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Escalating Protests Nationwide Over Death Of George Floyd | NBC Nightly News


  1. 9 months later this still makes me sick. what does vandalizing best buy and other businesses have to do with the statement that needs to be made clear.

  2. Law Enforcement abuses, violence, and outright criminal activity will continue with total immunity. They have no incentive to change as they are not accountable for any of their actions. Lawsuits only take money from the tax payers, not the police. The ONLY way this will change is if the Laws are changed. Write your Senators and Representatives.

  3. Truly truly sad, what is the harm in support ALM? blm is a selfish organization put together to rip this country apart.

  4. All this rioting and looting for a man who would rob anyone of them the first chance he got. Look as his arrest record. He liked to victimize women. Of color. Go figure.

  5. 2:48 idk why he would do that. If you that people are causing damage don’t shot arrows at them and then think your your safe. Riots are like packs of wolves if one gets hurt there all going’s crazy.

  6. im lucky to be in Australia where the protest are peaceful. To be honest America's riot are scary and i don't think i would survive even tho i do fight, its still scary

  7. “We cant protest in peace without police throwing tear gas at us”

    Well maybe if you didnt destroy and loot everything like animals they wouldnt?

  8. Mr Floyd and black lives matter wouldn't condone this I want justice for him so please protest peacefully

  9. I will fearlessly predict right now: This murderous cop will be acquitted. Why? He's white. He's a cop in Minneapolis, a town that had two high profile killings of individuals over the past three years. In this trial all it will take is one soul to make this fearless prediction reality. Did I mention it was being held in Minneapolis? Oh, I did didn't I.

  10. These people got advantage of things to steal stuff 🤦‍♂️ these people fr don’t deserve nothing all the blm try to show a point but they do this ofc police officers dont back down (even tho they want to go back to their families) I support blm but what they are doing makes me think blm is full of crap bc they are using this as an excuse to destroy and steal stuff!

  11. 2:16 "We can't peacefully protest in the streets without getting tear gas thrown at us for what?" Are u kidding me??? She calls that peacefully???🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  12. The protestors all look like that guy who worked with you and does literally nothing, complains when he gets fired for doing nothing and then just collects free tax money because his "back hurts" from doing nothing.

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  14. Well if these idiots would stop Rioting, because studies have shown, The BLM Organization Has killed blacks during the riots, and they are blaming it on the police

  15. black lives matter my a**! 🖕this people demands respect and equality are the same people who is attacking asians!!!!

  16. Suggestion: Perhaps if Police stopped their brutality and their shootings, there would be no more rioting. Just a suggestion.

  17. America is rubbish 😮 Humiliation And corruption is for the weak. and beauty is for the strong. Censlip

  18. Just 1 arrest and all of this is happening. I fought that this is a peaceful planet but I was wrong

  19. Biden got to get this right man this rascism and cops racial profiling enough is ENOUGH no president wants to address this it is wrong someone has TOOO..

  20. So, even in the middle of receiving justice for the “incident”, the fine, concerned citizenry of the “disproportionately affected communities of color” still feel the urge to “protest”?

    I guess my pappy was right about those people…….

  21. I don’t believe they are peaceful if your going to be looting, and hurting other races, that’s not peaceful, and not helping anyone!

  22. I saw alot of white and hispanic taking advantage of the blm protest to destruct the country and cause havoc.

  23. Maybe he should have just not resisted arrest and stayed in the car? Maybe he shouldn't have used counterfeit money in the first place which is a felony? Maybe it's George Floyd who got himself killed and not the cops because he wouldn't stop moving and comply? I feel sorry for Derek having to deal with these scared pathetic disobedient children all the time. George wouldn't have been in this situation had he not been trying to defraud a recipient and not resisted arrest in the first place, counterfeit money is a federal felony and is a maximum 20 years in prison and a fine and not only that he was resisting arrest all the way even when he was in the car and should've stopped at that point which he clearly had no intention to because of the "claustrophobic" excuse, he continues resisting arrest forcing the police to man handle him and pin his body to the ground because he kept worming around in the back of the car and wouldn't fit and they needed him to stop moving so they could put him in the car to go to jail, that knee wouldn't have killed him had he simply complied with the police and been escorted to the back of the cop car without any issues and George also refused multiple requests to put his hands on the wheel making him look even more suspicious. Seeing the full video I now have a better understanding of this case and can say without a shred of doubt that George Floyd isn't as innocent and Derek Chauvin isn't as guilty as the media has portrayed them to be, also the blm antifa people that go to these cop's homes should be charged with harassment and trespassing and threatening the safety of one's being.

  24. Protestors and rioters: we want peace and equality for black people (and everyone in general)

    Also them: goes around destroying cars, businesses, stores, and goes around stealing stuff from them

    Me: At this point, y’all are worse than the cops lmfao

  25. The media seem to be more thrilled to be covering the unfolding dynamic back and forth rather than address the underlying causes or sense of grievance. It is quite irresponsible by the media pack. Sure, cover the incidents as a matter of public safety, but not like a sports report.

  26. 2:29 “after more than a dozen officers were injured that night” and they still keep going? 🤨 like they hurt more than a dozen just stop. Like fr

  27. BLM protester after realising that "The White House" is called "The White House" instead of "The Black House": Raids and burns The White House.

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