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Eminem in Detroit (1999) | Going Back | MTV News


– [Off camera] This going to be on TV, y'all – [Off camera] You're going to be on TV again? – It's going to be MTV

– [Off camera] At what time? – I have no idea yet – [Off camera] You gonna be on TV? – [Off camera] You stayin' up here? – Huh? – [Off camera] You stayin' in Detroit? – I don't stay — well, I don't stay here no more I used to stay right down the block – On what street? – Dresden – Oh, I've heard! [crowd murmuring] – Right over there

– Why you move? – Huh? – Why you move? – 'Cause I rap now – [Off camera] Yo, man, this is gonna be f—ing great You know that, don't you? – Yeah, this s—t will be hot – [Off camera] It's so great for you to be back here – And now that you've seen Cancún and L

A, I mean, wouldn't you rather be someplace warmer, or do you, like, relate to the frigidity up here? – I'm just used to this I'm used to it It's like — not that it's, like, fun You know, you just get used to something

– Yeah – And you just get settled in, and you just wanna stay – So, you're a Detroiter for life, pretty much? – Yeah, I'm a Detroiter for life [Radio playing] – And where are we headed for? – Um, we're gonna go to my old house, and I'm gonna knock on the door and I'll see if I can get in because I left something in my room – [Laughs] OK, what part of town is this? Is this in — – This will be the east side of Detroit

– Alright Do you have a lot of warm memories about growing up there? – Yeah, a lot of fun stuff – Now, if one of your fans was coming to Detroit, where's a place they could go at night to maybe bump into you? Do you go out a lot? – I would say, like, Saint Andrew's Hall, on Friday night – Mhm – Saint Andrew's Hall, or — Yo, Paul, what's the other places that we used — I used to go to the Café Mahogany

– You're probably pretty well accepted in these places by now, right, I imagine? – Yeah, yeah – Yeah It was when I first started out, when I first showed up, you know, when I first started grabbing mics in little clubs and stuff like that – What makes people from Detroit different than people from other cities, would you say? Is there a certain kind of person that lives in Detroit? – What makes people from Detroit different? – Yeah – Just because, like, in our city, we don't — there's not a whole lot to do, so people are like — there's not a lot here, you know? We're just starting to get th ings here, so it's, like, you know, there's a lot of tension in this city

– Yeah I used to sell my tapes, my local tapes, up in that store right there, Golden Jet Records, right there [Laughs] Excuse us I used to go up here and pass out flyers for my — when I used to paint on clothes, pass out flyers everywhere And plus, when I used to do talent shows and stuff, at other schools, I would come up here and pass out flyers for those, too

This used to be a store called AO Price I used to go up here every day My mother used to give me $2 for cigarettes

I used to go up to the store, steal the cigarettes, and keep the money for lunch the next day – [Laughs] Those days are over – Those days were great days – I mean, really? Did you enjoy them, were you having fun? – Yeah, now that I look back on it, I mean — – Yeah – I kinda miss it

This is the house See back there, there used to be a garage – Yeah We had our garage burn down – Alright

Well, let's see what's happening here They fixed the place up – Yeah! – They've been shoveling the snow – Actually doesn't look that bad – No

[knocking on door] – Let's see if anybody's here – If they're not, we'll try the back – [Chuckles] We'll break in – [Laughs] – If not, we'll just take a look ourselves Now, if it were me, I would have let you in, because you — – Excuse me

– [Distant yelling] – Huh? – [Distant yelling] – You have what? – [Behind door] I have not cleaned the house – Oh, that's alright – What if we take a look in the backyard? Can we do that? – [Behind door] Yeah, go ahead – Alright, thank you – Oh! – Do you remember the backyard? – Yeah

– Did you have, like, swings and stuff in the backyard? Or — – Yeah, we used to have this one little swing – Uh-huh – It was right there Then, this is where the garage used to be, – This used to be, like, a little thing for the birds, but it was always empty – Yeah

Was your family pretty happy when they were living here? Relatively speaking – It was alright, it was alright It was just me, my mom, and my little brother – Yeah So you write all your stuff down beforehand, right? I mean, the writing is really important, obviously

You're not just freestyling all of this – No, no, no Much thought goes into everything that I do – Mhm – Much thought, you know

I try to make — I'm conscious of, like, every line that I write A lot of rappers don't wanna, or just a lot of groups, in general, don't wanna burn bridges – Yeah Like, I don't wanna say this about this person because — "What if I meet them?" Or whatever, whatever You know, I don't think like that I think, like, if there's a reason for me to burn a bridge, then I obviously don't wanna speak to you ever in my life, you know? – [Laughs] So it's like, if I feel a certain way, then I'm gonna say it

I'm gonna express it – Yeah – And I think a lot of people hold back, and I just don't hold back There's a school right down here – Mhm

It's called Osborn I didn't go to Osborn It's like two blocks, three blocks — about two blocks down – Mhm I didn't go to Osborn, but I used to go — I used to walk to this other school

It was like a mile and a half, close to two miles away, because when we came up from Kansas City, we used to stay with my grandmother My grandmother used to live on the other side of 8 Mile [Road] – Yeah – On Warren So, I started going to that school, and, like, it was the longest I'd ever went to a school, like, six months, so I started making friends, and it was real hard for me to make friends when I was little, you know

– How come? – I mean, we changed schools a lot – Mhm – Like, we would change schools The longest I had been in a school was, like, three months – Wow

– Just growing up, but as soon as we had moved up back from Kansas City, I believe I was, like, 11, we had moved in with my grandmother and I started going to that school down there I might have been 12 I got tired of getting up every morning, and my mother wouldn't drive me to school, I would have to walk to school So, you know, like, in the winter time, it was cold, you know? So, I just would skip school I just didn't wanna go

And then I figured, like, I just want to rap I just want to rap – Mhm he's a rapper, too His name's Proof

He used to take me up in the lunchroom at Osborn, and, like, the kids would just, like, bet money and stuff Like, we used to battle I used to battle, like, a lot of kids in the school, a lot of other rappers and stuff – Mhm I used to rap really fast, and I don't think I was really saying much

– [Laughs] – But I was just rapping really fast, you know? But 'cause I was rapping fast, everybody just — I used to win every battle, like, you know – [Laughs] – 'Cause it was just rap, like [gibbering], and other kids were rhyming slow, so — – [Laughs] You know, I figured the faster you rap, the better you was – So life is better now, right? – Yeah, life is definitely better now – [Laughs] – I really don't — I don't want it to get much better – [Laughs] – Because then, I won't have anything to rap about if it does, you know? – That could be a problem

What would happen if it just got so good that there was nothing bad to say anymore? Then the ballads would come out? – Yeah, then the love songs – [Laughs]

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