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DOKKAN BATTLE – Équipements : toutes les infos


Hi everyone, it's Kowai ! I hope you're all fine ! As for me, I'm okay ! Today, a bit special video because we're going to talk about equipments which were added to the Japanese version of the game following the update which occured ten days ago at the moment I make this video First of all, why do I make this video ten days after the update and not on that very day ? It's quite simply because I wanted to dig more info – I talked a bit about it on my Twitter page

On the other hand, that very day, I was busy : the update occurred in the middle of night, in the middle of the week, I have other things to do in the middle of the week, I think you understand me ! We have all other things to do in the middle of the week than keeping awake until 4 AM to wait an update More importantly, there were a lot of things to dig in that update imo to discover the truly important information There were though many things about the equipments which dropped on the subreddit that very day thanks to ThievingSix whom I thank

Source: Youtube

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