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Emilia Clarke & Henry Golding on Christmas Movies, James Bond & Jason Momoa ? MTV News


– You know, Emilia being who she is just brought this crazy amazingness to Kate – Mm, thank you

– [Josh] And the fact that we get to see her in an elf costume for much of the film – [Emilia] I mean, you're welcome! – [Josh] That's just icing on the cake! – Yeah, exactly, you can laugh at me! As many times as you want – Do you feel like you could now spend some long hours talking to Will Ferrell and just comparing notes? – Abso-fruitly, it's just me and Will Ferrell being like, "How was that?" "Yeah, it was pretty good" "Yeah did you have a really good time?" "Yeah, sure, I mean, it was great" – Congratulations on the film

– Thank you – Thank you – You've made like a sweet Christmas holiday movie, this is the kind of thing that everybody needs and wants in their life, right? – Right now, uh huh – It's so easy to get wrong as well – Yeah

– But, I mean, we're tooting our own horn here, but we're presuming everybody will love our movie – We are hoping everybody will love our movie – Is this the kind of movie, though, that you gravitate towards, just as a consumer, as somebody growing up, did you watch this type of movie and did you love it? – I think we all have a little bit of yearning for something that makes us feel good Do you know what I mean? And you're almost guaranteed in a Christmas movie to end the movie thinking, (sighs) this feels so warm and I feel so loved So, I mean reading the script, it was obvious that there was just something special in it

– So, okay, what's the all-time holiday movie? What's the one that you watch more than any other, do you think? – 'Love Actually'! (laughs) – That's an easy one for her – Easy! – And she literally can quote every single line for about 10 holiday movies, but 'Love Actually' is your favorite, right? – I have a real good memory for movies, but yes – So is that all the story lines? 'Cause some people have their own particular parts of 'Love Actually' they love or– – I mean, obviously I'm tending towards, Em, and Alan Rickman's is like– – Heartbreaking – Gah, Joni Mitchell, the CD, the necklace, the whole thing is (beep) damn perfect And Keira Knightley's, with Chiwetel, "I look quite pretty

" There's that thing that she does – That was a good impression (laughs) – Coming soon, the one-woman 'Love Actually' (laughs) I mean – That's what the Edinburgh Fringe needs They need me to stand up and just do the whole of 'Love Actually' and be every character

– I'm just saying– – I would do it – It sounds like a horrible idea and a great idea at the same time – That and the Will Ferrell thing, sold – Sold – I was gonna say one of the biggest differences in a project like this, and like 'Game of Thrones', for instance, is at least you don't have to worry about secrets

There are actually some secrets in this movie, right? – I can't seem to do any kind of movie or show without having a spoiler element to it, which is ridiculous – It's kind of, you found like the one, like– – [Emilia] I know – Romantic movie that actually has some spoilers in it – I know, I know! – Okay, so speaking of 'Game of Thrones', a belated happy birthday from me – Thank you very much

– But more importantly, I was hanging out with a friend of yours – Yes! – Who had a little message for you that we wanted to play for you (laughs) – My man! – Happy birthday Emilia, I love you and I'm sorry that you have to do an interview with Josh today (laughs) – Oh, that's amazing – The best

– Amazing – So you guys have been hanging out a bunch lately? – I know, I was gonna say, we can pretend like I didn't see him last night, but yeah – Literally (laughs) – So, the first time you guys met, was it an immediate connection? – Immediate, yeah – What was it about, what do you, it's just chemistry, just, like– – Yeah, he rugby tackled me to the floor screaming, "Wifey

" Yeah, oh yeah (laughs) It was literally like, "Hi, nice to, whoa!" – Very different to how we met (laughs) – I was gonna say – Yeah, the way that we met was very different – Oh, so what was your meet? – She was gravely ill, she had just got off 'Game of Thrones', and like, this impending doom of sickness

– Glandular fever and shingles all at the same time and then we had to start the shooting – So I was like, "Oh, hi, I'm Henry," and she was like– – "Nice to meet you" (laughs) – She was like– – Snot everywhere, like is it freezing or is it just me? – So I did not tackle her to the floor and shout, "Girlfriend!" (laughs) – So what is a typical Momoa/Clark hangout session? What do you guys do? – I expect there to be Guinness, everywhere – We chilled with some other friends, there was a lot of Guinness There was an obscene, actually, amount of Guinness, for me but not for him

It was with Jay and a bunch of his other pals, and we were chilling and drinking beers outside, and taking loads photos, they were smoking cigars, and then we watched 'See' – Right, his new show – And then he fast forwarded to the spoiler bit, and I was like, "Stop giving me the greatest hits "of your show, bro, I just wanna watch the damn show!" And then we went to Il Buco for food and he orders for the table, because, Jay knows how to order food Like essentially, Jay tells you to go somewhere, you go somewhere and you're like, "Oh yeah, this is the best restaurant I've ever been to" – [Josh] Follow the leader? – Yeah, a hundred percent, yeah, exactly

And yeah, that was, that's a classic hangout – Do you appreciate how protective he is, both of you and the character? Like when Dany's fate was revealed– – Yes – He was not happy – No, I know – Oh no

(laughs) – I know, he sits at home and he watches, and he's like, "What the–"! (laughs) – Had you given him the heads up, did he know? – No, uh uh, I was just trying to not tell him 'cause I didn't wanna break his little heart – Aww – But yeah, I really, I love how protective he is – Sad Jason Momoa makes me want to hug him even more – I know, I know

