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Emma blurts out her deep-seated issues to Camila | TKB (With Eng Subs)


I didn't start it Luna did

I just want to make things clear with Emma We had a deal, Camila Do you remember? What is this all about? We will talk about this later, Luna Let's go, Emma Come on

[SCOFFS] Okay? But why? Luna started it Why don't you tell her to stop? [HUFFS] We're making a scene here, Emma That's enough [INDIGNANT] Camila! [FIRMLY] Let's go, Emma Emma – Elias – Huh? What's going on over there? Where? What d you mean? Over there Look Emma Emma, please Emma I'm talking to you, Emma! Emma! [HUFFS ANGRILY] Emma Please It's because I always say yes Isn't it, Camila? You tell me not to go out with anyone, and I say yes You tell me not to play music, same thing! You tell me to pretend to be someone else, and I do it, no questions asked! You tell me to lie to everyone, and I lie to everyone! All I ever did my whole life is say yes to every single thing you ask of me! [IN TEARS] But what about me, Camila? Do you even care about what I want? Do you even care about what I feel? Of course, Emma

Of course, I do! I've thought about that too How come it doesn't seem that way? Now that you found your daughter, it's the same thing all over again! It's easy for you to cast me aside! You'll ask me to sacrifice myself again! Luna! Luna Hey! Why did you make a scene again? I thought you were over this Because I'm upset! Luna! Please talk to me, Luna! I said I'm upset! I feel upset because I'm just adopted And that Camila's my mother! I'm so upset because

in a snap, I don't even know who I am anymore! I'm the easy option for you! Emma, that's not true No So what if I told you that I don't want to stay away from Elias? What are you going to do?

Source: Youtube

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