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Eng) ASMR | I don't want to break up | 헤어지자고 하지마 | Korean Boyfriend ASMR | Jealous Girlfriend Kdrama


Hello dear Ah why did you not contact me all day long ? Did something happen to you today? Why are you hesitating? Do you want to say anything? I am asking I will not force you if you do not want to tell me now

Can we sit down The seat is dirty, wait a moment I will wipe it and then sit down It's clean now, you can sit Do we have to talk now ? You are not ready to talk to me? Why are you hesitating, "like the person" who will say "let's break up" Excuse me? Do you want to separate from me? You can't throw pranks like this haha ​​ that's not funny You are not kidding

? (Sighing) If you are not kidding then Why do you want to separate from me so suddenly, can you explain please? You just want to break up? are you kidding me? We were fine yesterday There was nothing wrong and now you want to break up? No, you cannot separate from me I don't want to be separated from you, so you cannot separate from me

If you really want to break away from me, tell me the truth and then I'll think about whether to break up or not Excuse me? Why do I decide whether to separate or not? So, why did you decide to separate from me? I understand, so please tell me the truth Is it because I watch Twice every day? I hope not You don't just tell me the truth You think we don't get along well? What do you mean, we don't match well what are you talking about? We were fine, we did not even fight one time And we are dating less than 100 days Isn't it too early to separate

? Well to say that we are not very well what is the reason for this? What made you think this? In which part do we match? Please tell me Excuse me? You think there is a void between you and me ? what do you mean? I am handsome, tall and famous ? And you think you are not right for me ? What are you talking about

This is not a reason for separation !! Do you feel nervous ? If I'm going to wear the mask (mask), I won't meet my friends I will only meet you and I will not show my face to anyone else When you hang out with me do you think you're not good enough? this is not true ! No way! You are super cute and beautiful You are not sure of your height ? Don't think like that, please

Makes you so cute! "My little girl" is the cutest of the entire world Darling If this is the reason for separation

I can not separate from you I will marry you in return Separation is "impossible" This is no reason to separate Babu (stupid) Boys, pretty or good, they just try to date beautiful girls, but you You just want to separate from me (Sighing) You were worried for this reason, right ? Darling You spoke to me for the first time and you were in this state of feelings We have to think and share ideas together I will understand, if you feel uncomfortable sharing your thoughts In any case, let's try harder The way you said it, it hurt me and made me sad

I can't live without you "little girl" My dear, please, let's not separate and stay together for 1,000 or 10,000 years together Also, let's get married

And let's have a baby too hehehy A child like you Don't even say "let's break up" next time, I'll punish you ? I love you so much dear Translation (Milk & Tomie) ✨?

Source: Youtube

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