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Duplicate Mike Klingler's Incredible Record-Breaking Results in Hempworx MyDailyChoice


Aloha everyone Michael hanle here from MichaelHanlecom and predictable business systems with Michael and in this video tonight I'm gonna share with you how you can duplicate the incredible results that our team leader Mike Klinger is getting in our hemp works my daily choice power line he's been in the top three on the international leaderboard for weeks now and he's just freaking killing it in just a sec Mike's gonna go over the exact system he's using and how he's setting it up for all of us on his power team to use step-by-step to duplicate these incredible results he's getting so if you don't know who Mike Klinger is you might not um you can go ahead and look him up online he's one of the leading earners in the world of online marketing he has been for years he's been proving that his systems work by repeatedly bringing in six and seven-figure results for himself and those who have worked with him closely and so this opportunity to leverage his expertise and his hard work and work so closely with him in this particular opportunity it's extremely rare so you can combine this with the hemp works my daily choice compensation plan that you'll be able to see if once you sign up you'll be able to go back in and look at what that compensation plan looks like and then along with all these phenomenal products that we have as affiliates to sell it's a combo it's a combo that I challenge anyone who has ever been in the network marketing industry to dismiss as anything other than a perfect storm seriously I will say a perfect storm of success so take a listen and click the links below as always for more details and at the very least take the first step and sign up for your free position and this way you can watch sorry about the dog this way you can watch the business volume start building under you and you can learn more while you see that happening so basically we're gonna just prove it to you that this thing works as you learn so be sure to click the link below to do that but basically just get your butt on the team it's it's incredible and we're entering critical mass here right now along with this incredible company so as always don't forget to click that subscribe button a cute little Bell so you can get notified when I put some more videos up I'm gonna be adding all kinds of new strategies and updates for you Serial online entrepreneurs and and all you cutting edge business opportunity types so stay tuned but for now here's Mike on more on this stupid simple duplicatable system that he has for you enjoy making a significant residual income that keeps coming in that totally changes your life is actually really simple assuming you have the right ingredients in place and we've talked about that timing the company there being a huge consumer demand for the actual product and not just the opportunity all these things that we've talked about but beyond that you have to have a system that you follow it needs to be simple it needs to be duplicatable let's talk about where we're at with setting you up with this system to duplicate the incredible results that I've gotten first you have to get Pre-Enrollees we've made it really really simple to do with the one-cent leads we've talked about how if we see that those leads after a month or two aren't getting phenomenal results we switch to something else we're testing different leads all the time not a big deal we're not emotionally attached but right now across the board that's that's still getting phenomenal results and so we stick with that now it's just that bare minimum guys it's just an absolute bare minimum we're gonna ramp up in a bit but we need to have the structure in place and I'm gonna share with you that structure and where we're at right now getting pre enrollees is step one and you should all be doing that right now you should all be doing the one-cent leads and getting some pre enrollees in then you email those pre enrollees not rocket science and you're gonna be sending the same emails that I send out that get conversions you'll be sending the same emails that I send out that get conversions the challenge is to know which emails that I have to send to which pre enrollees in other words when someone comes in on a Friday you send them a certain email if they come in on a Thursday when it's the cutoff date you might I'm a different email you need to know which emails I give you to send depending on what day of the week it is and depending on what's going on with that pre enrollee if a pre enrollee has three people maybe you didn't even sign them up at somebody underneath you brought in three people in the team line and you have pre enrollees above them there's a certain you know email that you send out to let them know that under that particular situation now I've shared a lot of these emails but they're not very well organized you guys are at the top of this you're here early so I'm still putting the organization of all this in place that's to your advantage as opposed to coming in later after this is thousands of levels deep you know we're already growing and building and I'm putting tight I brought in 50 people again 18 on my left leg and 30 on my right and lots of others on the team of bringing people in the sooner you're taking action and a part of this a sooner you get to benefit from this massive growth like it's it's an advantage to be here early while I'm putting all this together but I'm still organizing these emails I obviously have all the emails I've sent all the emails to my pre enrollees for nearly every situation you could possibly imagine that creates these conversions they clearly work and I'm just organizing that now I'm gonna give them to you not rocket science so step one you get pre enrollees step two you email your pre enrollees and I'm giving you those emails right now I'm at the stage of organizing that better so you know which emails to send on what day and what situation and then you're simply just plugging in new enrollments to the same system who start getting pre enrollees to start emailing their pre enrollees and that's called duplication and duplication is is what where the power is at in this business model it's a lot of people doing a little and creating a compounding effect now through this process we bring in top producers and in fact I want to congratulate Trish Payne she just enrolled in February