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Dennis Christensen FREI — Zeugen Jehovas gewinnen erneut!


What can we do? Hetty: "Pray Loudly and insistently

" Welcome to the fastest investigative journalist in the world Persecution of Christians is like a storm Russia has been persecuting Jehovah's Witnesses since 2017 because they are Christians Having a Bible is enough Dennis Christensen was arrested for praying to God

And even owns an Orthodox Bible Ich darf euch erfreuliche Neuigkeiten berichten! My source is Ingo W a friend of Dennis My current bishop Ingo is a friend of Dennis

You met in the field service in Scandinavia Dennis Christensen spoke to his friend Ingo on the phone Dennis Christensen was actually sentenced to 6 years imprisonment in Kursk without parole Christensen would have endured his unjust punishment! As a Christian But Jehovah God decided otherwise

Perhaps it was his wife's prayers that brought liberation Says Ingo God has probably acted on Vladimir Putin The public prosecutor released him Before even one newspaper could report

Jworg will also report later I was the first to give the good news to you Jehovah God placed himself in front of Abram as a shield Genesis 15: 1 God has never allowed unfair treatment and persecution for a long time

Everyone can see that there is God behind Jehovah's Witnesses Isaiah 43: 10-12 Antisocial opponents cannot look down on us with long-lasting damage They will soon be served the bill To amuse yourself that people are tortured, raped and lose their jobs is what God's enemies do That's it from me

I'm going to celebrate now! Because of my research, minutes after the release, this video comes on Saturday, rather than Friday ¡Adiós queridas hermanas y hermanos! The apostle Matthew describes that Jehovah's Witnesses are persecuted! Churches can't be Christians!

Source: Youtube

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