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Do You Know Teen Wolf Better Than Bretman Rock? | MTV Access


– Oh, oh my god, oh my god, I almost choked on my own spit Oh my god

Aloha you guys, it's me, Bretman Rock Otherwise known as the baddest and the newest MTV reality TV show star Today we are gonna be taking a quiz that I have no idea about But I got my pen right here and my quiz right here, and let's get started It better not be a driving test, 'cause bitch I bombed that

What? Okay, so it says Teen Wolf I'm either gonna be auditioning for Teen Wolf or it's gonna be a quiz about Teen Wolf Always write your name you guys, 'cause bitch how can someone grade your paper if you don't have your name? Bretman Rock, the baddest I think I'll do good on this quiz because I watch every season of Teen Wolf twice, three times on the earlier seasons So I really think I got this in the bag

All right, so let's get started In which fictional town was the show set? Bitch A, Mystic Falls B, Stars Hollow C, Beacon Hills

Or D, Sunnydale Bitch! So I'm gonna circle C 'cause I know damn well it was in Beacon Hills I only remember that because I always wondered why they never called it Bacon Hills, but whatever, Beacon Hills Ugh, girl I told you

Which of the following Teen Wolf cast members have portrayed Superman? Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, or Dylan Sprayberry? It's Tyler Hoechlin, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna say Tyler and then one of the Dylan's did it, huh? I'm gonna pick two just in case Okay Ah! Bitch, I'm really out here Match the Teen Wolf stars with their silver screen appearance

Oh, girl, okay The Maze Runner is obviously Tyler, I mean Dylan O'Brien Oh my god, Truth or Dare So we have The Maze Runner, Truth or Dare, Everybody Wants Some, and The After Party So honestly I feel, Everybody Wants Some 'cause girl everybody wants Tyler Hoechlin, so I'ma just put that to him

The After Party's her Guys, these are just guess, I only know Maze Runner is Dylan O'Brien And then Truth or Dare Oh my god, bitch, if I get this right, I would literally have like the best guessing What? Oh, oh my god

Oh my god, I almost choked on my own spit Oh my god, ugh Bitch I really got that right? That was all guess except for Dylan O'Brien Actual gorilla growls were used for the wolf noise on the show Is that, gorillas go ooh ooh, ugh

Gorillas don't growl though, I don't think I feel that's a chimpanzee thing I feel like this is a trick question I feel like chimpanzees were used for the growls and not gorillas But I'ma pick true 'cause it sounds correct

Is it true? Y'all, I have literally never passed, oh my god, I'm literally, what is, okay, sorry What type of supernatural being was Lydia? A banshee, witch, siren, or a medium? So I don't think the word witch was a part of this Siren, siren, is a mermaid, she was not a mermaid She could be a medi, mm, no, she's a banshee Bitch I don't know why I'm acting like I don't know

She was a banshee Love Lydia love Lydia I love you Lydia if you're watching this Complete the mantra some werewolves would recite to control their transformation

Three things cannot be hidden, the sun, the moon, and this No, um The sun, the moon, and the ocean? Can't be hidden No, it's not the ocean The star, the sun, the moon

Oh my god, I'm, oh my god I don't want this to be my first wrong answer Can I call in a friend? Can I ask the live studio audience? The star, the sun, the moon, and the star No, I feel like 'cause the, the sun and the moon controls werewolves Stars don't control werewolves, I don't think

I think this is right The sun, the moon, and the truth Bitch, I knew that I was just acting like I didn't know that Where do Scott and Stiles go to search for the body in the first episode of the series? A, railroad

B, woods C, shipyards D, cemetery Okay, I don't think they have any railroads and shipyards, so it's, bitch it's the woods I feel like 'Cause honestly, like that's very pilot vibes

Bitch it was B, woods Oh my god, can y'all make this harder next time, like what the is this? This is so easy Which of the following Teen Wolf stars played Jennifer Lopez's son in the 2002 movie Maid– bitch this ain't even Teen Wolf! Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Keahu Kahuanui Bitch, she's Hawaii, Keahu, who was that? That was one of the gays, huh? Keahu was one of the gays, I know for a mother fact he was one of the gays Colton Haynes, he's white, like that would never be Jennifer Lopez's son

Keahu he's brown, Dylan he's brown, I think Dylan wasn't having any movies in 2002 I'ma just say Tyler Posey Just 'cause Is it Tyler Posey? What the (bleep) Oh my god

Wait, I better win a prize for this 'cause I honestly, I'm killing it Allison is unaware of her family's history as werewolf hunters when she meets Scott True, bitch 'cause she didn't know until season two or three I think God Okay this is the last question

Tyler Posey, who you guys know played Scott, lost out to which actor for a part in Twilight? Oh my god, okay So not you Okay here's the thing you guys, I watched Teen Wolf, I did not watch Twilight, because you know I'm a home girl, I'm like, I was a die hard Teen Wolf fan So I felt like if I watched Twilight, I was cheating on Teen Wolf, so if I get this wrong, it's only because I'm a loyal Teen Wolf fan So I don't wanna hurt nobody's feelings

I feel like he looks like a part that, would Tyler Posey would do, 'cause Tyler Posey's not as cute as Taylor Lautn– No I'm not gonna say it out loud Is, you know, just not up to par And he's not, like he does not look like Robert Pattinson, so I'm just gonna pick whoever kind of embodies Tyler Posey the most, which is Jackson Rathbone And like I said, I don't care if I get this wrong, but if I do then, you know Oh it's Taylor Lautner? Oh, okay, well I don't really care, 'cause, you know

Do I get a prize? So I only got one wrong Is Tyler Posey behind me? – I wish – I'm kidding I got an A, a passing grade Not an A+, but you know, I got an A

I did amazing, I really did in flying colors and I honestly feel like I only got the last question wrong on purpose because I wanted to show you guys how loyal I was to Teen Wolf 'cause I don't be knowing about Twilight like that All right you guys, as you can tell I killed this test All of those live tweeting when I was in high school really paid off If you're a bigger die hard fan of Teen Wolf than me, you're not, so don't even try it But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video

Let me know if you guys bombed the test or if you guys aced like me Make sure you guys subscribe to MTV and check out here for more videos

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