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[ENG JPN] An Elderly Child in the Entertainment Industry EP70 II Hua Chenyu 华晨宇【超级面对面】70期20140918


Face-to-Face Interview with Hua Chenyu on Sept 17, 2014 Why? Why nobody fights? Few singers can hold a personal concert with great success within one year after debut and before the release of the first album Few singers can always stay in the headlines with a rather seclusive existence But he did it The overall champion of the 2013 Super Boy The "little Martian brother" in people's eyes who is "adorkable" and dark at the same time A post 90s-generation singer who is always deeply immersed in his own world and loves to sing lyricless songs He is Hua Chenyu Since I decided to work in this industry I've already completely adjusted my mentality I like it

I like this job very much I feel that this job is quite easy I'm not much different (now) I'm still pretty free I don't go out often just as before I'm not bothered by anything in my life I still feel pretty good I can earn money and I feel it's quite alright I'm a very optimistic person But I had grown up in a place without light for a long time So I don't quite like to see the light My co-workers know that whenever they come to my house, my curtains are always closed I've never opened the curtain I might turn on the lights during the day I can't say it's a kind of depression I would say that I enjoy it very much I like to be alone It's not depression It should be Before my debut, I didn't like to make friends I felt it was tiresome I was a pretty lazy person I felt it was quite tiresome to make friends 'Cause if I were to make friends (with you) I had to get to know you I had to learn about you But I was not interested in you Therefore, I felt it was tiresome I've never thought about what kind of girlfriend I want to find in the future To find a girlfriend, it's just about feeling right towards each other Like Qing-Jie (whom Hua met in the show Divas Hit the Road) Our relationship is not the same as imagined by those people It was actually a very simple friendship and yet they had to write about it as some kind of a love relationship between an older woman and a younger man It was not so at all To find a girlfriend in the future As long as it feels right, I will go for it Even if her personality doesn't match mine, it doesn't matter Quasimodo, the classical weirdo in the bell tower of Notre Dame in Paris became the main theme of Hua Chenyu's first album Not accepted because of his looks (outside) yet he has a pure and kind heart inside Hua Chenyu participated in the production (of his first album) from beginning to end Except for three original compositions Other songs (in the album) were carefully selected from nearly 20,000 demos I originally wanted to name it <<s>></s> right This name (<<40 inches>>) as the name of the first album And this was what I came up with Size 40 inches refers to the size of shoes It's the size of my shoes What I meant was that you don't need too big of a space 'Cause you only have two feet of size 40 each That's all you need to stand on You don't have to try too vigorously to achieve a certain goal or whatever, whatever As long as you live naturally and go with the flow, it is good You can be happy no matter what As long as you stand here, you exist You're worthy of something If you have seen <<The Hunchback of Notre Dame>>, then you would know that (people's) first reaction would be about the church ringing of the bell, the bell keeper Europe, culture and classics All these pictures would have left impressions on your mind Then there is this character This is a character

in my eyes Although he is not accepted by others because of his looks But inside, he is a very pure and kind person with a beautiful heart I feel that he is just like many children Why can those children laugh innocently without any darkness (within themselves) and play happily? That's because they don't have a lot of burden Their mentality is 'This world is as it is' All they care about is to play freely, laugh freely, enjoy freely, and cry freely They have very pure hearts Yet once we've grown up After you are taught too much knowledge You would start to have many taboos You would have a lot things that you dare not do He is not a simple "little fresh face" He is not even "fresh" He is often "dark" It is not a kind of clumsy naiveté He is not clumsy at all It is just that he lives like a child voluntarily All things considered by a common person as important are not as important to him He is just too lazy to learn about those things This is almost a strong-willed choice (he made) for himself I will just live like this Even if it's different from the whole world I've never said that I'm a "little brother from Mars" I've never said that I came from Mars But the existence of these labels simply makes it easy (for people) to remember me For me, whether I have labels or not is all fine 'Cause whatever labels the outside world gives me, be it "adorkable" "dark" "big dark boss" or " Mr Lead Singer" These things for my fans these were what they felt directly when I presented myself in certain states

So they felt one side of me at a time They felt that Hua Hua was adorable at this time Hua Hua was pretty dark inside at this time Or Hua Hua was pretty low at this time Or Hua Hua was like a crazy person That would be a state I was in that I showed them But everyone has many sides actually Whatever my mood was, I would present myself in that state That was what I wanted to do at the moment I don't need to be cool all the time I don't need myself to be serious all the time I can keep being handsome in front of the camera all the time Not "handsome", (I mean) "cool" To be cool is very simple It's the easiest thing for me To pretend to be cool is just to let yourself be calm Let yourself be clear-minded Just like how we talk right now Do you feel that I am "adorkable"? No Right? So, I'm just taking it easy So, I don't mind the labels that they gave me 'Cause they just wanted to remember me I will not change, right Since my high school days On that day of my enlightenment I felt that I would never change And I don't want to ever change I won't no matter if it's the outside world or the environment that changes (this won't change me) The environment will always change But I will never change, for sure That's right Only I am quietly guarding the desert Waiting for the flowers to bloom Only I

am watching other's happiness and sigh unexpectedly Just let me hear these grand rationales and be unwilling to understand Q:Are you the same on and off the camera? Hua: Yes, I'm the same Q: Which part do you like the most about yourself? Hua: Mouth Q: Whom do you look up to the most? Hua: Lady Gaga Q: What kind of food do you dislike the most? Hua: I don't have any Q: Would you still compete at Super Boy if you could start over? Hua: It would be hard to tell Q: What do you want to say to your fans? Hua: Take it easy Translated by Hua Chenyu English Subs Subscribe for more translated videos of Hua Hua

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