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Ep. 109 Record-Breaking Astronaut Returns, and Fighting a Virus Outbreak | Twig Science Reporter


On this week’s news update– Scientists fight a new virus outbreak– A record-breaking astronaut returns to Earth– And traffic lights punish noisy drivers! First up– Scientists are studying an outbreak of a virus called a coronavirus A virus is a tiny particle that can infect living things and make them sick

This new coronavirus, named Covid-19, was discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan, and has now spread to other countries The virus can spread when people cough or sneeze It affects the lungs, and can cause breathing problems and fever Most people who catch it will make a full recovery– but some people, such as the elderly, can become very sick These scientists at Imperial College London are developing a powerful medicine, called a vaccine, that will protect people against this coronavirus

In the meantime, doctors say that good hygiene– such as regularly washing your hands– can help stop the disease from spreading Next up– Astronaut Christina Koch has waved goodbye to the International Space Station, or ISS, and returned to Earth! She made the journey in a spacecraft with two colleagues from Italy and Russia Christina spent 328 days in space– longer than any other female astronaut During her time on the ISS, she took part in six spacewalks and helped with hundreds of scientific studies One study is exploring how the human body copes with being in space for such a long time

This research will help scientists plan future long-distance space missions– to the Moon– and Mars! And finally– The city of Mumbai, in India, is home to over 18 million people The roads here get very busy, and when impatient drivers honk their horns at a red light– it can get very noisy! When loud noises cause health problems– such as stress or hearing loss– it’s called noise pollution Now, the Mumbai police force is testing a creative solution They installed decibel meters, which are devices that measure loudness The meters are connected to traffic lights, that count down from 90 to zero

If the drivers get too loud– then the countdown resets, and the light stays red for another 90 seconds! The rule is simple– honk more, wait more The police hope these traffic lights will encourage drivers to be patient, and reduce noise pollution– so everyone can continue their journey in peace! That’s all for this week We’ll see you next time

Source: Youtube

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