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EP II Pair Presentation (Entertainment)


My name is Pavitira D/O Nilimaniam My matric number is 271981 My name is Adnin Nadiah bt Md Zelan My matric number is 272323 So, today we are going to review movies Two movies We want to talk about entertainment okay

We take each movies to describe about So, who's going to start first? okay Do you understand about what enttertainment is? Can you explain it to me? Yes sure entertainment is a event, program or such activities that we can enjoy it's call entertainment I'll explain first the movies that i watch just now I watch a Tamil movies the title of the movies is Nanban Now i talk about the plot of the movies It's about friends movies, let me summarize about that movie to you The plot of the film illustrates the embarkment of two friends on a quest for a lost buddy who was once an optimistic and successful student On their journey, they recount their college life until their lost friend secretly parted ways after convocation During their quest, the two encounter a rival classmate who once made a long forgotten bet with them, a funeral that goes impossibly out of control and a wedding they must crash After they face lot of challenges in their life, the both friend finally reunite with their long-lost friend and they feel really happy after meet each other

So, the movie want to say something about the loyal friends and their sacrifice each other Now, i want to ask you What about the movie that you watch? Can you explain the plot of the movie? So, i am going to give a movie review I choose Pitch Perfect the movie and actually it has three movies Pitch Perfect, Picth Perfect 2 and Pitch Perfect 3 Actually, i already watch it for I think around 10 times already because it's super interesting You should watch it also First of all, why I love this movie so much because the genre is musical-comedy but the musical is not that type of classical music so we can enjoy it because they use the song is kind of follow the trend and they pick the famous song and popular song so we can sing along throughout the movie also So this movie is about a group of acapella singer you know, a bunch of people singing together I never watch this movie before like this movie because it kind of new to me that's why I never get bored eventhough I already watch it for many times I prefer the first one more because it tell us the story of the group and the second one is not that but okay, okay but not that interesting as the first one and the third one is also okay to me because the pick of song is okay They also choose the latest song also This movie is my favourite movie So, everytime it has on tv, I will watch it no matter how many time So, i really recommend you to watch this movie Yes, I am really excited to see the movie Don't worry I will watch this movie Okay from the movie that I watch I got some moral value For instance, I know like I learn about how to be a loyal friend and also to be a good friend to each other after I watch this movie This movie, just now I say this movie explained about loyal friend, sacrifice each other something like that right

So, after I watch I feel like I want to be a loyal friend I want to sacrifice my life to help their life also This movie also explain how to This movie also use background music which is very interesting to listen You know right the Tamil movie also lot of songs they create lot of song it's really interesting to listen I also think you also must watch But don't worry about the language they also have subtitle I hope you can understand about the movies

Maybe i can watch it later whenever i'm free what did i get from the movie that i watch if you are a different person it is okay As long as people will accept you no matter what don't ever worried about being different with others If you watch this movie, you can improve your English skills because it is a fully English movie and you can learn through the song also because they use a lot of song so that will make it more interesting to learn the English and to improve your skills So, what did you get from the movie that you have watch? Okay before that, thank you for your advice The lesson that i get from this movie is I see lot of challenges, sacrifice and others This movie also shows the people's character and this film uses real invention by little known people in India's backyards This movie also use lot of innovation, creatives and also technologies that make us feel so excited I also think you should watch this movie because this movie use lot of technical technological which make us to do innovation in future life I think it really can help us or our future life Nowadays, you know about our economies technology right after you watch this movie, you also can know about technology it is really interesting to watch I also prefer you must watch this movie I'm 100% sure you must like this movie because it's all about friend we really like friends right without friends we're nothing This movie really entertained us In this movie, there is no scene like a fight scene? In this movie basically all Indian movies like action, thriller movie right actually I'm also dislike about fight also but this movie is nothing fight

Only about friendship and love the main is for friendship that's why i really like to watch this movie I also watch this movie ten times and above it's really interesting When the movie is release? In what year? I think 2000's above 2015 something it's latest movie maybe i can watch it later Nowadays all people want to watch a comedy movie, without action, without fighting because I know if fighting movie in Tamil movies is kind of hilarious Now, we come into conclusion from our discussion I prefer to you all to watch this movie and I hope after you all watch this movie you all must comment below about this movie and your favourite which movie you like, my movie or Adnin's movie So, don't forget to subscribe and like our video and see you next time!

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