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Du liebst Breaking Bad? – Dann schau' Better Call Saul!


You cannot understand what I am capable of! I think it's the cartel They want to do the job they messed up before

You say whatever you have to say Just give me an hour around I have to pick up my wife and children

OK? Just give me an hour and then call the number! Do not forget! You're welcome! Skyler? WHERE IS THE MONEY? This is art, Mr White! It's actually just basic chemistry, but I'm glad it's acceptable This is not a meth Are you kidding me You have NO new messages I am no longer your lawyer

I am not a lawyer for anyone The party is over! From now on I am a simple average citizen Just another fool with a job and three pairs of boots If I'm lucky, I'll manage a Cinnabon in Omaha in a few months Hey, good times

Roll up nice and tight What? Do you have a problem with stairs? Now head to me You do not listen to me Our problems are solved! Come on! Jimmy, I'm going now I'll be back in a few hours

Keep everything you want to tell me and just tell me later, okay? Bye! Who do you think that should be? "Walter White"? Caught! You know what? I don't remember asking you What do you have in the bag? Bricks? Half a million in cash That's the right attitude! Now don't become so law-abiding to me Who cares? I ask nice, okay? And I respectfully decline We could watch "Who disturbs the nightingale" again Again? Yes, I looked at it this morning

I am the danger! A guy opens his door and gets shot And you think I'm the guy? No I am the one who knocks Of course, we could only soap your car But our deluxe package is more worthwhile for you

What are you talking about? – You are a thief "It's showtime, folks!" What? God, you kill me with your butt! Can I help you? It should be 4 pm Tüdelüü! Oh, crap You have dealt with the forces of nature, Mr

Hamlin and I won't let that happen! All good, man! Say my name I will kill her daughter This is my half

Sufficient for the next six weeks At least now we can stop talking about it I am lucky The magician did it well We're just getting started

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