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Dozens killed in Pakistan train crash | DW News



  1. DW News: "Much of Pakistan's rail infrastructure is left over from the British colonial era"
    How can they still survive on Left overs from the British..😂

  2. Global warming is deforming railway tracks. One after another crash, still no one realizes.

  3. Sorry for anyone who lost their lives in the deadly tragic
    Prayers from India🇮🇳

  4. In any other country, Terrorism would be the prime suspect.
    But this is Pakistan, even Terrorism has only one cause – Accident.
    They either blew up too early or too late.

  5. I guess chinese loans for modernization of British era pakistani failed railway system didn't paid off

  6. Sorry to hear that sad news. It's miserable for the wounded and those who lost their beloved ones forever.

  7. I still can`t believe that these guys in Pakistan have nuclear weapons.
    Next headline: "Nuclear explosion surprises residents"

  8. Condolences are pouring in..
    Most English Condolences say.. GET WELL SOON.. to the 30 people who died ???

  9. Donkey carts are the safest vehicles for Pakistan. They will never collide with each other.
    Besides, It is more energy efficient than the Tesla, plus it has self driving technology with Pakistani voice control technology.

  10. During corona pandemic in india I saw many pakistani people pray for india being a human I will also pray for family who lost their family members.

  11. Very sad to hear the news of train accident who is still admitted in the hospital..I pray to God may he get well soon 😢 Pray from India 🇮🇳

  12. All we need now is a crying song to show solidarity.
    Where the hero could be singing in one country 
    and the heroine could be singing at the other.

  13. Our rail way system is 95% still the same that the british empire build before 1947 in Pakistan. Very sad but true.

  14. I will play a song now. How about REM: (Everybody Hurts) Automatic for the People 

    Don't let yourself go, 'Cause everybody cries, Everybody hurts sometimes 
    PS: Automatic is not about the Cars or Transportation of Pakistan.

  15. Here is another song for the Dead – A Lyke Wake Dirge. 
    this song, is a traditional English song that tells of the soul's travel from Earth to purgatory.

  16. Asthfurllah ya aik train tu Chala nahi sakty ya milk kabhi US Europe Uk ko nahi ponch sakty jahil k jahil hi rahy took se MULK chaltaa rahy sab k sab

  17. May there soles rest in peace…
    It's mismanagement of Pakistan railways for signalling system…..
    Its shameful to see two trains colliding each other in 21st century .

  18. Very saddened to see the awful accident . Parmatma jaane waalon ki sadgati karein aur jo jeevit hain unki Parmatma rakshaa karein. Sab ke liye prarthana.

  19. This is what happens when you invest in arms and ammunition instead of providing basic facilities to your own countrymen.


  21. Imran Khan a few months ago said that he revolutionized train system. This is the beginning of that revolution.

  22. @Urwah Uzair  Rip peoples
    Train flight road accident is daily part of the pakistan
    Inshallah china will gove us loan
    We will construct our infrastructure
    And we will not return money
    Because china is our friend.

  23. Unfortunate accidents indeed.
    The second accident could have been averted if only the crew of the first train had protected the opposite infringed track by placing detonators and red light hand signals at appropriate distance from the obstruction. The control office should also have been taken suitable action in not allowing sir Syed express on the opposite track as the first train did not reach the adjacent station despite a delay of atleast one hour 😭.

  24. May be terrorist link behind train crash 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 RIP from India

  25. The govt offical should be charged with murder. Why can't they upgrade much needed railway systems instead of spending money BRI china and military.

  26. Allah Pak fout ho jane walo ki maghfirat farmayen..aur jo hospital main hain unko sehat atta farmayen Ameen

  27. It's hilarious they are still relying on colonial era infrastructure. I guess China is giving them nothing but false promises, as usual. Maybe if Pakistan spent less time complaining about blasphemy from the West and actually did something productive.

  28. Sham on Pakistan Railway….. Sham on Pakistan….. Kisi ke zangi sirf 400 rupees ka sensor laga ka bachi ja sakti the…. Sirf Rs 400 ka front distance sensor agar engines ma laga ho to kubi be train hit na ho….

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  30. My Condolences to the Pakistani families who lost their family members.

    Best wishes from 🇮🇳

  31. It give me hope after seeing comments on this video that humanity still exists far far above than any war

  32. 沉痛哀悼不幸遇难的巴铁兄弟姐们,向遇难者的家庭和亲属致以最亲切的慰问。We extend our deepest condolences to Pakistani Steel Brothers’ families and loved ones. Blessings from China

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