underneath a lot of you by the way and she's a top producer she was on the leader board top ten she won one of the big company bonuses I think $1,000 bonus plus a quite a bit of other income in the thousands her first month as we're doing this system we're gonna be attracting top producers like like Trish and a lot of you have Trish underneath you that's a very big deal and as you get your second leg going by duplicating this system you will you will get top producers I'm gonna continue bringing in lots of top producers I'm gonna make sure Trish has lots of top producers I'm gonna make sure you guys have lots of top producers I'm gonna keep building this thing we're just getting started but you have to be contributing to it or you're gonna get cut from that process sure you might get a top producer in one leg but we're gonna cut you from getting it in the second leg if you're not doing your part so make sure you're doing your part you don't have to do that much to be able to do your part the less you do if you do the bare minimum I'm just gonna take longer to get the momentum going in your second leg and start making that significant residual income but if that's all you can do then fantastic then down the road you're gonna have a significant residual income but if you don't do anything you're not gonna get that second leg growing we're gonna cut you off from communication because you're not contributing to the team you're not doing the auto orders you're not setting a good example for the people that would follow you obviously we'd have to cut you from the team and the communications you're not gonna have a second leg in momentum those of you who want to grow faster we're going to start employing the level two methods and the even those of you in level one there'll be other methods I'm giving you to grow faster but we need to get these things in place right now as I said I'm organizing the emails to send to pre enrollees I already have the emails but it takes a lot of effort and time to organize them in a way where you know which ones to send at different times and after reword them slightly so that they work for you they're basically the same email but I can't say i if I'm talking you know if I'm referencing something really specific to you know some stats that I have you would say you know my business partner Mike or something like that and I'm changing the emails for you so that you want to even think and giving those emails that's where we're at right now but I mean this is not rocket science guys and you're at the beginning so remember there's these different methods over here on the right to build the legs if you're in level one right now we're doing you know this the one-cent leads I consider solo ads it's a little bit different but I mentioned what I talked about this before that I just call them solo ads because they're really stupid simple to do some emails and you don't get massive results it's not really scalable but it's powerful as a first step because it's so easy for everybody to duplicate but we're also gonna be doing YouTube and other stuff in level 1 you can already start getting posts if you want to share in facebook from the other upline groups that we've introduced you to but I'm gonna be giving you YouTube content I've already kind of started doing that but I'm gonna organize it better so there'll be things in level 1 that you can still do on top of the solo ads on top of the one-cent leads that you started to do if that's all you're doing is the bare minimum you will grow it will just take more time and then you can ramp up at any time to go to level 2 which is we're gonna start doing some serious ads and those you in level 2 we're gonna get to this as soon as we have the pre enrollee emails organized because we don't want to generate a ton of pre enrollees and have you guys not know what to email them or have you guys asking me now which one do I send on Friday versus Thursday like you know I can't answer all those questions all the time so that's what I'm organizing now and then of course those of you in level 3 the predictable cash flow formula that's where you really ramp up but it gets insane and some of you will graduate into that some people have already graduated into that takes a little longer to set up but that's how I get these crazy results just remember to do your part if you're in level one you need to be at director level doing 40 B V or PV a month on auto order if you're not the team pulls you out and you start risking losing connection to us permanently it's just not worth the risk I mean can you get back in probably but there'll be a point in time where we will say no and we're getting close to that point like if you're not we need to make sure that the people that follow through are rewarded and also we found that people that are like constantly doing that to us they just end up taking so much time to administer and answer their questions I just don't ever do anything so we're really looking for people that get how simple it is's and are following through level to be the executive doing 90 BV BV PV I use those interchangeably 90 PV on auto order and of course those are the pro level you just you're in profit platform or ambassador you're staying active there and you know that's it it's really really simple then you need to be contributing and we got those as long as you're contributing in some way we it could be as simple as those 1 cent leads and you're contributing then you can ramp up if you want to ramp up as we start to do that so again to remind you simple this is you get pre enrollees and we all gave you a simple step that you can start employing right now with those 1 cent leads of extraordinarily inexpensive 30 bucks a month to start getting pre enrollees and a lot of you have the second step is to email those pre enrollees and like you know some of you have 10 pre enrollees right now and maybe those Premo leaves a lot of money even opening the email I'll do a lot of training on that later but right now you just want to get more pre enrollees you want to get up to like a hundred or two hundred pre enrollees that's when life changes and right now you're just getting started you can't expect to be generating a significant full-time residual income doing what you how little you've already done like think about that like it's already gonna be ridiculous how little you'll have to do but let's not make it like fairytale impossible think about that what you've already done if