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Dive In w/ the Cast of 'RuPaul’s Drag Race' Season 12 | MTV News


{an8}- OK, give us your best RuPaul impression {an8}- OK, ready? {an8}(laughing) {an8}Win! {an8}- Win! {an8}- Hello, hello, hello! {an8}- Hello, hello, hello! {an8}- Everybody say love

{an8}- OK! {an8}- How's your head? {an8}- Ru loves to tie her tiny little hands together {an8}like this {an8}- [Jackie] Work, Jan, yes, that is very Ru {an8}- He never moves his head, just his eyes {an8}- As gay people, we get to choose our family {an8}Shantay, you both stay

{an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Brita] I'm sorry my dear, {an8}you are up {an8}for elimi-nation {an8}- Bring back my girls {an8}- Girls! – Girls! {an8}- The time has come {an8}- The time has come {an8}- For you to lip sync for your life

{an8}- To lip sync for your life! {an8}(squealing) {an8}- [Both] Good luck and don't (beep) it up {an8}- Hey y'all {an8}- We're the cast of Season 12 {an8}- of 'RuPaul's Drag Race,' {an8}- and we're about to {an8}- [Together] Dive in with MTV News {an8}- We did it! – Yeah! {an8}- [Jackie] Dive in, girl {an8}- Of course I'd grab this question

{an8}Who's the trade of season 12? {an8}(laughing) {an8}- None – One, two, three {an8}- Jaida {an8}- I think Jaida is the proclaimed, {an8}because Jaida says, "Trade is a feeling" {an8}- [Jaida] OK, yes

{an8}This is 2020, we are not chasing straight men anymore {an8}If somebody is fine, OK? {an8}And you wanna take them home, {an8}or I believe somebody will want to take me somewhere {an8}Maybe not home, but I'm sexy a little bit, maybe {an8}- Denny's, Applebee's {an8}I would take you to Applebee's, girl

{an8}- Two for 20? {an8}- The one at the Bayshore mall {an8}Girl! – Oh my god! {an8}They closed it {an8}- Jaida the trader {an8}- No, you think it's Jaida? {an8}I think it's Crystal, I think Crystal {an8}- I actually think Crystal is really cute, too

{an8}- I've never met a mullet I didn't like {an8}and yours is so pretty – Thank you so much {an8}- And Crystal's is top-notch {an8}- It's a top-notch mullet {an8}- But I have to say, I think that the fans {an8}are really gravitating towards Miss Jackie Cox

{an8}- Jackie looks like a man, {an8}or maybe it's just that picture {an8}of when she used to work out {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Oh my God {an8}Jackie is definitely the person that you wanna go {an8}live in a cul-de-sac with {an8}- Can you see me blush under this pounds of make up? {an8}- It's called Ben Nye, baby {an8}- Baby, it is called Sherwin Williams

{an8}- Everybody is so attractive {an2}- Give the person next to you a new drag name {an2}- Since I'm naming you, you're probably my drag daughter, {an2}so I'll name you Pull Out Method {an2}- Based on your look today, {an2}I'm gonna say Britney Essence Spears {an2}- Tea

{an2}- I'm gonna have to call you Poop Chute {an2}- Bebe Bad, how about– {an8}(laughing) {an8}- It's really interesting {an8}choosing a new drag name for people {an8}because you have to really just figure out what {an8}your style is {an8}Everyone has a reason for their drag name {an8}Let's say {an8}- This is called stalling or vamping, {an8}as they say in the theater {an8}(laughing) {an8}- I'm gonna say Gordita Crunch {an8}- Ooh, hot! {an8}- 'Cause she's cheesy and crunchy {an8}- Oh, you're a monster

{an8}- I think it's gonna be Jackie O Cox {an8}- Work! – Yes, work {an2}- Anita Man – I have two

{an8}- Well, I Anita Third then {an8}(laughing) {an8}- I feel like it would be something witchy {an8}like Blair Bitch {an8}- Cute – Right, yeah! {an8}- I'm changing it {an8}- There you go (laughing)

