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'Dolemite Is My Name' Cast on Eddie Murphy, 'Blade' & Dream Biopics | TIFF 2019 | MTV News


– Anyone have the audacity to do the Eddie Murphy laugh to Eddie Murphy's face? The classic Eddie Murphy– – Oh, no That's a no

– That's a no no? When I meet Eddie, that's not what I should lead with? – When they pass out the Hollywood manual– (laughter) It's on page What is it? 56? – 56, yeah – Subsection 28 C? Yeah

(laughter) – Can we do it now? – I mean he's not here We can– (Eddie Murphy laugh) But not to his face You see how I wasn't looking in the camera I don't even want him to think that I'm looking at him – [Josh] This is a good movie

This is a very fun movie This is awesome, guys This reminds me how great Eddie and all of you guys are at profanity No one can utter profanity like Eddie Murphy, I feel like – No not really

No, there's an elegance with which he does it and a density – What's they key to uttering great profanity on the big screen? – A lot of it You just gotta do a lot of it – Density – It's not about– – Articulation

– Articulation, right – You need to understand what they're saying – Right, Mike? – Tone endings and consonants (laughter) – You don't wanna elongate it too much 'cause it looses its power Hit it quick and then get to the next one

(laughter) – Right – And it's gotta come from a place, too (laughter) – Yeah, an emotional core – It's gotta come from deep down – Craig can you show me the wrong way and the right way to utter profanity? – How about we both utter some profanity? And we'll see who does it

– Okay This is how I would day the S word like I'm upset (bleep) – Mm I'm giving that a 45

– Mm (bleep) – Craig hit 'em (bleep) – See that? (bleep) (laughter) (bleep) You can elongate (bleep) You can elongate – He dropped an extra– – Sheeeeeeee eeeeeeee – Is he okay? (bleep) (laughter) It's all in the articulation

(laughter) – That is a professional For those that don't know the story of Rudy and Dolemite, what do we need to know here? – He was a comic who did a lot of adult material and a singer, as well And he had a lounge act that he took around the country before he made the movie – Right – So he did lots of really blue comedy

Really kind of dirty, adult themed comedy and Rudy played a character named Dolomite and Dolomite was this pimp with this amazing sexual prowess He was kind of like a magical dude – Yeah, he was and he rented all his film equipment with an EBT card back then (laughter) – Well, I mean that's kind of part of what I love about the movie is it reminds me, it's no surprise the writers wrote 'Ed Wood' Like, there is kind of like, that like, spirit of like, it's hard to make a movie

It's really damn hard to make something, good or bad or medium, whatever Did this kind of like, bring up those memories for you? Like, "Yeah, when I was starting out, "I didn't even know how hard it was "gonna be to make a movie" – You gotta have that kind of perseverance I mean, he was one of the earliest independent filmmakers – Yeah

– Producer, director, writer All in one, soup to nuts – Yeah, he really was – No pun intended (laughter) – Sheee (bleep) (laughter) – Like he said, it was soup to nuts

It was all DIY And it was one thing to be a filmmaker or out of film school and have to get all that material To have no knowledge – Right – of how to make a film, how to write a script I mean they knew nothing, he knew nothing and he poured all of his money, all of his time into the film

– The setting of this Who enjoyed the wardrobe, the hair, the accoutrements most? – Wesley, you're going back to something, I can see it – You know I definitely enjoyed my accoutrements I tried to keep as many of the clothes as possible (laughter) – That's entered the wardrobe? – I would've wore them today

Absolutely, absolutely That was right up my alley (laughter) Bell bottoms, you know Dome in the cut, the onesies (laughter) I love it

– I loved seeing you and Eddie And I love seeing you and Eddie fight but that being said, it might be the saddest fight I've ever seen Wesley Snipes take part in, in a film (laughter) – No Blade did that, huh? – No, that was not Blade That was not Blade That was not Wesley, that was acting 'cause you did not fight well in that scene

Thank you, thank you very much (laughter) – Exactly The biggest stretch of his career (laughter) – What do you remember of that scene? – Oh, man It's just amazing, you know, to be doing something like that with a comic master and a comic genius like Eddie

You know, to be in that moment, to have it preserved for all time and on screen was just a blast – Is there a biopic, and some of you, Mike, I'm thinking of you, have been attached to a notable biopic Is there a biopic that you wanted to do yourself? Like, is there a real life person you wanted to play over the years? – Yeah, definitely – Oh yeah – I was really close to the James Brown thing

I would've, I'm still gonna do that at some point – I mean, that would be amazing – That would be amazing Spike and I had been working on it for about two years and it just so happens it never came to fruition and others went on to do their version of it but if I do my version of it I tell ya, it's gon' be good

(laughter) (humming) (laughter) – Did you know him? Did you know James? – I didn't know James – Okay – No, I didn't but I had a chance to meet the family and sit with some of the band, The JB's

Man, they told me some great stories Man, I'm telling you One of these days, I'ma get to this one – Got to do it

– He's a larger than life character What about for the rest of you? Anybody else? Craig, Keegan? – Jimi Hendrix I did my master's thesis on Jimi Hendrix – Wow – And I would love to play Jimi Hendrix

– Amazing Mike is Richard Pryor still out there? I mean, that's one that's been tough to get off the ground – That's one of them films that, in Hollywood, you know, it's a lot of different films in Hollywood we all like, wanted to see get made You know but that's been a tough one – Yeah

– But it was cool The journey of trying to do it was a movie in itself, for me I used to think, not for me now, but Arthur Ashe would be one that needs to be out there, too – That's a really good one That's a good one, yeah

– Wesley, we all were excited but also felt conflicting emotions, I think, when we heard the Blade news recently We're excited for Mahershala, an amazing actor Was it conflicting emotions for you when you heard that or was it all good? – No, it's pretty good You know, I'm comfortable with it but you know it's like being a musician I guess the musician can relate

You know, after you've done certain kind of music for a while and you've gotten some reward out of it, then you wanna do something else and do something different So, I can appreciate what we did with the Blade franchise but the next stuff we have coming is gon' smoke all of that anyway, so (laughter) I ain't worried 'bout a thing (laughter) – Have you spoken to Mahershala? – Yes, we talked Yeah, I talked to him and I told him, I said, "Look man

Most important thing, "don't allow people to make this about me and you "This ain't about me and you" – Right – "This is about the business and it is what it is – You know the media

– "I appreciate the acknowledgment "and that I was motivational to you "and your family and I wish you all the best" – I'm still waiting on the 'Demolition Man' reboot (laughter) – Yeah! – When everything's being rebooted, come on guys Where's 'Demolition Man?' – I don't think I'll be doing the blonde hair anytime soon – No? Simon Phoenix is not coming back? (laughter) – No Simon Phoenix

(laughter) – I don't think so – Come on! You want it, right? – I do I want it I want it, yeah – You got two tickets right here, buddy

(laughter) – We'll see, we'll see You never know, you never know It's a crazy world

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