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Do You Know Astrology Better Than Anncy Twinkle? | MTV Access


– Ophiuchus? What is that? No, I make the rules, that's not the right answer, nope Hi, my name is Anncy Twinkle, and today I'm taking a pop quiz and have no idea what the subject is

So let me just like look under my chair Got it, okay I was such a dumb ass in high school that I know this is going to suck Oh my god, astrology, wow, that's insane I'm huge on astrology, oh my god, this is crazy

I don't really like to like overthink it, it's like kind of fun to know like people and their personality traits And how they behave and how they act, but like, I don't like to get too much into it But yeah, let's get right into this So I'm just putting my name in So I just named myself Annie Big Daddy

Okay that's my name, let's get into it Oh my god, I feel like I'm in high school again, failing all my subjects Thank god for YouTube, I don't know what I'd be doing Okay, match each sign to its symbol Oh my god, this is like mathematics, like what is this? Wow, I talked a lot about astrology, I don't know (bleep) about it, okay

I think Capricorn, okay This is Virgo Oh, people are going to go crazy This guy I think M, Gemini 'Cause there's M in it, oh my god, I'm so stupid, okay

Libra is left so, I'm just going to put that guy in here That's my answer, is this right? I didn't get anything right Great, the most, the worst way to put it in, I've done it, great, okay So let's go to the next one Oh this is easy

According to astrology, oh no it's not, (bleep) I thought I have to like name celebrities, wow, this is a (bleep) show Which star has the lowest compatibility with Selena Gomez? All of you, I'm perfect for her Kidding, I love her though, okay I'm an Aquarius, and I've heard that a Cancer is an Aquarius's perfect match I disagree, I think Cancer's are such big fat babies, they just cry a lot, they're very sensitive, so

Oh god, there's Justin Bieber Can I just put him? This is so bad I'm going to put Justin Bieber 'cause it's so funny, okay So my answer is this Damn it, but just, it's Justin, I have to disagree, sorry, next, okay

Thomas is a Virgo He's dating four people and wants to get steady with one Thomas is an idiot, but okay Based on astrology compatibility, who should he chose? Susan the Sagittarius, Catherine the Cancer, Laura the Libra, Lily the Leo He's a Virgo, I think he's perfect for Susan's dumb ass, probably

I'm going to go with Susan Okay, my answer is A, Susan How is the answer B Catherine the dumb ass? Really, I thought it was Susan Wow, I suck at his, I don't want (mumbles) Oh wow, I'm failing like one by one

Your sun sign, aka your main sign, yes Represents your true nature, while your rising sign represents, oh I know this Yes I know this, I know this It's B, the way you present to the world I know this, it has to be it

Yay! I got it, I'm so smart, I know, thanks, okay Next, which sign is most known for their outgoing demeanor, impulsive behavior, and dual personalities? It's Gemini, Gemini's are two faced assholes Whoops, Gemini Yay, I got it right Gemini, people

So Lady Gaga's a textbook dash, she's bold, comfortable in the spotlight, passionate, and thrives in leadership roles Oh wait, what is she? I think she's a Leo Because she's really out there, she's confident, I think it's either Leo or Libra, ugh, I'm going to mess this up Ah, how, how? How is she an Aries? Okay, I'm upset I'm losing, I just got like one right now

In 2016, NASA added a 13th sign I had no idea, wow, to the zodiac that shook the astrology community What is the name of the new sign? I don't know An Hermes, isn't that a brand? Lexus, Louis Vuitton, oh my god I'm just going to put B, that looks like an actual sign

Is it Hermes, oh my god, that would be so funny, that's a designer brand There's my answer Ophiuchus? What is that? No, I make the rules, that's not the right answer Nope, okay, wow, I'm upset Which sign is often associated with people who are extremely emotional, big dreamers, and sometimes a little witchy? That's me, but I don't see my sign which is really shocking but okay

A, Pisces, B, Cancer, C, Aries, and D, Virgo Oh, yeah, emotional that's a Cancer That's a big fat baby I chose Cancer, sorry Ariana, what do you think? Damn it I hate this, I'm losing at all of them I really don't think Rihanna's a big dreamer or emotional I think she's pretty like fiery, confident, that's so shocking that she's a Pisces

I really thought it was a Cancer, they are like big cry babies Okay, moving on to the next What is ruling celestial body for Aries, the fiery, impulsive child of the zodiac? A, Jupiter, B, Neptune, C, Pluto, and D, Mars I want to go with Mars because that's like a red, fiery planet Wow I failed science, so sad, okay

I think I'm going to go with Mars, okay Got it, passed my science class So I want to say ding, ding, ding Ooh, we got one right Oh my god, there is so many fails, oh no

Three right answers, pretty pathetic That's literally my high school grade, I don't know how you guessed that 33%, really big fat juicy fail I did really bad, I thought I was really smart, apparently not Let me know the comments down below how you guys did and then check out more videos from MTV, over here

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