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Darren Criss & Kether Donohue on 'Royalties' | MTV News


– The biggest punchline to me is it's funny to me that the people who are directly responsible for such huge parts of pop culture are, oftentimes, the least likely to get into the big party 'Cause you don't know their names or their faces

I play Pierce, the other half of the songwriting duo, Pierce and Sara And yeah, I think it's funny, and wacky, and zany, and very scrappy, and I had fun making it We made it in like, zero time I mean, the whole thing was like a fever dream So, the fact that we're here like, a little more than a year later, putting it out, is wacky

How did you feel about making the show? – What I love about Sara and Pierce is like, they really support each other through thick and thin And they believe in each other and lift each other up, and they make hard decisions They're loyal to each other even when it's maybe not the coolest decision to make So Darren, what I thought was so funny was straight out of the gate, Sara and Pierce lie about, you know, their status and that their these big times songwriters, but it works and it actually gets them their first, you know, breakout gig Was that based on anything or do you relate to that? Have you ever faked your way through something? – I feel like I have continually faked my way through my entire career

I mean, I feel like most artists have a pretty, hopefully healthy dose of imposter syndrome So, I remember, I had an audition once where on the way out, and I think it's because I'm a big like, Anglophile and I'm an actor, so I can't help it On the way out, I remember saying something to the effect of like, "Cheers, thanks very much," and not really thinking that I was doing it And then they stopped me at the door, they're like, "Oh wait, wait, wait a second Hang on

"Are you British?" And in that second, I had this whole moment of like, "If I say yes, "will they suddenly consider me more "for the role because "they think that everything that just happened "was me putting on an American accent "and somehow this is more impressive?" – But, it does immediately make you sound cooler It just does – It does It does a little bit, it really does – It really does

Like, you could say the worst thing like, "Oh, I had diarrhea today," and it like, it sounds good – So, Kether – Yes – Have you had to, have you faked it until you made it? – The thing that comes to my mind from this is my audition for 'Pitch Perfect' This was before the whole 'Pitch Perfect' franchise, it was when it was brand new

And my manager called me and said, "You have an audition for 'Pitch Perfect' "You have to prepare the sides and 16 bars of a pop song" Like, I am not a trained singer So I said to my manager, I'm like, "Ooh, he's gonna know I'm a fraud "I don't think I should– this auditions for me

He's gonna see right through my BS, like I'm not a real singer" And he's like, "Kether, just sing what you sing at karaoke, OK? "You're an actor, just pretend you can sing" So I'm like, "Fine I sing "Natural Woman," OK?" But ignorance is bliss Like, I was just so confident in this karaoke version that I just went in

And the director was like, "Okay, that was really good "And this time can you can you belt it out for me?" Like I said, I'm not a trained singer, so I don't know what belting is But I was just like, "Oh, yeah" I was like, "I love belting" I was like, "I prepared a belting version too, for sure

" And then in my head I was just like, "God Like, "now's the time to step in Like, whatever belting is, "just let me do" So, I did another tape I guess I belted 'cause I got the part, but then it was like this cascade of lies, like Pierce and Sara

Then on set, like in the studio, I'm recording my solo "I Saw The Sign," and they were like, "OK, now can you give us the high C note?" And I was like, "Oh!" I was like, "Totally, I love high C notes," like, "Sure" In my head I'm like– And then at the wrap party, Elizabeth Banks is like, "You know, I don't know if you fancy yourself a singer, "but like, we didn't, you know, we thought maybe "we would have to have you lip sync" And she's like, "But we used all your stuff" And I was like, "Oh, yeah" I was like, "I'm a singer, for sure

" – I think a lot of the things in my life that are kind of built from a really fun, genuine place of heart and companionship, you know, when they're all cobbled together quickly, the heart always shines through And I think that being a part of something like Quibi, being part of this new frontier of storytelling– Most people are home right now, I think 'Royalties' is a really cute, fun escape from things I think Kether's wonderful, we have a lot of really wonderful guest stars on the show and I'm really proud of the music that we wrote for the show So, hey, if you didn't like our show, hopefully you like the tunes It's out on Quibi, it's called 'Royalties,' it's about songwriters and about two fun friends that are doing their best to make the world happy

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