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'Dickinson' Cast Plays Dive In | MTV News


{an8}- Oh, what's your definition of a wild evening? {an8}- Bathtub with bubbles, yeah? {an8}- My type of evening, no {an8}- [Hailee] What's the road? {an8}- Events ought to really feel like shipwrecks

{an8}It’s best to emerge from them soaking moist, {an8}out of breath, and hopelessly? {an8}- Yeah – Hopelessly disoriented {an8}- [Anna Baryshnikov] Woo-hoo! – Sure! {an8}- That's my definition of a wild evening {an8}It ought to appear to be a shipwreck {an8}- We’re the forged of 'Dickinson,' {an8}and we’re about to Dive In with MTV Information

{an8}(cheering) {an8}- [Ella] Okay, subsequent query {an8}(Hailee exclaiming) {an8}(Anna exclaiming) {an8}[Ella] Rise up is a significant theme of the present {an8}What's one thing you've rebelled towards? {an2}- I imply, this can be a fairly apparent rebellious, {an2}however I had an enormous occasion in highschool, and our canary died {an8}(Ella laughs) – No! {an8}- You advised me this story – Wait, on the occasion? {an8}- Yeah

– Who killed the canary? {an8}- So, once we're organising the party– {an8}- The subsequent Agatha Christie – That is dangerous {an8}- Once we're organising the occasion, I used to be like, {an8}"God, this canary's proper in the midst of our dance ground" {an8}So I moved my beloved household canary {an8}to someplace the place the cat then later may bounce {an8}- [Toby] Ahh

{an8}And it was actually unhappy as a result of I obtained into a variety of bother, {an8}after which my mother was like, "And I actually liked that canary" {an8}- Oh, no! {an8}- Which, so did I, it was actually terrible {an8}However I’d say that was a reasonably traditional insurrection {an8}- There we go {an8}- [Jane] If there was a TV present about your life, {an8}what wouldn’t it be referred to as? {an8}Cautious! – Ugh

{an2}- Adrian's could be one thing about suspenders {an8}- Suspender Queen {an8}- Stunning Genius Life {an8}- [Hailee] Oh my God! {an8}- You're all so fearful of me {an8}that nobody would reply what mine could be referred to as {an8}- I stated Stunning Genius Life! {an8}- Oh, I believed that was Hailee

{an8}Oh I naturally assumed it was Hailee {an8}I by no means would've assumed that was mine {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Anna] Wow, word passing performs an enormous function within the present {an8}What's the juiciest word you've ever obtained? {an2}- I obtained a word on a prepare as soon as {an2}Some man type of checked out me furtively {an2}a few instances on the journey, however hadn't stated something

{an8}After which, on the finish of the journey, {an8}he was too nervous to talk to me, {an8}and he gave me a word together with his quantity on it, {an8}saying, "I believe you're lovely" {an8}- Oh, that's candy {an8}I undoubtedly thought you had been gonna say, like, {an8}"Do you want me? Circle sure or no" {an8}Like a kind of {an8}- Oh, it want it had been that

{an8}- Acquired it – However it– {an8}Hey, you bought some digits, did you textual content him? {an8}- No – Okay {an8}- I smiled all the way in which to work although {an8}- Oh, cute

{an8}- It was actually cute {an8}I find it irresistible when folks try this kind of factor {an8}- [Hailee] I do know, proper? {an8}- I as soon as gave that type of word to somebody, {an8}(laughing) and it didn’t go nicely {an8}We did then meet up, and I used to be like, {an8}inside 5 minutes, I used to be like, "This was a mistake" {an8}- "This was a mistake

" – And inside 10 minutes, {an8}I used to be gone – Actually? {an8}- Yeah – Spectacular {an8}- What's a bit of 1880s clothes you’d work {an8}into your present day wardrobe {an2}What's one thing that must be left up to now ceaselessly? {an2}- Corsets

{an2}- Sure {an2}- 72 petticoats {an8}Only one is cool, proper? {an8}- The ring skirt – Hoop skirts {an8}Bum rolls

– You’ll be able to't sit on that {an8}- Bum rolls – Bum rolls {an8}A bum roll {an8}(Adrian drum rolling) {an8}Thanks a lot

{an8}Is a little bit piece of padding, proper? {an8}That, um, {an8}I don't know, guys, come on, assist me out right here {an8}- It sits in your bum {an8}- It's like a cushion – It's like a shelf {an8}- that sits proper above your tush {an8}- However it's very a lot about creating the appropriate form

{an8}- It's simply with the intention to set something there for those who need– {an8}Like, all through the day {an8}- For protected retaining, yeah {an8}- It's kind of like a butt shelf {an8}- It's like a ebook shelf {an8}- A ebook shelf or a butt shelf? {an8}- A butt shelf

– Each {an8}- Nice {an8}- However I believe the stuff I'd like to remain is {an8}the blokes garments {an8}They're wanting good {an8}- Suspenders

{an8}- 100% {an8}- Our day the place we wore males's garments was certainly one of my {an8}favourite days taking pictures {an8}ever {an8}- I've by no means been extra snug in the entire present {an8}- We don't must put on corsets {an8}- No, nor me {an8}- Yeah (laughter) {an8}- [Adrian] Final query! – Woo! {an8}- Which is, thanks, thanks for the bum roll

{an8}(laughter) {an2}The present contains a variety of poetry, but additionally a variety of {an2}dancing, which exercise are you higher at? {an8}- Dancing or poetry? {an8}- Yeah, yeah, which one? {an8}- Like a tough neither {an8}(laughter) {an8}- You're my favourite human {an8}- I'd like to say dancing, however my model of dancing is {an8}similar to throwing my limbs all over the place {an8}Like, everybody will get harm after I'm dancing {an8}- Show it

{an8}- Show it, present us, show {an8}- [Adrian] Show it {an8}- What, No! {an8}- Sure, does it say– {an8}- Sure, it says, "Show it" {an8}- [Hailee] Oh my God, it absolutely says {an8}No actually lets see it

{an8}- [Jane] Only a wiggle, just a bit wiggle {an8}- Wooo {an8}- Oh Jesus {an8}No joke, a little bit terrified of my life simply then, okay

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