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[ENG SUB] [Stone Music+] 덕질 좀 아는 언니_청하 (CHUNG HA )|Stay Tonight


The longer you stan idols, the more you can see This unnie who has been fangirling for years took a look ahead at "the new song of today" Chung Ha "Stay Tonight" Chung Ha is Trust and watch Trust and listen God Chung Ha So, much is expected of this upcoming song❤️ "Stay Tonight" will be released very soon BUT We can't stand the wait So let's cry over available teasers again and take a look ahead at Chung Ha's "Stay Tonight"! Unnie Who Knows How To Be a Stan The first thought that came across watching the teasers for the new song SO PRETTY Clear, innocent, sexy, and elegant She has pulled off countless concepts so far My baby has devoted to improve our eyesights❤️ Especially! her existence itself was "bling bling" Fresh X Sexy Chung Ha It was the legend of the legends (It's still perfect even after years?) But guys! I guess she's coming back with "bling" concept again? First, since she's the goddess of glitter All twinkle from her head to toes She used fancy jewels as a highlight of the whole styling As she moves, she twinkles under the light There's a reason that she's called "the human glitter"? Especially! As the luxurious styling meets the powerful choreo the whole vibe is maximized "Cool and pretty" value at maximum! Now, we should be expecting much of the choreography of her new song, right? Chung Ha = Point Choreo Point Choreo = Chung Ha No one can deny it So we should also look forward to the choreo of "Stay Tonight"! "I think this is the fanciest performance we've done so far" The "fanciest" so far This song appears to have many point chores that use hands and shoulders Looking at the spoiler video fascinating vouging dance and Chung Ha's special weapon, waacking The combination of all! Overwhelming In a little while we can watch the whole choreography Thanks god? With the short teasers given I was crying over them again and again Now I'm more thirsty for the new song

Judging from the pre-released chorus(?) part of "Stay Tonight" it's certainly a dance song that'll make me so excited (Just a part of it is already great❤️) What performance and song will she come back with? Stan here is so curious So! Our Chung Ha gave us a new hint One of that reasons that it's happy to be her fan She hides nothing from her fans (I'm happy to be Byulharang❤️) This time again, she gave hints to her fans about the new song via V live Hint 1 It's a very future-oriented song Hint 2 It's not a mainstream kind of song Hint 3 It can be a bit loud(?) Chung Ha herself gave some spoilers Future-oriented, not mainstream, a bit loud Chung Ha's new song "Stay Tonight" I can't imagine how it'll be (Am I the only one?) There's not much time left! Chung Ha's new song will be released very soon "Stay Tonight" I invite all of you to the night Chung Ha is waiting for us❤️

Source: Youtube

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