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Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt on 'Jungle Cruise' | MTV News


– Let's discuss 'Jungle Cruise,' guys, based mostly on an iconic Disney experience How are you on rides? What's the one which makes you somewhat queasy? – He needs to be sponsored by Dramamine, I feel, in some unspecified time in the future, as a result of he will get somewhat like– – Wow, you need to be sponsored by Ex-Lax, okay? (laughing) – Wait, huh? That sounds actually disturbing

– He will get somewhat, like– – Yeah? Is that proper? – Even after we have been taking pictures the boat scenes, he was like– – Oh, my tummy "Oh, my tummy" (laughing) "Mm" "Mm, my tummy" – He was somewhat gaggy a few occasions

(mimicking flatulence) No! – What was that noise? (laughing) – "Oh, my tummy" – They name her Emily Gassy Blunt – (laughs) Sure! – What the? – Work out regimens, did you present one another some suggestions? – He doesn't actually do this anymore – That is pure? That is all– – Yeah, that is all, that is genetic – I pretend it, sure

– Yeah, he fakes it – Actually? (laughs) – I used to be allowed into the gymnasium, which is a large deal – Into the Iron Paradise We shot in Hawaii – Iron Paradise

– We shot 'Jungle Cruise' in Hawaii, and I introduced the gymnasium over there – What's it scent like in there? What's it like in there? – Did you say, "What does it scent like in there?" – Yeah, yeah – Not nice (laughs) – What sort of query, Josh? – I'm curious, I don't know – "What does it scent like?" – It smells of males

– Yeah I don't know that scent (laughing) What that’s (laughing) – And truly, you retain that factor contemporary and clear – It's clear

– Yeah, he's like a germaphobe, so he retains it– – And right here's the factor, I don't let anyone within the gymnasium I like coaching on my own – Proper – 'Trigger it's my time – And I didn't invade your time

– No, however she simply casually requested, and I used to be like, "Yeah, completely "You may come and prepare" – Yeah, however I felt actually unhealthy about it as a result of I noticed nobody has ever been allowed in, and he was– – Till our producer mentioned, "You recognize no person goes "in that gymnasium, proper?" So, she went in, and naturally, her husband, John, went in, they usually labored out, it was nice – What's up with– I really feel like 'Hobbs & Shaw & Blunt' has a pleasant ring to it for the subsequent installment – I can, I feel it's 'Hobbs & Blunt

' – Or simply 'Blunt,' 'Blunt & Hobbs' (laughing) – Screw Statham – 'Blunt & Hobbs?' – 'Blunt & Hobbs,' yeah – No, I feel– – Wow, daring selection – 'Hobbs will get Blunt,' or– – That's a unique film, that's a stoner film

(laughing) – A complete completely different film

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