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English Tutorial – Locks breaking/Vylamování zámků #124 KCD|Kingdom Come


Greetings to all fans of the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance It's evening, I'm in the upper Pub in Rataje

Today I thought that for amusement I will steal everything that can be robbed As soon as it's dark, I'll get into it It's just for fun, It's no serious thought I'm going to steal anything I'll get dressed

I'm wondering what to take I always go in a monk's dressing room and they shout at me So I'll take something else not to shout at me I'll undress everything No weapons, nothing

So I'll put on something Here we can see how our characteristics change Depending on what I wear, the values of conspicuity and visibility are greater or lesser So I'm gonna tune in

This is a bad hat I'll try This one is the same It doesn't matter which Quiet shoes definitely

Some pants 37, 37

I'm trying to improve these parameters Even better are the black ones It is great Now I put on something black That's very nice Even a monk robe

Not that I'll take this, it looks very good We don't want this Shoes That's crap, my shoes are right

Neither is this If it's red, it's inappropriate Then the number increases Just trying I will definitely wear gloves

I look This balaclava still improves Possible? Really Black isn't it? It's blackened It looks red but is blackened

This is some confusion Well We don't want this Bavat blackened works the same way It also works

No, it rattles That's it I'm well-dressed for stealing I'll have this hat Make it in color

It suits me and I can go Let's try the hood If any better No, not at all And those shirts? Also no

At all They won't help me No That's how I'm going to steal I eat so that my belly does not grow

I'll see what I have What rot? Pretzels do not rot No meat, that's for a dog That's enough I'm ready to go and see what they have here

I will save the game very often because I don't want to lose it I will save and save as crazy So I'm saving They have a cellar here where I haven't gotten yet Actually, it's a door I haven't gotten through them yet I'll try to crouch down here

To act like I'm not here I still can't So here nothing and I will go on I'm going towards the city Because I have two horses, this time I will saddle my gray horse

But I would have to see him But I don't want that You want to mount him Mount the horse And

I have my gray horse It's just from a long moment, it has no meaning I'll leave the second horse

I'm going to see all the houses around Which I meet on the way

what can be picked up in them I can shine, it does not limit me in stealing So What do they have here? They have nothing here Don't they have a book? I don't want to sit down

Here's some sheets Nothing useful for me Nothing, either We will not steal anything from the outhouse And

we just go through it It's just an exercise, so Here they sleep in open space

There's nobody here, so let's close No, I didn't want to pick up everything is always wrong in the key This is very interesting, I will not solve it I really didn't want to take it all out, really

God! Because they, when I pick up something what is not money it's stolen the guards annoy me and take it anyway

so keep it here I gave it back to them I have such a problem that when I steal, the game pauses, somehow it gets stuck and you can't walk fast So I can't run now and I don't know what it will happen I really do not know

Then I'm so fooled I'm crawling You just can't run I don't know what it is I can ride a horse

At least that way Here's another opportunity Let's go to the training ground And I can't really go I guess the burden of sin or whatever

Let's see what they have here Here they have arrows But somehow I can't take it "Wash", I'll wash myself But

today it's going to be slow Yeah, and there's nothing here? Nothing? Oh yeah really Shield of the Lords of Lipé

That's nice but I don't want it I won't take it Gloves and sheets cannot be removed Not bloody clothes either Let's go over it

There's nothing here, all right So I won't even run now What do they have in this house? I didn't have to ride that, no matter But a dog Pigs

So I'll pick at least the chicken coop Well, that dog wakes her up and she climbs out You see, she got out And she went to see what was going on And that is what the dog does

The dog is a terrible bitch I'll take it by sneaking forward I hope I don't wake the dog I'll try this We are going

Keep the radish This is simply the practice of breaking locks Pantry They are simply farmers There are too many of them

A woman wakes up they're terribly sensitive For different sounds

Another warehouse I'll take the bread It is not my goal to take it completely Well These ordinary houses they are not much extra

Let's take a look at the attic Look, here's the chest, that's cool Chests are good The chest is good, but they have nothing in it They have just sleeping here

Well Out there, let the staff sleep So I can run again They were farmers against the training arena

And I wonder where to go It's very dangerous here in the castle But I'll go through the garden Where the roses were I was there only once

I'll see what they have there Because I don't normally come here It's back here Here's some shack and shed And mess

What else would be here Than a mess And I can see that there are no roses on the rose bushes Nothing grows here Poppies, all right

I was a little disappointed Wheelbarrow, mud, washtub, very nice What is this? Some loophole So I wasn't really excited here This corner

Never mind, at least I know I don't have to come here anymore I look at the walls, I don't normally come here either So Here's the gate and the wheel Of course

It can be bypassed That's the lattice Nice done We don't want to be here You can't look into that well? So

I won't steal here, I could get into trouble I'll save the game again And let's move on What is it? Look, Mr Hanus is coming out of binge? Let's look at the blacksmith

