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[ENG SUB] Entertainment Lab Interview 2 of Hua Chenyu || 娱情Lab 立个FLAG专访20190916


*Previously on* A beautiful morning Rong-Rong was on his way to build a house And then he saw the scene and got frightened There's nothing better than Hua Chenyu Who owns thousands of fans Tons of girls go crazy for him He is called the almighty Bull Demon King on Mars How can you take a glimpse of me? Just come to see my concert < Set a Goal (Flag) > Hello! Fans of the Entertainment Lab I'm Hua Chenyu Today I'm going to challenge "set a goal (Flag) " I dare to answer whatever you ask me Here we go * Part One * – Draw a question – Q: If in front of you, there are only durians, cactus and washboards instead of stage monitor speakers When you perform Which one would you step on? I don't like to put my foot on any of them If I have to choose, I would choose washboards Because I don't like the smell of durian If I accidentally crushed it, it will be even worse The cactus is a plant, It's alive I don't want to hurt it Q: When are you going to get a hair cut? Do you tell Ke-Ge, Sa-Sa, Rong-Rong, and Zha-Zha? Well, I know who Ke-Ge is It's my short hairstyle Sa-Sa is the present one Did I have a hairstyle called Zha-Zha (Explode)? –The hairstyle on your 2017 concert Oh~~~That's the one with two little horns, more like spiky Q: When am I going to have my hair cut? I can get a haircut right before holed up at home Then the shorter my hair is, the faster my brain works The faster my brain works *How fast do you think your brain can work?* Q: What will you call your new hairstyle? Call it Oh, Ultraman! Q: Would you compose a haiku with your name? On a beautiful morning I row (H)eavenly, Row to Waipo Bridge Embrace the wind and waves (C)hallengely I continue my way to Waipo Bridge Row in the rain happil(Y) until I reach to Waipo Bridge Ah Q: Have you ever searched your name on Weibo or Bilibili? And if the fans want to cut a feature clip for you What kind of characters and plot do you like ? Sure I did search my name I checked the messages they sent me And how they made fun of me Sometimes I reply them If some of the fans fall in love with each other I will bless them and if they want to cut a clip for you **For example, cut a video of Ke-Ge, Sa-Sa, Rong-Rong, and Zha-Zha Sa-Sa is a cruel killer Ke-Ge is even worse, a ruthless killer who kills killers Rong-Rong was building a house He was a construction worker He was on the construction site And then all of a sudden he witnessed the killers got into a fight with another killer On watching the scene he got frightened Q: If you can invite a cartoon character as a special guest at your concert Who would he be? Tony Chopper I can either take him in my arms or ride on him I have a song called <The Giant in Sorrow>" I can hire a titan in "Attack on Titan" I don't want to sing with him I just want him standing by me Who else? Saitama In "One Punch-Man" He could stand right beside me to function as my front light It's cool when the light reflects on his head Q: What would you like as the hashtag next time when you are on a hot topic? #Hua Chenyu‘s Concert is fantastic# You will see it happen one day Really? – Yes – Haha, I am so happy What about #Hua Chenyu is fantastic# Doesn’t it sound better? Isn't it? Then #Hua Chenyu is fantastic# I do wish to be fatastic Q: Please read the following paragraph energetically and emotionally I'm widely recognized as the most adorable and pleasant All-around and of great talents Handsome and elegant Slender and fit Attracting thousands of fans Tons of girls go crazy for me The most powerful bull demon king on Mars How can you take a glimpse of me? Just come to see my concert It's fair enough Q: You carried Si Huo in your arms last year Have you strengthened your muscles? What's your upper limit of arms carrying? I think my arm strength is similar with last year Because there's little fluctuation in my weight Q: What's the boundary of a girl's weight would you call it chubby? None of the girls is chubby You can't say girls are chubby that's for boys Girls are all cute Q: When will be your fourth album released? Before or after the concert The whole album would be released after the concert But some of the songs can be performed in advance at the concert Q: Could you reveal something about your new songs? *Shifting eyes* Nice to listen It’s not allowed to ask for help from your assistants Love and kindness Q: Do you mind putting on ten Jin overnight? It's not a big deal Because I used to gain four to five Jin overnight I usually gain 10 to 20 Jin during my vacation * Part two * — — *We want to see whether Hua Chenyu -the music genius – can adapt songs of any kind?* – Let's start a game to test him – "Magical composition" Challenge Task: to compose a theme song for Entertainment

lab Hope it will delight you I hope it will *Squeezing lyrics* Satisfy you I hope you could meet whoever you want On the next episode of the program Thank you It's so hard! * Do you think we succeeded in our goal? * * Part three * – Set your goal (Flag) – I'll definitely set my own goal If by any chance it comes true I'm sure I can snatch a ticket for my second concert Perhaps it may happen! So I set it! *Raise a question for the following guest * My question is "The emperor subdues the officer" (for the cipher, should be rhyming words) Indoors to do something vaguer(Rhyming words) Now it's your turn to raise a question for the next episode I miss the chance to hit the mouse Translated by Hua Chenyu Eng Subs Subscribe for more translated videos of Hua Hua

Source: Youtube

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