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Engima code-breaking machine rebuilt at Cambridge


This is a demonstration of the cyclometer So the rotors are loaded up in the order of 3, 2, 1, from left to right

So first loaded into the cyclometer And the same is done at 3,2,1, for the right hand rotor system and is loaded in there as well The same mechanism as an Enigma machine Shut the rotor covers And the windows display the letters

So we're going to go for a random one, so I'm just going to pick, let's say, F, K, O We then set up the right one the same as the left and then you move the right hand rotor or the right hand rotor system three steps forward We then have a choice of choosing any letter on the lampboard, by flicking the switch Start with 'A' We then move up the rheostat until you can see all the bulbs are glowing

You return it back to the point of highest resistance, turn off the letter, and see a letter that haven't lit up in the previous cycles Like so So you can see in this case, for F, K, O, with cycle we have, the first time we have 18 bulbs lighting up and the second time 8 bulbs lighting up Now I'm just going to try another one now F, K, P So as I say, we have the left hand as our rotor settings and the right hand system of three steps ahead

I'm just going to start with 'A' again And wind up the rheostat Here you can see 24 bulbs are lighting, so 'H' and 'W' have not lit yet See the remaining two bulbs light I'll try again for another system

F, K, Q three steps ahead on the right I'll just start off with 'A' and we can see the first lot lighting up, here we have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 And then 'B' here 4 So I can see at the moment a bulb that has not yet lit is 'G' We can see another 8 lighting up I can also see that 'H' is not lit up yet

Here's another cycle, 2, 4 sorry Finally, the last one that has not lit up, I can see is 'L' and it's other pair 'U' Now, it would work equally if I flick switch 'U', 'L' will light up also And the same is true for any other cycle I just showed

Source: Youtube

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