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Yay! We are starting, live, Disk MTV, the first, within the changes, of our “new programming” And look! New Studio, huge, chic, pretty, there are several corners here

I'm feeling tiny here and what are the candidates for today's program Look that There's "Jeferson" and "Flávia" Can you show it there? Look how beautiful! "Flávia" has a green eye "Jeferson", handsome brunette "Stay With Me" is today, at "ten pm" and following up on the chart has Westlife, seventh position, with "My Love" new album by “Pato Fu” called “Pink noise” According to “Fernanda Takai”: "is an album by" Pato Fu "that passed the age of thirty" Well, “Fernandinha” explained that the fact that the band gets older Not getting old, right "Fernandinha" Getting more mature The road time, the guys are there, it's been a long time is far from a loss for the group or even represent the stiffening of your music The witty way of “Pato Fu” lyrics continues, but without getting lost in those jokes that only the band understands During that week, I will give more details about the new album “Pato Fu” because it has a lot of news Is good

Fourth position: “Backstreet Boys”, “The Call” Are you there "'N Sync", in third position, with "This I Promise You" And the tabloid "The Sun" released, last week, the information that "Baby Spice", "Emma Bunton" would have married, Secretly, In London with her boyfriend, the "Jade Jones" that is part of the British group "Damage" "Emma" denied the rumor, said the following: "You can publish anything you want that will be funny" The whole story started because "Emma" was seen, leaving a hotel in London with white dress, with diamond ring on left hand Her manager denied everything saying that she didn't get married, in fact she was invited to a friend's wedding When the crowd asks if she had plans to get married, "Emma" said that: no let alone is engaged "Baby Spice" has been dating "Jade Jones" since 1998 and I agree with "Emma Bunton" If it's a rumor, the thing is not to "warm up" and take the opportunity to have a good laugh because people really invent Well, even more she is so famous, right In the second position, us the duet of "Ricky Martin" with "Christina Aguilera", "Nobody wants to be lonely" First position: "Sandy e Junior", "A Lenda"

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