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Escaping Polygamy: Breaking Two Sisters Free from the FLDS (Season 2 Flashback) | Lifetime


Today's the day that we're helping Vanna and Ariel break out at the FLDS community I'm really concerned that there's going to be a classroom full of kids

We need to get in there quickly and out quickly but very quietly, because as soon as they see us, they're going to be calling the bishop's office We're all at risk I think that car's watching us, the way that person looked at us, and then they immediately stopped And now, they're just waiting there Are you guys close? We just got here

And we think that somebody is watching us OK That guy's turning around Oh, my gosh They're pulling over

The red truck is talking to the white car over there When you're in the house, be quiet, as quiet as you can Try not to get the teacher nervous My concern is a phone call will come from the teacher If the bishop comes, then he'll bring the god squad

He'll bring more people If you see anything, then let's just speed it up, and let's get out of there So she just told us to be there right at 11:30 All right, let's go We'll follow you

[engine starting] I'm really concerned Vanna could have a change of heart completely, and expose Ariel's plan, and put all of us at risk I really hope that Vanna decides to go But she needs to leave for herself, not for her sister Where is Vanna? Is she coming? Um– Vanna, you're going? Yeah

OK, let's go (WHISPERING) Yeah Oh, my gosh [inaudible] We have to be quick Van

Let's just grab a box and go The goal is to get you guys out Second time for this truck (WHISPERING) Quiet Keep going

Keep going We're like fish here in a shark tank They're circling Hurry Tell Jessica that guy was on the phone

Can we get everything out in five minutes? Oh, my gosh Let's get out of here We gotta go We gotta go Vanna

We gotta go Vanna Vanna What were you doing? OK Yeah, go

The kids are out Oh, my god No, no, no, no, no The kids have seen us They're clearing out

We've got to go – Take her to that truck They're clearing out the class Let's get out of here Where they at? Let's get out of here

I have no idea I haven't seen them That it? Let's go We're out Let's go

– Here I'm going to go get the sewing machine You got the back seat, back seat We got incoming Let's go

We've got cars coming in Someone called the bishop's office We need to go right now Kids are leaving Oh, my god

Let's get out of here Let's just hit the road and go Get in your car, I can't follow We gotta hurry 11:57

Oh! Let's go! Go, go, go, go, go, go Get out of here, Matt Go, go, go go Go

Let's just go Just drive Go Oh, my god OK, we're getting you out of here

Go [sighs] I am so extremely glad that none of my siblings were there And Ariel– Who's calling? It's my mom She's calling you, Vanna? She's calling me I'm not answering it

Do you guys want to answer? You can answer if you want It's up to you Um, I don't know– I don't know if I can handle it, so– What do you think she's going to say? Could she talk you to come back home tonight? I don't think so My mom knows I'm gone She sent me a text that says, "at least you could have had love enough to tell me goodbye

" She sent me a picture of me and my little brother, also This morning, my little brother, he saw me walking down the stairs He comes running down the hall Hey, Vanna He gives me a big old hug, says, I love you

This is probably the hardest thing I have to choose, leave the family or stay there It's probably one of the hardest things I ever done [sad music]

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