes because his first game was already on communication Exactly

It's a game Chris likes a lot There are the elements he likes in games, there is also a funny little story behind, It was designed by Chris, and by someone who was with us at the exit of When I dream They imagined the game on the way home, while driving Then came the idea of ​​putting it in this universe that works very well Do you think he'll go out to France one day? Yes, we have tracks with various companies for locations

I hope the game will be available in other languages, including French It's possible Can you say more or it's secret? For now, discussions are in progress I can not say anything more Thank you very much for this presentation! See you soon on Ludovoxfr

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