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[ENG SUB] 200111/ SINA Entertainment Interview with Yibo


Hello everyone, I am WangYibo! Q: This year is Weibo’s 10th Anniversary, looking back what were you doing 10 years ago? A:I was still dancing and singing preparing for debut Q:Back then did you make up your mind what kind of person you want to be ? A: back then I love dancing and singing Q: Now that 10 year have passed,are you satisfied with your performance A: So so Q:Do you remember what's the moment that makes you register for Weibo? A: I have this spam account where I will look at my favourite bloggers, as for my main account i used it for work Q: So you have now revealed us your spam account A: I think everyone has one spam account Q: Right now is the spam account still around? A:yes Q:Is there any Weibo comments that gives you a huge impression recently? A: I've seen one just now , its says that there's a shortage of one silly video because I did not walk the red carpet I’m speechless… Q:Is there a reason why you did not walk the red carpet? A: There was a jam just now hence i did not manage to make it to the red carpet Q:You released your digital single “Wu Gan”(Unbothered) last year in December, can you share with us your compose process? A:The process was quite hard its my first time composing because the time I have is not much

I write from time to time while shooting Back then I remember I had the melody first then I started writing the lyrics, there were lots of amendments to be made This song mainly expresses my feelings I hope that people who can relate can overcome difficulties and maintain their mindset Q:Is this song counted as your summary of 2019? A: it's not really a summary It's because I have to perform for New Year countdown and I would like to perform with my own song Q:Then you must be very efficient since you've said you did not have enough time to write

A: it's quite a coincidence the date which I found the song is quite late just nice there was this song which I like I was still wondering if I want to try The time I had was really little Q: Many have good comments on your lyrics especially the attitude that the lyrics reflects So which part do you think is the most touching one or reflects your attitude best? A: The 2nd main verse 你红的没作品/ 骂你的声音更变本加厉“ (You’re popular without a top notch hit the hate gets more and more nasty) Q:So this has been your past one year’s thoughts? A: I think people in the entertainment circle will all be like this Q:How about your mindset now? A:Do what I should do and Be myself Q:Will you try more composition? A:Im not very sure Because “Wu Gan” (Unbothered) was quite hard

It was very rush but there is something that will rush you to finish it on time I will try next time if there are chances given Q:Fans were wondering if you will have more music comebacks this year ? Or have a fan meeting A:I don't think there will be I will be shooting drama most of the time Q: So what is your proportion if time allocated to music and film I will be shooting drama most of the time As for music, I've also been accepting music and recording them if there's this particular music that I like I will release it If no then it depends Q: Many audiences were surprised by your acting in 2019 Legend of Fei that you are filming right now you have collaborated with Zhao Li Ying who has a lot of acting experience How is the collaboration like? A:She is very professional When I was acting with LiYing jie she's very good at detailed snapshots

She acts naturally too Q: Your last work was recognised by many and is also a costume drama While shooting Legend of Fei do you feel that your acting is more smooth as compared? A: Not really because there's a huge difference between the 2 roles Q: Can you reveal to us what to look forward to in Legend of Fei? A:I think the style of this drama is more of like a sense of JIANGHU It makes people feel hot-blooded which is something I like

Q:For this past 1 year, what's your biggest challenge? A:Hmmm, I didn't really think much about this Q:Last year you have achieved a lot in terms of motorcycle races , skateboarding,acting and music etc A: Ah yes because I'm interested in these I guess i'm more serious towards doing those Q:Do you want to try something new this year or to make a breakthrough? A: Im interested in alot of things but i don't really have the time Q:What are the 2 things that you are most interested in? A:Im more concentrated on skateboarding recently but I've been wanting to try drift for quite some time Q:You've tried cross talking in previous show before , is this a huge challenge for your “cool guy” image? A:Cross talking is really fun Like when you are cross talking you have to get hold of the rhythm and humorous point

I listen to cross talking hence when I get to try it's very fun Q: Will you still try cross talking next time? A: If there's a chance i will Q:A few days ago we saw that you had a collaboration with “Lost in Russia" where you act as an announcer A: I sing as well Q:can you let us know what are the causes for Xuzheng and you to collaborate? A:Actually we've never met before, but he is the director that I look up to I have watched all his “Jiong” series movies Q: In the new year , will there be a possibility where you take part in movies A: Yes, that would be an honour Q:Chinese New Year is coming, what will you normally do in the past CNY? A:I just go back to my hometown and set off firecrackers That's all Q:What is the deepest impression about CNY for you? A;The impression that I have about CNY is more when Im young We used to set off firecrackers that are louder but they are all banned now I had more fun when i was young i guess Q:Then what is the joy now when you go back home during CNY? A: I get to live with my parents and meet up with my friends and schoolmates

Q:A few days ago we saw that you wore fortune god costume for the upcoming Spring Festival Gala There were lots of people saying Yibo is their lucky charm With that what do you have to say? A:As long as you guys are happy, Im ok。 Can you give those who are watching some blessings I hope you guys can be happy in the new year and Happy Chinese New Year

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