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Dard Rukta Nahi Episode 15 | 4K | 9th March 2020 | Mont Blanc Entertainment


[ I am worrying too much for Raima

She is pregnant, God forbid something happens to her in this condition then?] [Baba please find Raima somehow Why are worried, stay at ease The biggest thorn is out of your way] [You do know I am not like that] [I don’t know anything about Raima leaving the house

Yes, but I do know that she was really upset because of Areesha aunty] [She left her house I don’t even know where she went No idea whether she is alive or dead] What?] [It was Nasir’s call from police station, he asked us to come right away

] Is this the body? Yes sir Remove the cloth you can go now Body’s condition because of staying in sea for too long is unidentifiable And we asked from all police stations of the city about missing woman like these No area of the city has reported a missing woman like this, other than Miss Raima And yes, you told me that she was pregnant? This woman is pregnant too She has no marks of abuse on her whole body, which gives an idea that she suicided

Oh God I am feeling sorry Sir, to complete some legal formalities, you have to come to police station with me Dead body will be handed over to you after postmortem Come Sakina change the sheet of Raima’s bed, and do dusting properly

You do know how sanitationist Raima is And she likes everything properly placed I want her room to be as clean as she used to keep it Don’t you worry Anabi, I will make her room shine and Miss Raima will be happy after seeing it And I am happy for her return anyway

When a person goes out of hand, then we realized about their importance Imsal, did you call Aazam? Ask him when are they coming, when are they bringing Raima? Anabi, I have been calling for so long but, Baba isn’t picking up Then call Imran, he went with him too I called him too, he is not picking up as well Looks like he is busy

Ok, you keep calling, whoever picks up ask them what’s up Ok Anabi And Sakina, go to kitchen and make couple of her favorite dishes Don’t know in what condition she is in, she ate something or not I will take care of bed sheets

Now why are you standing like a statue? I am having a weird feeling Have heart in work, go quickly We did a lot of injustice to that girl We hurt her feelings Our insensitivity and selfishness took her life

We killed her We did it For this God will never forgive us Never Sir we shouldn’t have forced our wishes on Raima

Sir if she didn’t want to marry then she wouldn’t At least she didn’t have to take her own life With this pain, how can we live our lives now Master Jee gave me charge of Raima with so many hopes, that I will take care of her, I will protect her, but I wasn’t able to do anything What will I answer to Master Jee at the day of judgement? That I couldn’t protect his custody

Sir I think we must have courage We have a much harder test in front of us Now you have to give this news to everybody, who are hopeful and waiting for her return How will I tell? How? I can’t do it Imran I can’t

Apa! Apa it’s a disaster Oh God what happened, everything okay? That happened which we were afraid of Tell me at least all okay, Imran is alright? He is alright but it’s very bad news Tell me clearly my heart is trembling Say it

You now that Raima…! She suicided What Her dead body was found from the ocean No, God Why are you standing like statues? Why don’t you tell where is Raima? You went to get Raima? You got a call from police station, where did she go? Imran, Imran child you tell where is Raima? Say something my heart will stop beating

What happened Aazam? Raima Raima is no more Anabi What? She left us and left this world Sir is telling the truth Raima is no longer in this world Oh God, troubles have seen the way to this house

One problem goes away then the other pops out First there were worries about Zaidan, He get lost then, Imran’s sorrows are not letting me be at peace Tayyaba, what happened was not okay This shouldn’t have happened You are right

Don’t know what state he might be in He must be going crazy He was already blaming me for the disappearance of Raima Now she has gone from this world, no idea how he will treat me now Imran, Imran my son what happened? I am really sorry

Don’t feel sorry You should be happy You wanted her to leave our lives? Have fun now Amma She is dead Your wish is fulfilled

That is not the case child Don’t give explanations to me Amma, It won’t make a difference All I know is my world crashed But, you have nothing left too You have lost your son

After today you are alone as well Did you hear? Alone Imran! Imran son listen to me! Be patient Apa Please don't cry [Aazam… My Raima…! Take care of my daughter!] [yes] [Now She is… Your… responsibility] [Baba… Baba…!] [Forgive me Master Jee I couldn’t protect your belonging

] Yes, alright I will come to the hospital at 10 in the morning No don’t tell it Sir; I will tell him myself Thank you so much Anabi drink a little bit of soup, you haven’t eaten anything from this morning

Look, if you are going to stay hungry like this then it will make your health worse You didn’t take medicines as well Can’t take medicine empty stomach No child, I don’t want to, it won’t go down my throat Please don’t insist

Anabi, I am also sad to see Raima go, but it takes courage to compete with sorrows Anabi, you too have courage, please drink a bit of soup, then I will give you medicine Anabi, we should be with Baba too at this time My heart is worried for him He really loved Raima like his daughter

Anabi if you will do the same too then, I will lose courage Please drink some soup It means the girl Imran likes; she was so troubled that she suicided? Yes, that’s what I got to know after talking to Ammi You didn’t talk to Imran? No, I tried a lot, but he is not picking up He must be very disturbed

