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Dard Rukta Nahi Episode 16 | 4K | 16th March 2020 | Mont Blanc Entertainment


Our Apathy and selfishness took his life We killed her

We did, for this God will never forgive us Say something or my heart will stop beating What happened Aazam? Raima… Raima is no more Anabi What? She left us You lost your son

From now on you are alone as well Yes,I am Imran’s aunty speaking, who do you want to talk to? What? Aunty, get me get back from kitchen Baba came so early Let me check Raima you? Aazam! Aazam? Aazam? Aazam son

Master? You? It’s been a while, you didn’t come I was worried, are you alright my child? Yes, I… I am alright Aazam… Aazam! Who are you looking for? Are you feeling well? Yes, I am feeling well No, you are not well Don’t go to office today, just rest

Offer pray and sleep Anabi… one moment What happened, is there a problem I heard that, dreams which are seen early morning, are true? I heard that as well Were you watching a dream? I saw Master sahib in my dream He was complaining that, I didn’t come to meet him

And really the truth is that after bringing Raima here, I never went back to his house You should go Aazam He is missing you Recite Fatiha (Surah of Quran) on his grave as well I have to go and apologize that I couldn’t fulfill my promise

It has been heavily raining who knows, what condition his house might be, what will happen to his grave, in what condition his luggage may be I… wasn’t able to handle anything Anabi Nothing How long are you going to keep blaming yourself for Raima’s death? For how long? It’s been a while son, forget it

Her life was exactly that much No person can change other’s destiny Handle yourself, life will get difficult Yes, did Imsal came back last night? No, I called Areesha, she started nagging so I kept quiet You call Imsal, she won’t be able to stop her

Yes, alright, I will talk Ok, you pray and I will pray too, then I am making breakfast come I was too compelled to do this uncle I didn’t understand what to do That’s why I saw one way only, and I came here

When I left that house then I did not know that destiny will bring me back to this same place again, which I left Child I hope I knew, that you are spending life with such pain over there, so I wouldn’t have let you stay at Mr Aazam’s house for one minute Shazia never told anything too She always said that you are happy there

Why Shazia, why didn’t you tell me? You lied to me? Why didn’t you tell me that, she is suffering so much over there? Forgive me Baba, I wanted to tell you but Raima made me swore that I don’t tell you anything Uncle, Shazia is telling the truth She is not at fault I just didn’t want you guys to be sad That’s why I hide all this from you

I always thought of you as my daughter Raima, just like Shazia But It looks like you didn’t think of us as your own Don’t take me wrong Uncle After Baba, you are ones my own I said, I didn’t want you guys to be sad

How many times did I tell you to stay here, but couldn’t say anything because of Aazam Uncle Anyway, forget everything, and stay here peacefully Hope to God these wounds will be healed slowly to But Baba, Aazam uncle is really sad over there He is sick too We should deliver him this good news that, Raima is alive

I am calling him No Uncle Don’t tell anything to anybody now Why child? What do you want, that he grieves for your death his whole life? No Uncle, I don’t want any of that But this is not the right time

Aazam uncle has a lot of blessings on us He has supported is in every difficulty But because of me there were a lot of problems in his house In such, it was not okay for me to stay there What are you trying to say? Imsal likes Imran, and wants to marry him

But, Imran likes you child, and he wanted to marry you Mr Aazam told me himself That is correct, but Imsal likes Imran, and I don’t want to come between these two Maybe, in my absence, Imsal and Imran gets married Similarly, Imsal will get her love, and all the favors they did it will be returned too

Uncle, if they are mourning my death, then let them do it But Raima this is cheating Even if they get married then still they will never be happy I don’t have any other way other than this Shazia Imsal gets married to Imran, then I will call uncle myself that I am alive

But Raima, the whole village knows Aazam uncle If any of them tell him that you are alive then? No uncle that won’t happen, because I know Aazam uncle has no contact with anyone other than you You have to help me keeping this secret as a secret Uncle, promise me that you won’t tell Aazam Uncle or Imsal that I am alive? Please! What does a man think and what happens? After disappointed by Zaidan I had all hopes with Imran, that I will bring his bride, that there will be liveliness in the house so my life will be peaceful too Don’t know how this Raima came into his life, and all this mess happened

