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Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones on 'The Aeronauts' & the Future of 'Fantastic Beasts' | MTV News


– You know, often when I talk to actors, it's like, "We love each other, we can't wait to work again," and then it never happens I guess you guys actually like each other, this is the proof

– Who knew? – Who knew? – Basically, when we were offered this, Felicity and I were both offered this script at the same time and it became apparent that a large amount of the film is in this air balloon, which is basically a basket, pretty much the size of this sofa So, it was kind of important that we got on So, Felic and I called each other, and I was like, "I'll do it if you do it," and she was like, "I'll do it if you do it" And we took the part – It's a package deal at this point

Does shooting something like this make you more or less scared of air travel, of adventuresome pursuits? – I don't think we're going to do much for campaigning for ballon rides – No, you're not getting that gig, I'm sorry – Yeah, exactly – And not only the film but, us as people, because they built a gas balloon for us and we went up in it on day one of shooting and genuinely very nearly died So, we're not here saying that balloon travel is really safe

Do you have bucket-list, kind of like adventuresome kind of things you want to accomplish? – I think I find that most of the adventures when we're actually making these films, where we have so many near-death experiences, that you kind of, you get your fill of adventure just from making them On our first day of shooting, we went up in a gas balloon, we were doing this massive wide helicopter shot And then, the helicopter leaves, and we, the gas air balloon is powered by sand – Right – So, when you throw the sand out then the balloon goes up

And the pilot, who was giving all us commands and instructions, he told us, "Throw out all the sand!" And so we're there going, "Okay, we've got to throw out all this sand" And then we zoom up And then as we're coming down we don't have enough sand, which helps you gently land, because we've thrown it all out And we crash land, and hit the ground at a horrific angle, and I think for a moment that I've broken my back – There was this crunch sound as Felicity's head smacked against this, like cabinet that was in the– it was a prop in the thing

And there was this total silence, after like complete chaos, and then I just heard, "I don't think I can move my neck" – Oh my God (laughing) – Such a scary moment – And that was the first day of shooting – Welcome to, the fun 'Aeronauts' shoot

– Yeah, exactly – But, you were okay – Yeah – I spoke to Tom Hiddleston recently I asked him who the best karaoker he's ever been around

He cited you Eddie, your rendition of "A Whole New World," he said was the greatest karaoke he's ever seen – It's time, come on It's time – No, that, I remember that night Lots of British actors were in Los Angeles at the same time, and we went to Koreatown to do karaoke

And Kate Mara, she got up and gave her rendition of "A Whole New World," and I was pissed enough Because my whole thing with karaoke is I don't– I'm like really like British about it, going "No, no, no, no, no," until I get drunk enough and I'm like "Give me the (beep) microphone" (laughing) "Don't you dare take it away," and I hate those people, but I am one of them – Doing three songs, back to back – I'm doing the whole album right now

– Yeah, yeah – I'll tell you who's amazing at karaoke, and we did it on 'Fantastic Beasts,' was Katherine Waterston, because she goes in for like songs I've never heard of– totally random, like rap songs (laughing) And they're incredible I mean, she can't really sing in tune, but she can nail that rap – But, she's got the dedication

– Absolutely – I feel like the more out of tune it is, the more entertaining it is – For karaoke purposes, yeah – If someone's too good, it kind of lets the whole party down – That's probably this guy

He's too good – No, no, no, no There's people who take it too seriously, which is exactly what Kate and I do (laughter) – Speaking of 'Fantastic Beasts,' do we know where you're shooting this one? We've heard Berlin or Rio? What's going on, man? – I mean, so, my wife and I, when we got together, I said, "I've spent years traveling with work," and I said, "It's going to be a nomadic existence, we're going to be traveling lots" Ever since then, 'Les Misérables' shot in– set in Paris, shot in London; 'Danish Girl,' set in Copenhagen, shot in London; 'Fantastic Beasts' One, New York

So, I am just freaking hopeful that we get to go outside of Walford But we don't, I don't know – No script yet? – No script that I've seen I know they're working on it – With all these collaborations, isn't there room for your buddy here, in the wizarding world? What's going on, man? – She already played like, one of the pre-Potter, the most iconic witch in British literature

– I did, yeah – Which I watched, when I was a kid – Ethel Hallow – Ethel in– – You heard it right here – Did she influence Newt a little bit? – Well, I think probably subconsciously

– Did you watch the entire– – I did, I did! (laughing) – For inspiration There was some fine broomstick acting – That's cool, that's why I switched – Does he have a broomstick? No – He does when he's playing Quidditch, probably

– Really? – But I've never actually got to play Quidditch, because I didn't– in the last film, there were bits that were set in Hogwarts, but there was a mini-me version who was allowed to go to Hogwarts So, I wasn't even allowed to go to Hogwarts (laughing) So I had to, I stole into the sets, just to go and like– – Exile – Maybe you can give him some broomstick lessons and they'll let him do the Quidditch next time around – Yeah, or I could just be in it

(laughing) – Or, I could get a job out of it – Can I have a job, mate? – Speaking of getting you jobs, you're buddies, like you know, we're going to get the spin-offs on Disney+ for some of your buddies Where's the Jyn Erso? – I know I keep saying, you know, she can come back It is possible

– Yeah – Yeah – Also, if you crunch the numbers, she could pop up on Tatooine in the Obi-Wan series or something, you never know – No, I think she needs her own movie (laughing) – Just go right to it

– I'm not, I'm not playing it – It's like coming back from the nuclear explosion is quite difficult, but we'll figure it out – Fair enough – It's fine – Yeah, exactly

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