He is not talking to Amma as well His condition is bad In all this scenario, what is your Amma’s fault? Buddy what I told you that, Amma was not in favor of this marriage of Imran and she didn’t like that girl Oh yes, I remember Poor guy must have seen so many dreams for himself! Must have thought so much, and look all dreams are shattered

Why is it happening to my family only? I don’t get it I wish I was with them right now Maybe God is testing all of you? And you have to be successful in this test I know Sara but I am a human after all When the pain exceeds the limit then I don’t understand what should I do

Anyways, don’t get worried It is hard times, will pass And if it’s possible, do talk to Imran and give him comfort He needs your morale at this time very much By the way if we look at it, the person guilty of all this situation is her husband, who got her to this point

If he didn’t deceive her, then neither the shadow of her father disappears off her, and nor that girl would have stayed without hearth or home and be compelled to suicide How insensitive are those people, who destroy other’s life and live their own life peacefully? wish, I get the address of her husband, so I could shoot him with my own hands I fed her with these hands from childhood She grew up in front of our eyes Used to be with us in pains and pleasures

When she was leaving this world, she was so far from us, that we couldn’t see her face for the last time that poor soul Her face was not identifiable Mr Aazam was saying that dead body was worsened because of been in the sea That’s why they had burry right away, or else he would have waited for us

That city swallowed her Ate our baby girl Baba, I have decided We will go to Karachi, to pray on her grave No child, she is gone from this world now

What will we do by going there? Pray for her? Then we will all pray for her over here Your Baba is right Shazia We will arrange her third over here, and will invite all village, so they will know too, and everybody participates in prayers Ok Aunty Baba, please inform everybody

Okay child Imran child Yes? Son you aren’t sleeping? No, aunty Ok I have served the food, come and eat it No I am not hungry; you guys eat it

<i><b><u><font color=#00000000></font></u></b></i> Look son, I know, your sorrow is very big And to forget it is not that easy for you But my child, you have to forget it You not eating food, staying hungry will not bring Raima back Okay Come on, get up and have food

Hey! You have a high fever No Aunty I am good Child if you were okay then this wouldn’t be your condition I will call Apa…! No, leave it Listen to me, do not bother her

I will take a tablet and get better Son I know you are mad at Apa What does Apa have to do with Raima’s suicide? Why are you hurting her? And you also know that after Raima, Apa is so embarrassed, so sad Well leave it, this is not the time for these things If you don’t want to eat, then don’t

I am heating up milk for you, take a tablet for fever and go to sleep I agree Imran, I didn’t want that you and Raima get married, but I am not responsible for her death I never thought that she will go to this extent I want the best for both of you I wanted both of your lives to be peaceful separately

You didn’t have to listen to people’s taunts And then Raima wanted that too, she wanted to raise her baby…! She didn’t want any of that You forced her to You and Areesha ma’am together both took her life You killed her

For that I will never forgive you Never Son where are you going? Imran child, don’t go Your condition is not good Step back

Imran…! Imran…! [Don’t call me Amma, I am not your mother Just like all of them, you are a liar as well No matter how bad Zaidan is, he is better than you At least he hides his face with me after doing something bad And there is you, after doing so much, you are sitting in front of me like a shameless person

] [Alright, bring her But listen one thing carefully, I will not stay in this house for one second] Apa stop it, how much will you cry? Don’t overwhelm yourself by crying Imran will return What should I do? Did you saw his condition? He wasn’t able to walk and he took the car

He will come back, why are you worrying so much Please call him, tell him to come home Else I will go myself to find him Okay, I am calling Must be Imran’s call, tell him to come home, quickly

No Apa it’s a different number Hello? Yes, I am Imran’s aunty speaking Who do you want to talk? What? Oh good God Listen please Listen I want to go inside

Oh God have good luck for my child Tayyaba if something happens to my child then I won’t be able to live either Apa, nothing will happen to our Imran God willing, he will get better Have courage please

Doctor said he is not that injured Oh where is Mr Aazam, they are not even letting me go inside He comes so we can at least go inside Apa obviously it will take him time to come

You have courage please Pray to God Ya Allah… (reciting prayers) How is Imran, where is he? He is in emergency; doctors are checking him Did you have a talk with doctor, did they tell you something? They are not telling anything yet, just saying that he had an accident Please ask them how is my child

God willing, he will be better, you have courage please, let me check Doctor, what is the condition of patient? He is not good There are several internal wounds and there is deep wound on head Doctor will my child get well? We are trying our best We have to shift him to ICU, you guys just pray please

Doctor do whatever is possible Insha’Allah, I will try my best All of this happened because of my selfishness Anabi To get my love, I destroyed both of their lives Child these are all plays of destiny

Why do you think of yourself as a criminal? Maybe they have such torments written in their fate No Anabi, Raima suicided because of me And Imran is in this condition Anabi, if something happens to Imran, then I won’t be able to forgive myself I know child, this time is very painful for you

Right now we don’t have to act with emotions but with sensibility Don’t do or say anything which cause any more troubles Think about Aazam, how upset he is His condition is bad If you are going to talk like this in front of him then his courage will end

