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El Final Explicado De Breaking Bad


Breaking Bad is one of the best series in the history of television, and then five seasons, all led to an end that is still spoken today Yes You want to understand that final episode better, then

it's time to cook The creator Vince Gilligan had one of the best ideas for the plot of Breaking Bad As the director said: "This is the story of a man who transforms from Mr

Chips to Scarface" The appeal of Breaking Bad is quite simple, because it raises a question that maybe everyone We have asked ourselves at least once How far would a normal person, a person the kind of Mr Chips, if he knew he was dying, and that he has a family that keep? With that topic in mind, it's easy to see how Breaking Bad deals with the American dream, the idea that if you do a good job, people will see your value and reward you For your skills Of course, anyone would prefer to collect clean money from bosses legitimate, and not dirty money from criminal merchants of methamphetamine

For Walter White is not like that After all, the longer you work in the field, the more you are passionate what he does And when he is most passionate, the harder it is to explain his intentions, transforming from a sympathetic and harmless antihero to a dangerous villain Well, we talked enough about Walt, now the question is: what does the end mean from Breaking Bad? Well, first we must specify what end we are talking about Each one of the last three episodes, "Ozymandias", "Granite State" and "Felina", may work As an end of the series

In the case of "Ozymandias", it is a poetic ending Walt betrays Jesse completely by handing him over to the band he has been working with Worse, he admits to Jesse that he saw Jane die, and that he did nothing to save her But even before delivering Jesse to the Nazis, Walt is indirectly responsible that Hank, his brother-in-law of the DEA, was killed And then Walt has to see how Uncle Jack and his band takes away all his barrels of money, except one

Walt then has to roll his barrel to the city, passing the place where he lost his pants In the first episode When he tries to convince his family to run away with him, his wife and son attack him, and Walt kidnaps his little daughter We realize that everything was a lie, because he chose an empire above his family, and as Shelley's poem says that gives name to the episode, no empire lasts forever Walt has the money to run away, change his identity and start from scratch, but that means losing your family forever for which He allegedly fought so much If "Ozymandias" is Walt's "realistic" ending, then "Granite State" is a deserved punishment for the former king of methamphetamine

Walt ends up in a lonely cabin where his only company, Ed "the extractor", goes once a month to leave supplies Even in the absolute solitude in which Walt lives, he is still not free of his cancer, and is constantly waiting for Ed to return with chemotherapy drugs It's a punishment suitable for a man who pretended to do everything he did for loyalty and love To his family Walt is so lonely that he even ends up paying Ed thousands of dollars Just for an hour of your time He is alive and rich, but he is completely alone

Like the terrifying characters from another AMC series, Walt is basically undead The only thing that takes him out of his retirement in the mountains is the possibility of spending his earnings illegal to his family Walt literally tries to buy his son's forgiveness, and Of course, he fails However, then he sees Gretchen and Elliott on television, lying about what Walter contributed to Gray Matter Technologies, which is reasonable, taking keep in mind that it would not be good for a company's reputation for its founder to become in a killer drug maker Walt, as expected, cannot understand this, feeling that the couple is lacking respect for not giving him credit

A perfect closure "Felina", the final episode of Breaking Bad, is basically a final victory on the part from Walt, since he successfully achieves everything that is proposed Threat to Gretchen and Elliott to give all the money Walt has left to his family, under the concept of “donation” by Gray Matter Technologies Kill all the members of the Nazi gang who stole your methamphetamine recipe blue, frees Jesse from slavery, and even manages to say goodbye to Skyler for the last time and of his daughter In addition, it poisones Lydia with a large amount of castor and manages to evade the police until the end Even when he finally dies, it's because he decided to do it

Did not end up dying of cancer in a hospital, but in your favorite place: a laboratory where you cook methamphetamine Walt is infamous, which as we know thanks to The Three Friends, it's time in which one is more famous That is why this is the perfect ending for Walter White Yes, "Felina" may be a triumph for Walt, but it is the nightmare of all the other characters Throughout the episode, Walt is a monstrous presence Appears in each scene wearing Like a horror movie killer

Even when you visit Skyler, it appears as a ghost When he talks to Lydia about how he poisoned his drink, it's a moment for the cigar Final Destination style While Wat is victorious in the episode, it's just because It goes against your enemies Even when Jesse escapes from the place where he was trapped for so long, finally free of Walt and the group that tortured him so much, he utters a shout totally to the Massacre in Texas Because if there is someone in the series who knows exactly what kind of monster It's Walt, it's Jesse

His last scene is as satisfying as seeing the last girl Survivor escaping from a murderer in a horror movie Breaking Bad begins with Walt telling his family that he loves them, and that everything It does is for their sake The end of the series shows him dying in the laboratory of methamphetamines, to admire for the last time what he loves most in life: his work, his legacy It is clear that he was never really a Mr Chips

Everything that happened to this character from the beginning made him what was really his essence His cancer It was just an excuse to be the power-filled villain he always wanted to be As Vince Gilligan once said: "We always say in the writers room that if Walter White has a real superpower, It is not your knowledge of chemistry or your intellect, but your ability to lie Likewise He is the best liar in the world " Walt lied for so long that even he believed his lies

And he not only lied to himself and his family, but also to us, the audience So was it Ever a good man who turned bad? Or in the background was always the twisted monster Who finally got a perfect excuse to become Scarface? Watch one of our most recent videos here! Also, more Looper videos about Your favorite songs will come very soon

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