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[ENG SUB] B-boy Hong 10 – Breaking Champ: 비보이 세계 챔피언으로 산다는 것


-Hong 10! -Hong 10! -Hong 10! -And it’s Hong 10’s win! -Congratulation 2-time champion Hong-Yeol Kim! I have a long career and won many championships So I have enough to live on One of my self-esteems is that I am one of the most successful b-boys Sometimes, I feel embarrassed that I, the most successful person in this culture, can only earn this much If I show that I ride high, other young people will think, "Uh, I can do that too" If I'm still in need, who else would want to do this? Breaking Champ : Living as a B-Boy World Champion I'm B-boy Hong 10 Born in Korea I've danced for 22 years As far as I can remember, from 2001 Korean B-boys started to enter world competitions In 2002, Korea defeated France and won -1! -2! -3! -Korea! I heard it was a shock to foreigners “Are you Chinese?” Is the word we always hear when we go abroad The audience thought ‘Korea? Where is it?’ Although, We, guys from unknown country, suddenly won the championship, people cheered for us After then, we won a lot over the years When Korean B-boys enter any competitions, always ranked in high We were proud of ourselves because we introduced Korea When I saw foreign people waving the Korean flag, I thought, ‘Ah, we introduce Korea in B-boy scene’ In simple terms, ‘breaking' is a dance mostly on the floor Compared to other genres, breaking has more skills, techniques and difficult moves I think it’s special Some moves are hard to master It takes months of hard work And there are so many b-boys around the world So it’s difficult to get in the scene ‘Battle’ is always in breaking So naturally, breaking has a competitive culture Korea is not such a big society Every Korean B-boys know each others So, we do not fight seriously But United States, French and other countries b-boys fight hard I thought ‘Oh, they gonna fight really’ But after the battle, they hug each I thought I can't adapt to this But sometimes it’s pretty interesting When I started to enter a battle as a solo, I always lost in finals You know a word that ‘Fall seven times, stand up eight’ It seems like I was a runner-up seven times So, I entered with the thought of last one challenge Finally, I won the championship Until then, I was still a runner-up I struggled for champion thinking 'Ah, why am I struggling like this?' After winning, I thought, ‘I’m getting all the hard things back' I feel pride and happy The moment of enjoying is very short People forgot it immediately, and the next competition comes right away When someone won, he appears fat and mess They were full of conceit because of champion title I'v always seen that case So I decided, ‘I don't want to be like that’ ‘I gonna be champion again’ When be a champion and become famous, people begrudges my achievement Audience predicts a champion gonna win, but they wonder he loses to rookie ’If that will be happened, it’s gonna be interesting’ ‘It will be interesting when Hong 10 lose’ In this atmosphere, I often lost People said I was done because of my age In 2013, I was 30 years old in Korean age When the first digit of age changed, people said ‘He’s done’ But people didn't know that I strived secretly As I won the championship, my new heights came again I don't think I was born with outstanding physical skill But, I think I have a talent for effort Effort I'm confident about effort In that sense, I think I could get to where I am I always do push-ups, squats and other bodyweight exercises about two hours a day I did it steadily for 22 years since I began to dance People are surprised when I exercise I knew all the b-boys, b-girls and dancers exercise, But no one do it So I realized ‘Ah, this is why I’ve been able to dance for a long time’ I take it for granted So I've always done it I trained everyday without doubt, But not others That made me different from others I wanna participate in the Olympic There are a lot of goals to achieve, though I wanna participate in the Olympics I will be older then But I think age is not a hindrance When I see younger b-boys these days, I'm worried about how to beat them, but I still wanna challenge I am confident that I would join the Korea national team I don't know what will happen to the Olympic, but in Korea When I began breaking, there was a perception that b-boys are juvenile delinquent Someone who give up studying and have no future Delinquent But we are not We’re just people who love breaking purely I wanted to break that perception, so I studied hard and danced But, it didn't seem to change very well There is something that I can feel even without words 'Yeah, B-boy, so when do you get a job?' B-boy is also a job because I earn a livelihood Some people said “Why don’t you get a job?” These days, what's different is that more and more people cheer for us doing what we like I want to do it as long as I can Breaking

hasn't been that long We're all going together in the uncharted waters In United States, people older than me are still breaking So I saw him and thought ‘Ah, I can do it too’ In Korea, people older than me quit breaking and took a different job, as if that's reasonable when their late 20s Some of them told me 'How long will you do that?' 'You are done now' That's about 2010 I think I can still do Even after years, I can do something accustomed to my body I don’t give a shit about age

Source: Youtube

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