Don’t mind me Apa, you made a mistake too What was the need to be stubborn with your young offspring? What would have gone wrong, if Raima gets wed to Imran? At least he wouldn’t have been in this condition How would I know that things will get worse? I am also saddened by Raima’s death Tell you the truth get moved with tears sometimes Okay there is no need to feel dishearten

What has to happen, it happened Anyway, Anabi was telling that Areesha made Raima’s life very difficult too She used to taunt her day and night about illegitimate child Maybe Raima felt dishearted and suicided Leave it, what has to happen it happened

Just worry about your child God gave him 2nd life, or doctor scared us Yes, you are right Honestly if something happened Imran, I couldn’t have stayed alive too God bless Mr

Aazam, he helped us in hard times Yes, he really is a good person Where do you meet such people in this world nowadays? Ok, what do you think, will Imran forget Raima? That is the question which has been troubling me I don’t know if my son will forgive me or not Apa what are you saying

He is your offspring There is no question he wouldn’t forgive you Right now when he was conscious I saw, he has softened a lot Yes, his behavior is soften God willing, he stays like this, I can’t see my child to be upset

Don’t worry he will not be upset Hope to God everything will be alright And then both us sister will find a beautiful good girl for Imran and marry him God willing [Wow, Mash Allah

Happy Birthday You look very pretty, stay like this How do you stay in that condition?] [Now you are happy, it means my work paid off] Apa, give this bag to me too, you have pain in your hand No you have carrying things too

Will take a rickshaw ahead So what I can carry this too Oh just find a rickshaw Rickshaw, there is one coming Apa…! Apa…! Apa

Apa? What do you need daughter for? Okay!!! daughter is dead so now you are missing your real daughter? There is no need to talk nonsense with me, I don’t want to talk to you anyway Let me talk to Imsal Why isn’t she picking my call? Ask this from Imsal not me

Surely you have forbidden her Areesha do remember, by doing such activities you cannot take my offspring away from me Aazam, If I wanted to snatch her, I would have done it when I left your house She is a grownup now, she is sensible, she makes her own decisions, she knows whom she wants to stay with and whom she doesn’t You ask all these questions from her, I am not not responsible for any of her things

And anyways she is like you, she argues about everything with me That’s why whatever you want to ask, ask her I am not responsible for anything It is useless to talk to you Stupid

You had a fight with Areesha again? What can I do Anabi Every time I talk to this woman she starts arguing She is here There is nothing to worry about Blood pressure was low; she is very weak

What’s the matter, she doesn’t eat anything? Doctor that is the problem She neither eats nor drink If I insist then she takes a few morsels and then say that she is full There is no issue in eating less, but she should keep eating periodically, or else weakness increases give her fruits, her juices and Insh Allah she will get better

I am writing you some medicines, give her these and then Insh Allah there will be improvements soon Yes, better You are apathetic Staying from 3 days at your mother’s house, never thought of that your father is alone here Assalamoalikum Baba

Walaikumasslam Anabi, you were with Baba, that’s why I was satisfied And I wanted to prepare to go abroad anyway, which I couldn’t do by staying here There was exchange of visits from everybody Oh nobody visits here

Only Imran used to come, now he is in the hospital too How is Imran’s health? He is much better Anabi Then why hasn’t doctors discharged him yet? I went to meet Imran, doctors said that he will be discharged today or tomorrow God did a lot of mercy on Imran, his head injury get better or else, doctor scared us that he might go into comma Oh child, whoever Allah blesses life, that person will get better even after tumble and toss

And if not then he passes away while on the go You are right Baba how is your health now? Yes, child, I am better Baba, I am starting my studies again I have applied for my admission to oxford university and got a reply from them too

You can study by staying here too, is it important to go? No baba, I couldn’t focus on studies by staying here, that’s why I want to go Ok, as you wish, what can I say When are you leaving? Next week Ok Will you go to office? No child I will go Imran at the hospital

  Careful… careful I don’t know why I am feeling dizzy Oh this weakness Come Oh God

Sit Careful Lay down Have to go to the hospital to see Imran, he is alone He must be hungry; I don’t know he ate something or not

You go to hospital every day; this is the result of all of this That’s why you felt sick Now I will take food to the hospital Ok do ask them when they are discharging I will tell doctor