He could have interesting things You can't pass this way Nothing here Hen He has coal somewhere

Where is he? Steal He's got it here, the coal I got it, I can't steal it I have enough coal But let's go through the yard

Yeah, dog Dogs are dangerous monsters Once you wake them up, they start barking, wakes up people in the house and it's bad Beware of the dog, especially do not step on it There's nothing here

The dog is running around here And Has the dog woken up yet? Yeah, that's bad

He starts barking Let the blacksmith be This is a house where no one lives

I keep the horses here And we go to the hunter He's the dice player Hi Cow

Some attic I'm sure we'll look into it Hm There is nothing here Bird cages

Oh, it's not good to jump Nothing happened to me, it's just noisy So He has nothing here He's got a floor here

Let's look into the house The cow is mooing, but not visible All right, well What's he got here? Great Alcohol, it is OK

So Now I have stolen things I may have a problem I can make excuses So it should be a problem Next, nice

So What have we got here? Yes I don't want bandages, I have enough I don't want cheese, I have a lot So

Cabinet Well, then Oh, I'm sure I'll take this Also penetrating arrows Even better penetrating arrows

Also antlers A treasure map is useful Well, those bows This So

Nice That's what I did So what what's next? Let's see what he has in the attic? Some sleeping man, so we'll leave it there And we're going away It was enough We eat And let's move on

That was nice I'll save the game again And there is a pub just across the street We know that, we already know Let's look inside

These people are terribly irresponsible They close the door behind them Here's some supplies, I don't want that And there's also a floor A chest

Money So There's another door More chests and nobody here? And some closet, Oh great More quiet shoes, that's nice

I'll take that I can sell the dress You for 100, but it won't cost so much And what about this chest very difficult It is a pity Never mind, we'll come back later When we're cleverer

Close And we go, but not this way It is dangerous And let's see what they have here Some warehouse again

Attention dog A chest At least the skin Another bandage, keep the club Keep the cabbage too

This too Come on So, yes Standard warehouse equipment The dog must be gone

So, look and we go out It looks, that sleeps on the first floor

I'll save it again, I've had enough So I'll look up If it's a different space than what I was Now I have no idea, I'll try So I was here already, it was just training

Door opening training This house is still here There I want to look First, the cellar Have I been here before? Maybe I wasn't

There's nothing extra here Now the stairs There's a woman sleeping here, that's a mess Chimney, nicely done There is nothing here

Nobody sleeps here, that's good Some shoe, interesting I don't think I can open this, do I? Open, okay? Let's try it Well So the money

Bandage Keep the rest here Well I'm going down the stairs I don't want to go around that lady

This is just for anger We'll leave the guy alone This is a beautiful room with the stove Beautiful stove, really beautifully done Well, he has things here

I see I'll leave him the rest Couldn't you leave there? No I need to leave the house This is not possible

This is the guy, so I have to go around the lady It's nothing to do Is it dawn? I missed that much I'll stop it But I do not want

It's morning I will choose this Well This time I got away And it's morning

I'll get the horse I'll put things in a chest So it was a practice stealing Stealing in Rataje for amusement I went through 4, 5 houses

That was all night The time is running fast I'll put it all in my chest Let's see what I have What have I got stolen? Shoes

Red and green This Yeah fine

Apples It is nice The eggs I'll keep the wine I'm going to cook the eggs and eat them

Uncooked eggs I can eat I'm hungry I'll change my clothes so I don't look like a freak I'll wear other shoes Those are the colors

I don't have any red I really do not have Like this And red pants to make it nice? I look like that Here are some

It looks amazing Well, let's combine red and green color

Or yellow, I can choose here Where is it? I'm confused, here But he has nothing yellow on my head Yeah, I got this That is great

So it was a bit of aesthetics If I did, I guess not It is fun That's how I'm going out I'll go cook the eggs

Dog, wait I'll give you food, it's morning Come I wonder if you can cook on fire when there is no cauldron I can't

And they're closed in the pub Jesus not I don't want a guard Ou But ma'am, you complain to me

I do not mind The lady went Look how she runs, she keeps running

It's far away for the guard I need to wait until they open I had no masking This is a mess All right, come get me

She has already reported me Oh no I have to cook the eggs somewhere They have a fire, but they don't the cauldron Look at the guards running Come on I'll make it easier for you

Hm Well, they're cool So I'll pay and lose the wine What? So, he's happy, I don't A lot of things remained, almost nothing happened

So good I have stolen things in my chest It is allright I need the cauldron This is just hard with eggs

One has an appetite for eggs once a week and won't get to them What is it? Look, it's already open, it wasn't worth it

Seriously Great, eggs, splendor What about the fire E key? So it does fire, on, off Food I'll have the eggs Pretzel, bread And it is done And I can go on another adventure When I want to Thank you for watching You've seen what you can steal here in the houses

It's worth it somewhere Thanks and have a good night

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