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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2019. Recreation, Meetings & Entertainment


Previously on the channel We have finally met our friends from Belarus, who live in the Dominican Republic for more than 3 years They told us a lot of interesting things about the life and traditions of locals Today you are going to learn a lot of useful information about the hotels and holidays in the Dominican Republic Stay with us and let's have a holiday together! All people, who want to come back here, have to put their own padlock

We have ordered "Santa Libre" with rum, Sprite, lemon, and ice And we've also ordered some champagne! Let’s celebrate the beginning of the holiday! It's our first walk along the beach Today we decided to go in one direction, and tomorrow we will go to another

We have to check all the attractions of the local hotels We want to check the difference between the hotels, drink some alcohol and enjoy the sun It's November 26, 15:00 and the temperature is around 35 centigrade We were told that the local market is located somewhere here Thus, we are going to check the souvenirs, local prices, and we will try to get the maximum discount

And we will learn things to avoid He offers us to drink Mama Juana as a gift! There's a lot of things here! I can see shots, cups, T-shirts and even stands for napkins In other words: everything! I can even see several caps and hats You can buy all you need here! Take a look! They even have some coffee! What is the price of cigars? One cigar starts from $5 Everything depends on the quality

It can be $2-3 What about dresses for women? The average price is $20-25 They have a lot of things, including coffee, alcohol, oils, and even slippers

You can buy everything here, including hats, T-shirts, dresses and many other things You can leave all your belongings at home You can even buy a painting for someone's birthday! Take note that you can divide any price at least by 2

When these guys see the money, they are ready to sell everything I think it's too expensive Is it too much? Like I told you before the initial price was $100 and we agreed to buy it for $50 This is your money! Thank you and we'll come back soon! Tomorrow! Hello! Is it just a bar? We want to have lunch or something like that What I've learned so far

They offer five types of wine from Italy, Spain and France The price varies from $28 to $34 per bottle The prices are more than average and you don't have to pay the service fee

It's open from 9 until 22, and you can just come here and order what you really want A cup of coffee is $2, while the price for salads varies from $7 to $10 These prices would be cheap for Punta Cana This is the average level of prices here, so come to Bayahibe and have some rest! Stay with us and you will learn a lot of interesting things very soon! The situation is not the best, but we predicted it We told you that we would have a birthday celebration, so we have to visit the Guest Service department

We asked if they can help us and they told us the following: they can order flowers and balloons with Helium They promised to give us the exact price in one day We ordered 10 balloons and we were told that the price is $75

Today, when we came to confirm everything, we were told that the price is going to be $155 We went to the local market and ordered 24 balloons! No doubt, we also bought a lot of things there too We paid $100 for souvenirs, while balloons were given absolutely for free! You will see them today, so stay with us We are going to decorate the table It's 00:25 on November 28th, and we are preparing a surprise for my brother We are going to make a banner to put it in the hotel right in the morning! Take a look! See you early in the morning! The management of our hotel is just amazing! They will always celebrate all the most important events for you! Someone is celebrating their anniversary here The next door is decorated with a "Welcome back" sign, and the last one has a "Honeymoon" sign! Someone is having their honeymoon here! Hello! Come in! With great pleasure! Hello! Stay with us, and we are going to see the Caribbean Sea under the water! That's how we make exercises for shoulders during the holiday! Stay with us and we will show you all the attractions of the Dominican Republic! We are going to start the "See you tomorrow" operation because we will try all the alcohol drinks available in the Dominican Republic We are in the Dominican Republic, and we met our countrymen In fact, Masha is from the same region, while Jonathan is from France Where are you from and when did you come here? We arrived on Friday

I came from Paris, and he came from Bordeaux So, you are here for 2 days now What do you like here? Is there any country that reminds you of the Dominican Republic? Mexico and Cuba are a bit the same Have you been here before? I was here once, and it's the first time for him What do you like here the most? He really likes the beach because we don't have them in France

It's simply impossible to find such clear water there And it's his first time to use the All-Inclusive hotel during the holidays Wow! It's the first time What are you waiting from the country? Do you have any expectations? He wants to enjoy the sun, the holiday and alcohol! Do you like people here? Have you already met someone? We have already met you and people from Canada, who live right next to us We know that you are living in a "Just Adult" hotel

What was the price of the tour and when did you buy it? We bought it in 3 weeks and the price was $1,800 Including flight? No, only hotel And how did you get here? The flight from Paris to Punta Cana took 9

5 hours Then we used transfer to the hotel What was the price of the ticket? I'm a flight attendant, so the ticket was almost free It was around 300 Euros Has Jonathan ever visited similar countries before? He was in Bali, Thailand and New York and the main difference is the fact that there's a lot of things to see And here you can go only to the island and local attractions Have you been to Miami? No! He has to go there for sure! His cousin lives there We will invite you for sure! And is anything wrong? Tell Jonathan that we will prepare All Inclusive for him if he comes to Miami! His cousin owns a bar in Miami! What was the name of it? We have to visit it one day! We invite you to visit us in New York

We hope to see you soon! Thank you!

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