Even if they will not discharge him, I will say that our child is alright All we need is discharging him You just rest That’s all right, but I don’t understand one thing What? The girl who people buried, who was she? I am also surprised Shazia that how did this happen

Yes, he is discharged Mr Imran is much better than before Now he is not a kid who is going to be careless Actually the problem is their brain injury, which is very sensitive

And for that he needs regular rest and proper medicine, so he can recover quickly, just like he did in the hospital This is all because of your full attention doctor, that Imran got better so quickly You don’t worry, we will take good care of him, there won’t be any problem So, can I take him home now? Let me do a complete checkup of him, then you can take him home till this evening Alright, thank you doctor

  They were saying that because the body stayed in water so it was unidentifiable, maybe that’s why they thought of that dead body as you and buried it I don’t know who that poor girl was But Shazia whatever happened was right Now at least they are satisfied, that they buried me And that’s what I wanted, that they burry my story, so that Imsal’s destination becomes easy

Raima you are doing so wrong You shouldn’t do that Shazia whatever I am doing, I’m doing it very thoughtfully Aazam Uncle has a lot of favors on us, and that’s how I can pay back his favors And Imran? Did you think about him? Have you thought about him? How will he live without you? He loves you so much

And you, will you be able to forget him? Honestly speaking Shazia, I might not forget Imran all my life He really loves me, but what can I do Shazia, I am compelled I have to make this sacrifice Means you will not listen? Then how will you live your life? What is life Shazia, it passes And then I am not alone, you are with me, and my baby

I will live rest of my life with your support I will do bringing up of my baby, educate him, I will make him a good and honest person, who will never cheat anyone Start your job again With that your heart will be busy and you won’t be a burden for anyone Yes, I thought of this too

I will go to school with you tomorrow to meet principle It’s good that I haven’t told anybody at school about you yet, else it would be a lot of disturbance Whatever God does Shazia, does it better Ok, enough talk lets go home, if Baba comes back he will be worried Let’s go

Let’s go Ok Apa I am going I am going with you, now I am fine Please call rickshaw here Apa there is no need for this

I will take Imran’s food to the hospital myself You didn’t hear what doctor said to you? You need to rest now You go in your room and rest please I will be back in an hour or two Oh who is it at this time? You sit let me check

Apa! Look who is here My child, my dear After Zaidan, he is my only hope And if he gets angry with me then how can I live? I agree that it is my mistake I shouldn’t be that strict about Raima

We all made mistakes sister You are not the only one at fault Mr Aazam, none of us had any idea, Raima will go that far The day Raima left, from that day I am not able to sleep peacefully at night

I think myself as a criminal I feel like I killed her Your mother is sorry Imran, forgive her And who was supposed to go, gone anyway, what is the benefit of these things now It’s not about profit or loss sir

I just feel the pain by thinking that, even if Raima gets married respectfully in this house, so what would it matter If her orphan baby would have grown up in this house the what would it matter Allah has promised for his sustenance Then what was wrong with her? Because of her Ego and her stubbornness, she took all the happiness of his son away Took away his peace

Forgive me son, forgive me If I knew this earlier, I would have never done this Stop it For God’s sake never talk to me about this again You just have to think that, you weary a compelled person so much, that she left this world forever

And for this I will never forgive you Don’t worry, his wound is fresh, he will forget gradually Please Apa, stop crying please Stop please

Child, memorize it in your heart You tell what have you learned? [Student recites a poem from his course] Great, sit down And now, recite your lessons in your heart [Raima…!] [Imran I know you are sincere with me, but I can’t help you

] [Please don’t say that I know very well why you are saying all this To return all the favors done to you, you cannot take revenge with me What is my fault, why are you taking away my love?] [Imran, I am compelled] [I don’t know any compulsion nor I can understand any compulsion of yours

You have to help me and if you don’t then I will tell Imsal myself that she should get out of our way] [You are not saying anything to Imsal Look, Imran if you say something to Imsal, then you will lose me too] [I know if I marry Imsal then I will get everything But I don’t need wealth but love

In my eyes love has more worth than wealth And do you know which people get loved? Only those who can appreciate it I love you a lot Raima Extreme love After getting your love if I only get difficulties in my life then I will undergo it

But I want your company And if I get it then even if get difficulties of the whole world, I will not care] [Are you telling the truth?] [Try me]

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