you were already making even anything of a residual income that was substantial imagine that'd be stupid nuts dis impossible it's already going to be ridiculous how easy we made it but be realistic if you have ten fifteen twenty-five three pre enrollees right now of course you want more of course you want me to give you all my goods right now but we're not ready for that we're almost there but I need to organize the emails you send to the pre enrollees so you know which ones to send on what days we'll be there soon guys this is what it's like to be at the top of something great and then you just plug your new enrollments in it's really really simple it's really really simple remember if you are in doubt I had 214 enrollments on the top of the hip works leaderboard in December here in February I was also at the top of the leaderboard I don't know I was at number one but I you know I was focusing on building the system not on marketing in January I think I was I don't know in the teens I don't know where I was but I was still at the top if there's nothing you can there's nothing here to question the validity and the the credibility of this system that I'm giving you in the marketing that I'm giving you so you know you just need to work foods need to be realistic about the process of it unfolding and do your part February here I was third I think the other two purchased products which is fine I think they're in Africa and so it's heard someone had mentioned it's harder for them to get the products there so it would make sense for them to purchase the point is whether that was true or not whether I was in the number one position by actual production or number three if I was number three it doesn't matter I guess it proves the system works if we if we still need to even do that and then again I want to point out Trish Patricia paned as she goes by Trish she just enrolled in February guys and she's already number 10 on the leader board she won that thousand dollar bonus that they offered for February plus the thousands that she made from her own marketing you know from from building her first month she's someone that she's an example of a top producer she's not the only one on our team that I would consider a top producer but her first month's results are worth applauding and also really underscore what I'm sharing with you that we will continue with the system to attract lots and lots hundreds of top producers as we go forward because we're not even fully cranking at all like we're just getting it in place so it's so important to understand when you're creating a significant residual income life-changing residual income like it's not ever gonna get easier than this there's a process like if you have a seed which I would consider the hip works my daily choice opportunity is being an incredible seed you know cuz most of them aren't we talked about why it is but it's just a seed you then you have to put it in the ground and like you have to put it in moist soil and you know and it makes sure the temperature is okay and everything like that's what we're doing right now again very very simple process but you have to contribute to that process or you're not going to end up with two legs I've had some people sign up at zero business volume yeah they might have they might have a leg growing underneath them but we're going to do everything we can not let them pill the second-leg with our help sure they might be able to do little stuff like the one-cent leads or what-have-you but it's not gonna expand from there that people aren't gonna duplicate success guys you're taking a huge huge risk with your relationship with us and with what you have a hold of here being fulfilled if you're not just doing your small part to contribute to the team it should go without saying but a lot of people like they just don't understand that and you need to have that conversation with people you're working with as well like if they're not on auto where are these kinds of things it's just it's a real big risk for a number of reasons I again real simple duplication guys get pre enrollees if you started with this one cent leads then you're doing that email your pre enrollees I've given you emails I'm working on organizing those so you can send exactly what I send when I send them to who I send them to when somebody has someone jumping them in the team line you send them a different message on on Sunday than you would if it's Thursday like there's lots of little details but I'm giving you the exact emails to send we've already established they work I just need to organize them better so it's easier for you then we'll be ready to ramp up now once someone signs up you just plug them into the same process guys sue super super easy okay so let me show you something really quick so this is where you go step one start getting pre enrollees and step two and then in that process I also give you the emails that you send your pre enrollees but then you also want to set up your own system and this whole page walks you through that so you can have pages like this like for example you can have a page just like this and when someone clicks to buy the leads you're gonna get double the leads because you refer them and it's all built in and there's more income producing opportunities in this as well and then of course when you go to step 3 you're also setting up a lead capture page like this which when we email our pre enrollees we're sending them into here but start with step one get the one-cent leads then go to step two start emailing the leads with the emails I give you and I have those ready where you send emails I'll show you what to send to them start getting pre enrollees at least start that and then wait what I'm organizing now you know be done in a day or two is the emails you send to the pre enrollees I've given those to you but again I need to organize them better so you know exactly what to send win without any question and then then we ramped up that's where we're at it's really really simple all right guys I had planned to do a webinar on Monday inviting the new people in those that just joined so welcome guys I'm not gonna actually do that call tomorrow because I want to finish what I just said I want to finish organizing these emails that you send to the pre enrollees to duplicate the success that I'm having and that all nouns I wouldn't we'll have the next webinar all right I'll see you guys soon [Music]

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