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good afternoon YouTube DutyRon a retired New York City police detective back again with another video breaking news on the Jeffrey Epstein case ghilane maxwell british socialite is supposed to turn herself in if you can believe that I don't know if I believe it but they're saying that she's supposedly going to be turning herself in within days to the news it reported on the news we'll see how that goes I will believe it when I see it there's a whole bunch of stuff coming out hello Denis first one in good to see you thank you for joining Denis say hello to dad for me as usual sent my regards I hope to exchange some police paraphernalia with him in the future that'll always be fun great to see everybody on Monday afternoon so this came out overnight this broke the news as I heard it broke overnight that ghilane Maxwell the British socialite that we all have been waiting to hear from is gonna be turning herself in for questioning now I don't know where she's gonna turn herself into first of all nobody knows where she is so um where she's gonna turn herself into is unbeknownst to anybody at this time but at the same time I feel that like really is is she gonna be so forthcoming to just give herself up I hope so and the reports that I read is that she's allegedly coming forward to stick up for Prince Andrew's such a cup of such a bunch of hogwash I that's the question I was asking Tabitha will she turn herself in to the British authorities for questioning or will it be the FBI I don't know you know we heard Prince Andrew in his BBC interview state that if anybody wanted to question him he would come forward I highly doubt that he would even if anybody wanted to question him but ghilane has um residency she has dual I'm not sure about citizenship but she's been living in the US according to papers since 1991 so that's 20 28 years so for 28 years she's been calling New York or us

her home so so at the end of the day guys I think it would be probably in her in her best interest and probably what she will do is turn herself in to the authorities there who will handle her with basically kit gloves but it's this is supposed to happen within days so this is a big break for the case because there's tons of complainants that have come forward there's tons of complainants that have come forward that um you know she needs to answer up for you know for for these foodies alleged crimes that she took place that she took a part in so I know she's gonna just deny everything this is going to be a big denial on her part so you know it's it's definitely gonna be a big denial on her part she's not going to go with truth and honesty we know that I didn't hear about that ginger I didn't hear about it and it never read about it the first time hearing about it is you telling me it so that is an unfortunate situation but so these are lowlife dirt bags in my eyes you know call them what you want but for me they're the lowest form of life as a retired law enforcement professional these are the very people who are menace to society these are people that are the worst of the worst child predators are for me the worst people that you can imagine in the world so I feel that they they need to be brought forward they need to be questioned it's a strong you know there's a strong you know sentiment out there that you know she 100% guilty and has part eight in this in this this enterprise that's what they're calling in a criminal enterprise she's been protecting in that criminal enterprise for four decades for many decades so you know I want to see justice you know served but I don't think that we will see justice served here I think what we will see is that these victims will get their compensation out of his estate and they will get a l have their voice heard but there's gonna be no there's gonna be no nothing nothing along the criminal lines of satisfaction that we're gonna see as public as per the public you know if anything was gonna happen on if anything was going to happen it would have happened already I feel arrests wise that's a strong possibility tabatha that's a strong possibility because their lives as they know it or over right they can't get their fame and fortune anymore no sponsors nobody everyone is distancing themselves from these people you know what I mean just because they have status and wealth doesn't mean they get a free pass I agree but here we go you know um with the overwhelming amount of evidence that is against them why haven't they been dragged in already why haven't they been dragged in they haven't been dragged in and that's that to me is um a shame in itself a really really you know terrible terrible you know if somebody here locally just a regular person was accused of these crimes you'd have 20 cops outside your house ready – ready – ready to you know pull you in at gunpoint and drag you to jail but it happens on you know it happens to one of these wealthy people and all of a sudden it's okay it's just it's just fine you know it's just to me it just makes no sense whatsoever none whatsoever so it is what it is so let me just hold on a second hold on guy I'll fuckin move I'll move I'll move so you can get in I'll move so you can get in alright so I just just stay there oh wow anyways big big truck pulling into a parking spot next to me and the guy was just about to hit my car so alright that's taken care of very simple anyways everybody's in a rush in New York everyone's in a rush to go places like really you couldn't you see that I'm sitting here we're in a very small parking lot you're trying to squeeze a big truck into a spot that's this big craziness crazy craziness I tell you anyways moving on I forgot what I was even talking about okay yeah so if that was to happen to one of us you know if just a regular person was to commit this heinous act of you know underage sex sex trafficking we would have the the feds state and local authorities outside our house and they would be coming at us like like gangbusters do you know it just doesn't to me it just doesn't add up it just doesn't make sense that for decades and decades these socialites and these