{an2}- Your new drag name is now Patti O Furniture {an8}from the legendary house of Furniture {an8}- That is so beautiful {an8}- Supple – Supple? {an8}- That's what it is, that's your new name, bitch

{an8}- I'll take that – With four S's {an8}- Four, it's three, how dare you try to rebrand my thing {an8}- Let's keep it water themed {an8}Tap Water

{an8}- There you go, come on, sis {an8}- Tap Water – Good old, just Tap {an8}- Just good old Tap Water – It's like Jan

{an8}Just one syllable, Tap {an8}(laughing) {an8}- I think you can give me anything {an8}Anything's up from Jan {an8}- I will go– {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Even Rebecca's fine {an2}- Maybe, like, Jan Spook! {an8}- Jan Spook

– Ooh! {an8}- Pass {an8}(laughing) {an8}- All right, this is cute {an2}What's your tried and true lip sync move? {an2}You know, I feel like a good windmill {an2}always pleases the crowd {an8}- Yes! {an8}- A little snap up, snap down, {an8}windmill, windmill, windmill, flick {an8}- Oh, the drag eight count

{an8}- The hand in the air, the hips going, a snap {an8}- Bitch, I love a pivot turn, sis {an8}- A mean step touch, or a joyous step touch, {an8}however I'm feeling {an8}- Opening my mouth as wide as I possibly can {an8}- Can you do it over this? – Gaping

{an8}(screaming) {an8}- Bat my eyelashes, you know? {an8}I like to show my natural eyelashes {an8}- Probably this {an8}Give me your money {an8}- Let's be honest, girl, when the words are not super there, {an8}it's one of these {an8}♪ Do do do do do do ♪ {an8}- If you don't know all the words {an8}and you see somebody and you're like {an8}"Oh my God, Harry, what are you doing here?" {an8}♪ I'm not that innocent ♪ {an8}- A sliding split where you run {an8}and go into a split and slide across the floor

{an8}- The explosion split, {an8}then when I hit the ground it's like {an8}"Are you all right down there?" {an8}It's like "Yeah, it's been numb for years" {an8}- [Heidi] I love a good split {an8}- Yeah, I can't touch my toes {an8}- Whenever a song says baby {an8}you just mime that you have a baby in your hand {an8}- Oh yeah

– That's it, {an8}and then when you stop saying baby {an8}you just put it on the ground gently {an8}and then you walk away from it {an8}- I usually kick it and then look {an8}- Oh my God {an8}- [Rock] And then you point and see how far it went {an8}- I hope nobody leaves their kids {an8}with either of these two

{an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Dahlia] Do you mind holding this, darling? {an8}- Not at all {an8}- And the last question, ooh {an2}- This season's cast was announced under the theme {an2}"Queen for President" {an2}How do you use your drag to effect change? {an2}- I love taking people away {an8}from all the bull(beep) in the world {an8}I think it's also important that since we do have {an8}this incredible platform, {an8}you aren't gonna ignore a seven foot man in heels {an8}with a giant wig and within our community {an8}and we have a microphone in our hand every single day, {an8}so I think people are gonna listen to what we say {an8}and we better say something good that will change the world

{an8}- I mean, I use my drag to try to empower {an8}other people of color to live your truth, live your life, {an8}be proud of the skin that you're in {an8}You didn't ask to be this color, {an8}but you should enjoy this color {an8}This color comes from a rich, long lineage {an8}of people who fought for you to be free {an8}and live your life {an8}- I use my drag to help younger generation {an8}to know that there is a gray area in gender {an8}- And by accepting ourselves, other people can look inwards {an8}and accept themselves too

{an8}It's just amazing to share self expression {an8}and show people that it's OK {an8}and even underneath this facade, that, you know, {an8}there's all the glitz and the glamor, {an8}but we're all just people, too {an8}and we can connect with anybody {an8}if we just have an open mind and an open heart {an8}- That's a facade? I thought that was just your face {an8}(laughing) {an8}- Work {an8}- You're wearing make up? {an8}- I woke up like this

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