He needs your support Give him courage child Call Aazam, ask him what is Imran’s condition What we are thinking, maybe it is not that bad, maybe he is fine I called twice Anabi, but he didn’t pick

I will try again; my phone is in the room Don’t know what evil eye spoiled it My happy and laughing house is deserted God forbid that your house gets deserted Don’t worry a bit, nothing will happen to Imran

He will get better Now he is injured and it will take some time for those injuries to heal Thankfully he is safe, or else car accidents are very dangerous Yes, Mr Aazam is absolutely right

Thankfully Imran is safe Pray for him now I wish I had listened to you so my child wouldn’t be in this condition now And maybe, Raima might be alive too Mr

Aazam, please forgive me, I am really ashamed of my mistakes Please don’t say that The torment which had to come on us, it did Raima will not return with you apologizing like this She is gone

But you don’t have to worry I wasn’t able to save Raima but Imran, I won’t let anything happen to him I am promising you, have consolation I will get him the best treatment He will get better very soon

Insha’Allah Insha’Allah Excuse me Sit down Baba, what is Imran’s condition? Has anything happened to him? I can talk to him? Sorry Imsal, he had an accident

He is injured how can I get him to talk He is in ICU; it is a very serious accident Doctor said the next 24 hours are very important if, if he doesn’t become conscious, then there is danger that he might go into comma Head wound is very deep

Baba, nothing should happen to Imran Don’t get worried, nothing will happen to him I can do one thing; I am coming to the hospital! No, you stay at home child Imran is not conscious anyway, if you really want to do something then, pray for him I am praying for him Baba You just keep updating us about Imran’s health or else, we will get worried over here Yes, I will tell that to Anabi

Good Bye What is Aazam saying? How is Imran? Imran is unconscious Anabi Baba was saying that he is in ICU Oh God, save Imran’s life What is happening…! Now! what is the problem in this house? That girls mourning isn’t over yet? Who asked her to come here? Why? I can’t come in this house? Looks like this girl has gone crazy again

I called you so can handle Imsal, you will give her comfort But looking at you it feels like I made a huge mistake You are talking nonsense Anabi What did I say wrong that she became so furious? Imran’s accident is not a big issue, he might be safe, or else we would have gotten the news I don’t know what God has put in your chest in place of heart, that you do you know anything other than hate? Don’t talk nonsense

One who deserves hate should be hated What wrong did that girl do with you? You harassed her so much that she died I wish if you didn’t trouble her so much or she would have been alive today Why did you do all this? Today your daughter is not tolerant of your appearance I feel sorry for you, that neither you became good mother nor good wife

My biggest enemy is you You played the character of my mother in law You didn’t let my house settle You and Aazam turned Imsal against me Tell her, I will come again tomorrow

Assalamoalikum Walaikumassalam How is Imran’s health Child go check yourself He is not conscious yet

I don’t understand why isn’t he becoming conscious? What are doctors saying, did you have a talk with anybody? Doctor comes, do checkup and then leave They say he will get better Nobody tells anything clearly I am so troubled; I don’t understand what to do Don’t you worry I will talk to the doctor? Imsal child, go to the room, I will be there after meeting doctor

Okay Are you alright? Assalamoalikum Baba Walaikumassalam child All the things you had written to me; I have forwarded it to pavilion guy These are sheets, keep them inside

And rest of the stuff, that boy will drop here at the house Alright Baba get some rest; you must be tired Asif called, he said your phone is not responding Baba there was no electricity last night to charge cell phone, that’s why it’s off

I will charge it now By the way you told everybody that tomorrow is third (3rd day of death) after Zohar prayer? Yes, I told everyone I told reciter (one who recites Holy Qur’an) Child whoever I told about Raima, they are shocked They asked such questions that my head started spinning

I didn’t understand what to answer Baba it is as such Young girl suiciding, one gets different thoughts in mind It would have been better if she didn’t go, and stayed with us Everybody is really sad, but what can a person do

Okay child I will get some rest then I will go for Salah prayer Alright? Okay Doctor, if there is no prominent injury then what happened to Imran, that he isn’t conscious yet? We have the same concern after passing 24 hours We did his tests and X-rays, then we get to know that there is blood clotting in his brain, and that’s why is not able to be conscious We do not want to operate him

Therefore, we are treating him with medicine Doctor this is very dangerous situation, if operating him is necessary then! In this condition it is not possible

At the moment we cannot do his operation in this condition And within 12 hours he is not conscious, then we will have no choice but to operate him, which can be dangerous Possibly he can go into comma forever No, then don’t do operation please Save him, it’s very important that he get conscious

He is the only hope of his mother, if something happens to him then…! Trust in God, if he wants then he will get fully better By the way we have some hope God willing that is the case Please don’t tell all of this to his mother, she is very weak hearted Please

Don’t worry By the way nobody thought that Raima will leave this world Child, her time was over She has to go; rest are all excuses You are right Aunty Sughra

By the way there are no men, is there an arrangement somewhere else? Yes, child, they went to mosque After reciting Qur’an, they will return Okay Aunty, let me get back from kitchen Baba came back so early? Let me check

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