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Derek Chauvin Says He Will Not Testify, Invokes 5th Amendment | NBC News NOW


  1. Thats cause usually guilty people dont testify!See ya later Derek I'm sure they will look out for you in prison lmao.

  2. I do not condone any violence, or any revenge killings….BUT The Truth is…. Until 2 Police Officers are killed in their homes for every 1 innocent unarmed person killed by the police…NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!!

  3. I don’t think he killed him .I am just saying I feel like “they are” trying to push some type of agenda,they are trying to make an example out of him .

  4. Everyone including the murderer hold your breath for 9 plus minutes and go forward..It would be no case at all

  5. One thing I know for certain with every fiber of my being. If this sorry excuse for a human is acquitted, there will be riots in America to the likes of which no one has ever seen. They better do the right thing here.

  6. You cant fool me with that relaxed sheep face, Chauvin. I can still see the smug look in your face, when you were kneeling on George's neck, people were asking you to stop but you just stared at them and continued. Murderer in broad day light.

  7. If this clown gets away with George's murder the riots will be massive.The LA riots from the Rodney King verdict will look like a day at summer camp.I predict America burns to the ground with a not guilty verdict, and cops everywhere will become targets even in their own houses.

  8. He can talk to his cell mates for the next 50 years when they put lipstick on him and a nice little dress.Good luck Derek you'll need it.
    If Derek makes his next birthday I will donate £1000 to charity.If he doesn't ill make it 2000

  9. NBC, why aren't you digging extensively into Chauvin's background? I mean deep, like you would under other circumstances? Why don't we know anything about this (yet another) enigmatic shooter?

  10. What a guilty coward pig, a real man who knows in his soul that he has done nothing wrong will argue it till the End

  11. If he dont this icecold murderer cant take answear its up to judge now but judge can say..you cant talk more WHAT after this is uo to if he killed somebody

  12. He killed a man and jury say not guilty USA have to Change to only one and the judge. Police in usa shoot children now and who they shoot? If America gonna take respons why only 13 year boy been shot its hugh problem then this in my mind 29 years is a child toomm

  13. Hilarious and sad at the same time that Chauvin looks happy to enjoy a fair trial that he denied someone else.

  14. When he walks and gets $500 million for malicious prosecution,he should build a Confederate War Museum next to Obama's house on Martha's Vineyard.

  15. Im puzzled by some comments , a video is the most solid proof you can get to increminate someone , and the multiple videos in different angles is eloquent and solid as a rock ….when a men cries for life to his mama , stops breathing and moving and a men continue to stand on this person without any concern (knowing hes out) and looking at the camera with total lack of sensible concern or empathy in any way ….it puzzles me at the true intentions of some commentaries calling "not Guilty" , "i pray for Derek" etc….this puzzles me about racism in this country ?!
    Derek is going to jail for 25years or more.. and that is predictable , but some people want Derek free of charges of murder .
    Trust me , he not going anywhere , its jail time for that criminal cop because it was a personal thing between Floyd and Chauvin , or may i rephrase , between Chauvin and Floyd it was personal ….this as to end , this conduct is not good for the police Depp in any way and Derek as to be put away for a very long time .
    Derek is not the Victim here , did you forget that a human lost his life because of Derek's action ?!

  16. If Derek was to testify , one question would make Derek look bad would be "do you regret the death of Mr.Floyd?" ….or "do you feel any emotions towards Mr.Floyd's death" …or "did you still feel threatened by Mr.Floyd after he stopped crying , moving and breathing ?"

  17. Disappointed to see him smirking. I have tried to remain open minded, but seeing him smirking like that really unnerved me. Where he's headed there won't be anything to smirk about I suspect.