wealthy people were able to just get away with this and um if even if they're brought in to be questioned and embarrassed I'm not happy with that but it's better than them getting Scott getting off scot-free and having no questioning I mean I don't see how any law enforcement authority can bring that bringing ghilane Maxwell or Prince Andrew and not arrest them and and not and not arrest them how do you bring them in just a chitchat about all of the allegations that are brought against them you know I guess because it's there I guess it's because they're from another country that um you know some say he has diplomatic immunity and some some say that she's just in hiding and that she just went on the run you know and is in hiding I don't know man I don't I don't 100% buy into that I don't know 100% buy into that people rush to get nowhere fast there you go there you go I don't know if the chats frozen or if it's just my on my end but I'm not seeing any chat anymore I don't know if it I don't know what's going on all chat so anyways at the end of the day folks I I don't see I don't see the chat but that's that's what I wanted to go come live about and tell you that you know I read this morning when I open up my newspaper I read the article and I was like oh oh she's she's all of a sudden decided to come come come come clean and come come forward she's only going to come forward and say and deny everything deny though denied the allegations against her and it's because she's gonna be a bunch of I don't knows so you know it's it's crazy you know I I say to myself look as a professional law enforcement as a law enforcement professional retired it this just just just gets crazy and crazier as the days go on I don't like I don't particularly like to listen to people's theories and you know people's thoughts that are not within the law-enforcement community because I know what it takes to make an arrest against someone I know what it takes to criminally prosecute somebody and in these sex crimes and in these sex sexual allegations you don't need as much as you would need on on a regular crime because once you have a complainant victim and a person a victim that's making a statement your your basically you know you look at other other pieces of evidence before you make the arrests but that is almost good enough with a whole ton of evidence that they have logbooks they have videos they have all of his electronic devices guys guys and girls listen to me if you think Jeff Epstein Jeffrey Epstein didn't record all of his encounters then you got another thing coming to you so all of the electronic evidence from the FBI that they seized those computers all those electronic devices all of his DVRs on his security cameras you could see there's so much evidence that we don't know about that the government has it's baffling to me as to why they don't don't effect an arrest at this time it's just mind-blowing to me you know so um I I you know I purposely don't listen to other people that don't know that the aspect of what's really needed to make arrests so I I look at what I have I look at what I know the the feds have and they're not talking about and it just makes my head spin knowing that these guys are not doing their job if they were doing their job properly he he would have been locked up and the key would have been thrown away in early 2000s Epstein wouldn't have been allowed to have 90 visits from a prior sexual assault victim Jeff Epstein had a victim of his a grant that she was an adult when she visited him in the palm County Jail but she came to visit him 90 times a past sexual assault victim I mean it's insanity it's insanity crazy yeah the pizza claim I was having pizza with my family when that photograph was taken come on this is ridiculous it's ridiculous guys it's beyond ridiculous to me there's so much that we could speak about here there's so much that we could speak about sunset creations welcome in I can hello island girl from Canada thank you for joining so again these reports that are out in in all the major news outlets is that Ghislaine ghilane Maxwell is going to come forward in the next couple of days that's gonna be a big breaking story you're gonna hear about it I don't know how much we'll hear about what she speaks about but I can bet you could bet your bottom dollar that a lot of it will get leaked to the news and then they'll put their own spin on it and then we'll hear about it in the days coming so as that happens I definitely will go live and report about it for sure so if you're not subscribed to my channel hit the subscribe button hit the notification bell and you will get all of the all of the notifications when I do go live somebody in the chat said dude I'm looking back in the chat who was it said that they were from England Liverpool England is like where I live people are rushing to get nowhere fast okay yeah they should put them on a plane and ship them over there you go urban explorer I like what you're saying I like what you're saying Nina sent me an email do tear on it AOL calm calm Nina sent me an email arcade arcade thank you for joining I agree denise ginger peace as i live in england you should listen to i don't know who that is I really don't like I said I don't go out and listen to other people speak about things I take my information I process it as a retired detective would and I don't need to hear like oh I don't like I do like to open up my mind but I don't listen to people who I really don't know so anyways at the end of the day thank you for thank you for recommending that person hot pink jalapenos thank you so much for being in here named a nay M thank you so much for coming on in urban explorer I agree so again ladies and gentlemen don't expect a lot don't expect a lot hello once upon a crime in the West great to see you I missed you alive this morning I was at work I'm on a lunch break right now so I'm able to get a little bit sneak a little bit of alive and just because he's royalty he should be accountable I agree I agree so this is what we're talking about um if she comes forward and does her denial I feel that they have through electronic evidence through