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Designing Diaochan & Game-Breaking Hats – Total War: THREE KINGDOMS: Mandate of Heaven


we have made a lot of changes on the front end one thing we did want to keep front-and-center where the characters our concept artists have worked hard on getting some of the best artwork we've ever seen in a total war game we wanted to present that art in the best way possible so we went and we rendered all of the character art throughout the entire game we exported them so they could now be higher res on the front end when talking about the character design actually it's a combined combined result of different resources which we get from everywhere so firstly we check out Wikipedia and also the fiction of Roman sorcery Kinder's to get a general personality and the general appearance of a character then we will have discussion with designers our art directors and also we check out the dealer document to make sure that our design match the gameplay mechanic for example like an affection color of each character then we also have the you know the whole team involved in discussion to make sure that you know our direction is matching the overall world view like the view of the world of three keynotes total war and funnily we also check out a lot of trendy visual entertainment for that production of three kingdoms to make sure that we design some some character that is not going too far away from general people's opinion but also some somehow keep our own uniqueness when we were looking at the front end one of the first things you notice there's the characters aren't su the highest possible quality that they could have been because when we get the character Art Fair Photoshop files from our concept artists we see them in like the highest as possible where they've just freshly been drawn and they look crisp and sweet but when they go in game they were looking not as crisp in the kind of facial features they the concept bar team and put like quite a lot of detail ins like all the areas to face the eyes to close the wrinkles kind of all over that like when we saw the two characters next to each other like the old res characters and the newer characters there was a stark difference between both of them like Lulu and her team have done so much work into drawing each of those characters that we thought why not use that and get the best possible characters into our game as we possibly can well talking about the beautiful they are town yes she is kind of tricky to design and I think the challenge in fact for me is the beauty standard of the Westerners and Easterners are very different but however doctrine was considered one of the most beautiful wom an I think I will lean more on the opinion of Chinese a little bit more than Westerners so firstly I cracked a lot of beautiful photos from the famous Chinese female celebraties who are famous for their beauties and also I collect all the different version of daocheng from different movies and TVs and then I also enquire a lot my Chinese friend and Chinese colleague and ask them about the opinion about your charm so I made a conclusion that actually they would like to portray their Chan as pure innocent a beauty young woman instead of being too sexy and too you know outgoing when we get characters from the concept art team we have to look at them and see if they'll actually fit within our UI restrictions I think some of our most complicate the characters we have to deal with are people like yang Xiao and lubu because the hats are the head garments that they wear can often stick out of panels and off the screen altogether one of the characters that got released had a huge heart the poked off of every screen so we needed to work with come our team to then go back redefine the design and kind of come up with a quick summary of how a quick solution of how we can still best present the characters will also kind of make them work within the UI restrictions to make sure they fit on panels make sure they fit in unit cards characters appear in so many different places in our game that there are so many restrictions on how tall things convey how they have to be rendered how we have to kind of export characters that yeah we work really closely with the console our team to try and refine where limits can be where they can because obviously Chinese kept the Chinese characters in our game all have very unique outfits very unique armors head comments everything and we wanted as Lulu touched on before every character has unique poses that they have to go into and it these experience and of feed into the character story of the character themselves obviously there are some limits on kind of what we can support in the UI lubu is kind of a particular situation with the element where he's got feet that stick out of certain UI panels we have to kind of come over waist like prop images to kind of adapt the concept art to look good inside of our UI panels as well in terms of the design the last important thing is also we wrap a lot of trendy streaking the visual entertainment production to make sure that our design is not going too far away to the acceptance of the general population but also maintain our own uniqueness for the total watery Kingdom universe

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