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Dominar 400 UG 2019 Breaking Performance Test | 100Kmph to 0 Stopping Test


Hey guys! Welcome to the new video! My name is Sanket And

This video is all about, Dominar's stock breaking performance Now I can go outside Because, my 15 days home quarantine period is over

So, now I can test and show you How is the stock breaking of Dominar From 60 Kmph to zero

How much seconds does it need to stop Also, from 100 kmph to zero I'll show you the breaking performance Now I have I have installed Zana Crash Guard I bought it for 4,200₹ Here, I have removed the bolt which constantly breaks And

I have attached it directly to the bike's frame Just like how they instructed So, Hopefully this will not break

Let's start with the break test! [Dogs] So guys, Welcome to the test! We are going to test on this road First test is going to be 60 Kmph to zero

Only rear break Only rear means, I'll hold clutch when I reach 60 kmph I'll leave accelerator And I'll apply rear break Then we will see, How much time does it need to stop

So, Let's start with it Video is started Okay Angle set This was only rear break test

60 Kmph to zero Now let's do, 60 kmph to zero Only front break So, Let's start with it So guys, this was 60 kmph to zero

Only front break Let's do one more test 60 kmph to zero both breaks Now we will know how much time does it need to stop when we want bike to stop with full force 60 kmph to zero

Let's start One car is coming Let him go first

Okay, Let's go So, this was full force Front break, back break, clutch, engine shift down So, This was full breaking We used front as well as rear breaks Now bike is stopped

Now let's do 100 kmph to zero test Only rear, Only front and then both So, Let's start So, guys this was 100 kmph to zero Only rear break

Now you can see the difference Let's do one more test 100 kmph to zero Only front break Let's start

So guys this was 100 kmph to zero Only front break Now let's try with both the breaks So, Let's go Ha! So guys, this was 100kmph to zero Both breaks So that was our final performance test Now, you must have an basic idea on Dominar's breaking performance

This is on stock break pads I am thinking of upgrading it to EBC break pads Performance will be improved after that Many bikers recommend it So that's it guys! This was the video on Dominar's breaking test

If you have more questions and queries, You can ask me in the comments I read all the comments and reply them too! If you want to see more tests on my bike, Please comment it below I'll try my best to make it I'll meet you guys in the next video Till then


Source: Youtube

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