Come here, you big bear – It's dangerous, don't do it – He's the man that I want to hug, like he's– – Exactly – Let's talk about another fun aspect of this film, which is the music We get to hear you sing

You sing a bit too, a little bit – Yeah, kinda – Was that scary for you? – No, not at all, I'm a natural No, it was terrifying! (humming) Shut up Emilia! – It gets him – It haunts me! – I know, it was so, he was very good, he was very good

– I have like one little minute, and it's such a lovely, lovely scene, and we're trying to be as sensible as possible– – And I can't stop laughing – And I just cannot get this little humming bit to this like, it goes, (humming) Now that I can do it, because– – You can do it! – Because we've been doing it all day today! – This is true, this is true – Because she keeps rubbing it into my face! – No, no, no! – No, but most of it got cut – Aww! – As did my bad ice skating, so it's okay – Oh, good

– I got the singing thing down, Hen can actually ice skate and I genuinely can't – See, you compliment each other – Yeah – It's true, it's true, it's true – You sing beautifully in this film

– Thank you – Was that a big moment for you to get to kind of sing in this capacity, in this kind of a movie, is that a fun day on set? – Yeah, it's a real fun day on set I love singing, I just really love it It's kind of when I'm at my happiest is when I'm singing And I've done it quite a lot throughout my life, but not to this degree, but it is when I'm at my most joyful when I'm doing it, but right before, doing it in front of 400 extras and all of cameras, I am absolutely bricking it

– [Josh] Really? – I'm very scared, yeah – Do you both karaoke? – Yes – Yes, terribly – What's the go-to karaoke? – Actually, George Michael, "Faith"– – Serious? I didn't know that – Was my go-to song for the longest longest time

– Oh, nice – Yeah – Really, it was meant to be – Yeah – So it's kind of a weird, like, spin of things

– What about you? – A couple, "Son of a Preacher Man" Obvi – Oh yeah, oh yeah – But Dusty not Aretha, 'cause she's more my Aretha's next level – [Josh] Your spirit animal? – Pretty much and then also I do like to do a little "Whatta Man" (laughs) – "Whatta Man" – I know all the lyrics

– I feel like it'd be fun at first, – Or "Shoop" – To do karaoke with her, but then she's, she'd be too good, and you'd be like, "Ugh, this is annoying now" – She would outshine you – No, dude, I did a 'Star Wars', I had, when we were shooting 'Star Wars', we did this 'Star Wars' karaoke thing Don't do karaoke with Donald Glover ever

– Oh, it's a horrible idea! – He's amazing! – I mean, it literally got to the point where we were like, (forced laugh) "Okay, you just do the, yes I'll hold back, "you just carry on And then" He sang "The Circle of Life," I cried (laughs) I was drunk, but I cried – Amazing

– I was gonna say, who is the best karaoke-er you've ever karaoke'd with? It's, for you it's Donald Glover? – Donald Glover, all my days, it's ridiculous – Gemma Chan is a huge, she does rap songs – Amazing, girl after my own heart – It's amazing, yeah – Amazing

In this one also, you have a moment where you get to do a little Sean Connery/James Bond (laughs) – It snuck it's way in without me knowing – Is this the default, is this kind of the entry point? The 'James Bond' audition tape? – That was my audition (laughs) – Just watch the movie – I guess I don't get it

(laughs) – But is that something, your name has been mentioned, as you well know – It has, you know, it's been thrown around and, what male actor in their right mind, would not take on, sort of, even the challenge of being one of the most iconic cinematic leading men possible? Of course I would love that job, but, you know what– – You're a shoe-in, babe, a shoe-in – Oh yeah, Emilia's got my back, we're done – I'll write them a letter – But you know what, I can't wait for– – Daniel's next, yeah

– Daniel Craig and Cary Fukunaga, and to see what they bring to the table – Yeah – I'm just a fan of that entire thing – Have you ever practiced in the mirror, saying "Bond, James Bond"? – Uh, no (laughs) That was, I was very hesitant to do that at the time

– You nailed it, you nailed it – But I did it once because my accent was so bad – It was so, I do remember that, I do remember that – And that was the take they took! – I know! (groans) – You are, though, making an exciting transition in terms of the career and the kind of projects you're doing – Yeah

– You're currently shooting 'Snake Eyes' – That's right – Which is gonna be awesome – It's gonna be sick – Iconic kind of a character that a lot of people have love for

Did you grow up a 'GI Joe' Snake Eyes fan? – I was a huge fan of the 'GI Joe' and 'Transformers' mix

And it just blew my mind that those two worlds could coexist So I had all those comics and to be honest it's as lovely and amazing as the sort of romantic comedies are There's a physical challenge that I, that I like, did not understand until doing sort of 'Snake Eyes,' in action movies, which is so tiring And you've done, you did the 'Terminator' stuff – Sure

– Mm hm – And you were beaten to a pulp – Mm hm – And I can totally understand how tiring it is – They need you to do everything in preparation and the movie, and then they're like, "What do you mean you didn't sleep?" and you're like, "You haven't given me enough hours in the day to? "So that's not gonna happen

" – Yeah, yeah, no – You sort of need to do it all – Would you call this a 'GI Joe' film? Or is this kind of– – This is definitely a stand-alone 'Snake Eyes' film

It is his origin, it is him becoming who he is And I think people are gonna be blown away with what Robert Schwentke, the director, has conceptualized, we have the best team on it – I'm sure a lot of people are– – Dun dun dun! – I'm sure a lot of people are hoping that the face is not concealed the entire time for this one – Well, I, I can't give away any of it (laughs)

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