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Doctor Strange Gets Juiced – Toon Sandwich LIFE


OK Where should I create a portal to? Don't reach too far for your first time

Just try somewhere nearby OK

I'll create a portal that's just outside the house That way nothing bad could possibly happen Good try I could see you being the next Sorcerer Supreme More like Pizza Supreme

Oh good! They left me some juice NOOOO!!! Oi, Strange! You drank the last of the juice I did? Oh well No matter I can't drink this! This is juice that you and I and whoever else has drunk already

No, this is the juice before it was drunk Yes, but the exact same juice has been drunk before By me, in fact I don't want to drink it again Identical juice has been drunk before, yes, – but not the same juice

– No, but– The juice now exists twice in this reality, both drunken and undrunken That juice has never been drunk That is the undrunken juice Drunken, undrunken – I ain't drinking it Can you just replace it with a new juice from the shop, please? Of course

What? No – this is the wrong juice! Oop, gotta go Dormammu wants to sell me something and I'm gonna try and haggle him down No, don't you dare Steve! Stephen! Don't you dare disappear into another dimension when I'm talking to YOU!! ARRR!! STRANGE!!! Still my favorite Avenger I'll get your juice

Corner of Ovendean and Oakwood, right? No, that's warehouse with the electric fe– Now's your chance to subscribe In a Sanctum in the middle of New York City He will make portals to another galaxy It's no dream He's Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, you bargain with Dormammu It's good juice

Source: Youtube

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