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East St. Louis family is working together to provide entertainment and events in community


Well, Zoe, she has her lemonade stand, and she also has her community movie night It's actually Six Feet in the Street community movie night for social distancing, for kids to still be able to entertain and watch movies

The first one, we had over 30 kids show up And the parents were extremely excited because the kids have been cooped up in the house for over two or three months So they were actually really excited In the second one, it rained So a lot of parents RSVPed, but they didn't know what the rain was gonna do

So we had five show up And I also have, I think, six RSVPs for this Saturday, with over four or five kids [LAUGH] So it's gonna be really busy Just wanted to have some entertainment, some positive things going on in the community with everything that's going on The kids are not able to go to the movies and have any entertainment

So we wanted to create something safe and fun at our home >> We played games, had food, had candy, nachos, and watched a movie >> We set up outside across the street on 42nd and And then we sold lemonade We make it with no sugar

We use plenty of water [BLANK_AUDIO]

Source: Youtube

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