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[ENG SUB] Zhao Lusi – Interview with Southern Metropolis Entertainment


Hello everyone at Nandu Entertainment, I'm Zhao Lusi Now accepting the 'fast ask fast answer' challenge Q: During The Romance of Tiger and Rose, the 3 sweetest scenes that moved Zhao Lusi herself? Moved me? I wasn't moved, none! Q: Please fill in the blanks, Zhao Lusi is a __________ girl, 3 adjectives

Quick witted Smart Brave Q: Please fill in the blanks, Zhao Lusi is a __________ girl, 3 adjectives Strange Quirky (T/N: Internet slang, to describe someone who's funny but in a slightly dumb way) Poisonous (Or infectious) Q: What's the biggest similarity and difference between Zhao Lusi and Chen Qianqian? The biggest similiarity They both look pretty smiliar, right? Biggest difference She's able to enter the script, I can't Q: Three things that make you most like a Scorpio

Not accommodating Bears a grudge Extremely vengeful Q: Three things that make you most unlike a Scorpio Not fuhei (a term describing someone who's kind on the outside but evil on the inside) Not cold (standoffish) Can't remember too many grudges (hate) Q: Fill in the blanks: Zhao Lusi has _______ that you can only be envious of Something you're envious about Nandu Entertainment

, you've stumped me (she made a word play here, on the word nan, which also means difficult) What can people be envious of Shouldn't you ask people who are envious of me, why are you asking me? Nandu Ent: Like the volume of your hair (she's known to have A LOT of hair) What's there to admire about? I have so much hair, I'm so tired washing it

Nandu Ent: Like you being able to act with many male celebrities Many netizens are saying, my goodness, a '98er girl and she's already starting to reach the peak of her life, and we're all still obscure and unknown This, I feel, this isn't right I feel this isn't right This is different Some things you think are 'a peak' But to me, perhaps lives like yours are my peak This isn't right

So I feel that this is nothing to be envious about I'm also pretty envious of you Q: What do you think are some good qualities about yourself that everyone has yet to discover? Good qualities? There's really nothing They've all been discovered by you I've already starting to look for other good qualities now

Q: Did you invent new skills to train your positive qualities? There's nothing There's none, really Q: Please reveal three of your negative qualities Why do I have to reveal three negative qualities? I feel like a 'gang jing' today (someone who keeps defying/going against) This question you're asking Q: Recently everyone says Zhao Lusi is very cute after watching the drama, what do you feel currently? What's cute I only think Chen Qianqian is cute Q; Zhao Lusi who plays the cute Chen Qianqian, please show us 5 'cool glamorous elegant' selfies Cool, glamarous and elegant? Oh my goodness No, this doesn't suit me at all Nandu Ent is giving me difficult questions Every question is so difficult

Q: Recently what's the funniest thing that's happened around you? That day when we were filming (drama), there was a teacher who had to be hit by a brick And then, and then And then, a gege (brother) from the martial arts team was the one who was going to hit with the brick He hit it really hard, but it's made of foam, so after he hit, it went 'dong' "This is too painful, he hit me till I'm confused" "I'm going to get a concussion" Everyone thought he was joking "Sorry sorry teacher, let's do it again" Okay, 3, 2, 1, "let's not hit anymore, let's just say the lines" Okay, 3, 2, 1, start "What's my first line again? And then, and then, After they reminded him of his first line, he forgot his second line

And I really thought that the phrase 'hit till you forgot your lines' is only something in scripts But seeing it with my own eyes that day, I thought it was really funny I laughed for a long time Q: What kind of scenario would you cry easily? What kind of scenario I'm someone who cries easily Q: What would piss you off the most? Getting angry at me Nandu Ent: So you're someone who needs to be coaxed and not coerced? It depends, sometimes coaxing doesn't work either Q: Who's the most recent person you contacted? My family group, I guess

Q: Please describe how you would spend a day off work? It depends on which area I'm in Every area has every area's way of spending time Q: Favourite way to relax when you're taking breaks between busy times? Sleep Q: A role/character that you really want to take on (as a challenge) but have yet to try? Campus drama Q: How many dialects do you know? Actually, it's just those few, don't make me read it again, everyone's going to throw up soon (from hearing it too often)

Q: In this moment, what do you want to say to your fans and the audience who love you? Just very happy Meeting me in the crowds of people This in itself is fate Just, grateful Thank you everyone

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