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Dive In w/ 2 Chainz & T.R.U. | MTV News


what's up what's up MTV News that should play a part of checking in to chains a member of the real University I got my new crew with me and I want to introduce them to the world yo my name is school e sleeve row wenting on the hot lock then there were a bit general yes sir and we're gonna dive in with MTV News I'll write TR you as an acronym that means the real University it is the name of my label it's about individualism it's about being comfortable in your own skin and these are the first layers of the true label and we're gonna pull some questions up at what point do you get your t ru diamond chain might be too damn early to down I don't ball planning I'm a man when I believe in you I bought you a chain and I hope that people don't feel no kind of way if they don't have rings and everything true Chavez here we are manifesting the championship we trying to put it out there we coming in to state we coming in to get him people wait you know I mean it's always time for life new energy in the industry there's always time for somebody from Alana because we've been leading the path for the last you know two decades if you ask me and I feel like I recruited the right Bunch what does no face no case mean yeah no face no case is a early Street turn forties and fifties the gangsters came up with that they really felt like if there was no actual face or a fingerprint of them doing anything it could be no case built behind it and so we this group of fellows / fellows I consider us to have nothing but a positive trajectory we all make mistakes when we were young we our idea we had to do but now I'm I feel like the music is so good that we want to suck you in with the music and then let people find out who or what the faces behind some of the music so be looking out for the the compilation no face no case featuring the guys who's the best freestyle and the group me get the gentle but Tony telling their gentle they don't have today line uh man you know yeah Lord it's only having bar a suit of me what you say freestyle yeah yeah all of them radios me yeah all the time they good at freestyle I'm not everybody do our Dana be being from Atlanta course I'm gonna Atlanta rappers that inspired you we actually went to bar the other day you know man big bro LaFace records and babyface la Reed that was dirty pages they helped me with the history of Dillman themselves you know just you know just up there talking playing out a music guilt a good in my outcast young blood to change Tia you know like the city itself the culture itself helps me not even just the people you know just everybody to go fight we came in together we gonna decide that me well you call yourself a community hit not a rapper yeah I'm I'm not a rep I'm living my message to music everything I do it I live the community I don't wrap it how did you each get your rap name I got my rap name I got shot I was in the hospital I just started saying locked in and posting live band on all the pictures and stuff like that so I just seeing all my friends they started playing it on na and still out that I did say my name haha yeah I got mine Sean on tribute somebody who passed away from my own hood and then rose came from it's a deep meaning so I'm getting taught it it's just it's deviant you can go look at my document my original name was schoolboy I used to dress a certain way I liked school in school every day I put on polo everything one time when the curse break came back and everybody act like they just knew my name and I'll call myself schoolwork so my sister actually gave it to and in the world help me keep it came in the game titty boy at the infamous name change the to change that I don't even know how that even began put one Chinese who I am the other chain is for who are spider beat so please add to Z at the hand I got my name for my grandma describe the new I have no face no Casey Nemo's the hand with bang on it the monkey would happen like the old murder much with the I mom yeah no fainting okay the flame emotion the world of the dinosaur mode this that's my thing right now you know now make them like me no more they'll make my earth no more so that's why I kind of like put dinosaurs on everything safe to say kind of like everybody I like it was scared of dinosaurs they like like they didn't like them you know so like we dinosaurs you know they li didn't like those their points you know and kind of want to stick it

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