Epstein's computers and the servers and has felt all the cellphones and all his devices through all of his stuff that they confiscated don't forget when they went to pedophile Island over in the US Virgin Islands remember the reports of the media and the videos of all the agents leaving that residence in the US Virgin Islands they left that residence with all those computers his DVRs from his surveillance cameras that we'll have evidence on it to show all of his deviant behaviors there was a report that I read that he video recorded all of his sexual encounters with these young girls so if he did in fact do that then there's a ton of electronic evidence that will implicate ghilane Maxwell and all of the people who are involved in this and the logbooks the handwriting the young you know the description of the young victims that were brought to him so it's it is crazy when you really think about the big picture here it's a really really crazy crazy thing but at the end of the day I will bring to you live when this report breaks and I'll give you my version of how I feel or what you know what the sense the sense that I get from what is going to be reported in the short and the days to come usually the media gets fed through law enforcement sources when a big story's gonna break and this I could tell you more than likely in the next few days or maybe at any time now will come out and that she's gonna be she's gonna surface she's gonna come out of hiding and it's going to talk to some authorities and we're gonna get it we're gonna get it you know I don't know how much we're going to get so it is what it is oh gosh dude Iran they will come up with an electronic glitch at those said times I don't know I think he's got so much footage and and he didn't plan to get good to get listen when he was locked up I believe it was July 6th of 2019 at Teterboro Airport when Epstein was arrested he didn't know that he was getting arrested he had no idea was coming back from Paris he was coming back from from Paris and he landed and was shocked that he got arrested so I don't think he had much time to start going and you know messing with evidence if you will he might have had his people try and do that but I think he had so much evidence that it would have took a professional operation to get rid of it all so a lot of the stuff that was taken into custody by the FBI and and whatnot is going to be is going to help in the investigation the investigation is not closed because he killed himself or was killed its they clearly state that the investigation is not closed because he killed himself so look out for more stuff in the future I do have a view a youtube video share group on Facebook I have it also a duty Ron crime and police chat group on Facebook if you guys are interested in joining any one of those follow me on all social media one word duty Ron D UT y ro n and send me a request and I will I will giving the information on how to get to get in on those Facebook groups Thank You Milly thank you so much for joining Madi Robinson says Prince Andrew is innocent he is royal and beyond reproach god save our queen Wow I know that that was um sarcastic and I read it just for the joke of it and I'm laughing inside about it but anyways great to see everyone if anybody is new in the chat I know there's just a couple of people here if anybody is new and watching please let us know where you're watching from city and state and say hello there you go arcade arcade you got my laughs there you go hot pink says well yay Maddi andrews cheerleader yeah exactly it is what it is it's it's all good it's all good all right guys so I'm gonna close it up I will talk to you guys all soon when new information over any breaking information comes out on this case I will bring it to you as soon as possible I do have a full schedule during it during a week I know off of this head I say there you go Maddie I read it because it was a joke and I knew it was a joke um much love and respect from my house to yours you're in Oklahoma now good to see you I know where you are you're a regular the royal family is disgraced behind Prince Andrew's behavior Atlanta Georgia Manchester UK oh my god what the what the f bye Ron have a good day take care are good to see you island girl thank you for thanking me for my service I greatly appreciate that and again don't forget to share this broadcast on Twitter on Facebook on Instagram and all your social media nay M is in our Idaho where there's great potatoes so thank you for joining and watching the live stream thank you for each and every one of you I know there's a lot of choices during the course of your day of people that go live I try to bring you as best of content as I possibly can when it comes to the criminal aspect of certain cases you know I have a good look at the law enforcement side but also the judicial side I've dealt with a lot of the new judicial systems that was a tongue twister just judicial systems here in America and I know how it goes any boban e Manchester UK welcome in an ebow bene Oxford Massachusetts sunset creations by Diane Griff's thank you for being in here I'm excited I just got a check for 1500 in the mail can bless my son for Christmas now that is awesome I'm so happy for that I'm so happy that that happened so guys follow me on Instagram Twitter Facebook and snapchat do tear on all one word and subscribe to my channel hit the notification bell so you can get notifications when I go live yes I agree Alex I agree they're evil evil people and they need to be brought to justice sooner than later I will talk to you soon much love and respect from my house to yours everybody if I don't see you have a happy Thanksgiving we celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday here in America have a happy Thanksgiving if I don't go live between now and then I will be with my family on that day so no live streaming from me so happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you wishing you a lot of good meals and happiness with your families much love and respect I'll speak to you soon thank you guys have a great day

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