  18. Perhaps more than ever before, post the 2020 election, the most compelling federal question raised during over 200 years, has been to keep the 3 U.S. Powers delicate Balance invariant against encroachment, an apparent shift today in the balance between the President and the U.S. Supreme Court. Such dangerous encroachment shifting may be analyzed since the Law Giver, MOSES, the Supreme Leader of the 12 Tribes Union, vis-a-vis the U.S. President today, vs. AHARON, the Supreme Cohen-Priest vis-a-vis the U.S. Supreme Court today, and JOSHOAH, the People Supreme Leader, who may be associated with the evolution and CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS OF THE U.S. Congress…

  19. Well, after the way that wannabe resistance movement BLM has been behaving the last year, I hope Chauvin walks wether he’s guilty or not. I sympathized with Floyd myself in the beginning but that commie group disguised as a black civil rights movement has changed my heart.

  20. Y’all screaming free Chauvin his innocent.. Aight bet, keep that energy FREE MOHAMED NOOR! Or be real not fake, if u racist, say it & be proud. Don’t hide ur (non color)

  21. Chauvin don't have the heart to tell 12 decent people on the jjry why it was ok to help stop somones heart, but this cop didn't act alone.

  22. So this dirtbag gets to not have to testify and will likely get off all charges. And later only MAYBE get charged with a civil suit…if I'm wrong ill eat my words.

  23. Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, is he. When, oh when will we start making it a requirement that police officers have a degree. At this time all that's required is a pulse and ten weeks of training that mostly includes where to aim your gun.

  24. Are we just suppose to pretend like George Floyd was some outstanding citizen and he wasn’t resisting arrest while overdosing on drugs and saying “I CANT BREATHE” way before Derek ever put his knee on his neck?

  25. Any defense attorney will tell you… unless you have the most likable and charismatic defendant…. never ever put your client on the stand!

  26. This just came to me this weekend while reading about of team that took a knee to stand for blank rights… Derek Chauvin took a knee to send a message to the world… I hope he is found guilty of the murder we… all around the world.. saw him commit.

  27. The prosecution Lawyer is hiding a key witness and they know it. They are scared what the Drug Dealer that was in the car might say if they give them immunity from giving Mr. Floyd Drugs. The Prosecution Lawyer knows that Drug Dealer's testimony could give the Defense Lawyer all that is needed for a 'Not Guilty' from the jury.

  28. I love how arrogant a**holes on here think they can read how he does or does not feel about what is going on or what has happened, considering this is the only time we've heard him speak, and he's had a mask on the entire time LOL

  29. I truly couldn't be a juror in this case. Mr. Chauvin is on the lose lose road. If they found him not guilty because the drugs in Mr Floyd system could've contribute to his death the world is mad. If he's found guilty just to please the left then that'll be a dang shame too.

  30. This killer will be found not guilty.
    Zachariah 11:5 Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the LORD; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not.
    6 For I will no more pity the inhabitants of the land, saith the LORD: but, lo, I will deliver the men every one into his neighbour's hand, and into the hand of his king: and they shall smite the land, and out of their hand I will not deliver them.

    Matthew 27:21 The governor answered and said unto them, Whether of the twain will ye that I release unto you? They said, Barabbas.

  31. No testify….. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY he never had a problem with his knee in George Floyd neck, so how come he not so brave to defend himself…? Jury should look at that, if your not GUILTY then you come to the stand…COWARD…

  32. Free Chauvin man was just doing his job if floyd didn’t resist arrest or wasn’t high on drugs I would have right now been on floyds side but how can I be when the police gave him every opportunity to cooperate and he wasn’t he was also rambling lies throughout such as I have Covid or my mums dying to get let away so how were they to know the I can’t breathe and I’m dying was true?


  34. european here: I watched most of the trial and I just want to say that the verdict lies with the jury, not with the mob. please heal america! we need you in the fight against china! both sides should stop being so arrogant

  35. You deliberately murder someone who's defenseless, face-down on the ground in handcuffs locked behind his back and have NOTHING to say for it..The clearest indication of guilt and guilt.

  36. people dont take drugs act stupid in the streeets. and dont resist unless ur guilty of something, and cops let the people who resist LET THEM go, JUST GO get a SWAT TEAM<<< to carry them to jail instead JUST DONT SHOOT THOSE IDIOTS

  37. He knows he is Guilty as Sin God Judgement will come to him in time he can;t run and hide very Evil man he killed a man

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