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Daniel Radcliffe at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (2010) | You Had To Be There | MTV News


– [Director] We're rolling – [Host] Can I just start talking any time you're up there, basically? – [Director] Yes

– So admittedly, I'm not the biggest Harry Potter expert, but I don't think that this castle should be where it is, Dan (laughing) – Right, I see what you mean It should be in the Highlands of Scotland, yes – Right? – I know, but it has been moved magically to be here – We're in 90-degree Orlando

– I know, but it's, and yet snow is still – It's called magic, Dan – It is magic snow, yes, it's incredible, and no, I know, this is kind of pretty amazing actually, I have to – I was very, very keen that the castle be as impressive as it should be and it really, I think, is, frankly

– I can vouch for it, too – It is kind of, it does look like 700 foot of rock and castle – And we're gonna actually take a look inside the castle and we've got the man, the myth, the legend, Mr Radcliffe, you're gonna do it with me, right? – Absolutely, yeah – You're gonna show me around? – Yeah, ye ah, yeah, I'll give you a tour

– All right, let's go (magical music) – [Daniel] Actually, it was quite good I had my trusty laser pointer (laughing) – Do you always carry that with you? – I got given it about a week ago and I love it (laughing) – [Host] This, obviously moving portraits, we are familiar with this

– Moving portraits, I believe that is Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw having a bit of a conflab there and Salazar Slytherin, of course Now if I just use my trusty laser pointer for a moment, this man, this portrait, I don't know how clearly you can see it, but that is actually based on our production designer, Stuart Craig A lot of the portraits are actually based on, a lot of the portraits you see in the films, are actually based on crew members and my dad is, he'll kill me for actually saying this, but my dad is in one on the third film, he was with him, who else was in it? I think it was him, Barry Wilkinson, our prop master, our lighting cameraman, but yeah, he was very embarrassed – Is there any way I can get a portrait? I know we're down to the end– – It’s a little late, dude! Sorry, man – Does this feel like, anything like the sets you were on? – Yes, absolutely

Well this is what I was saying, was that kind of what's amazing about this place overall, not just this ride and everything but the place overall, is that it's actually sort of more complete than the film sets because, you know, you're in the Great Hall and you walk outside and you see it's, in fact, made of wood and scaffold and, you know, as Tom Felton said, he's expecting to see a bit of green screen at any moment, whereas here, it is all just here and it is kind of amazing, and me and Rupert Grint stood outside Ollivander's wand shop for five minutes going, "Wow, that's great, isn't it?" Didn't realize we could go inside Didn't realize it was a fully functioning kind of bit inside – Just thought it was a facade, just three inches thick – Yeah exactly, like we're used to 'Cause that's what we normally do, it's like 'Blazing Saddles

' We just get the front of buildings – So this next room we're coming to, I'm very excited about – OK, what's the next room? – So I was saying I was really excited about this one We're in Dumbledore's office This is insane

– I know, it's great, isn't it? This is, yeah, this is the real Dumbledore's office I mean, it is an incredible exact replica, I mean, you can't see this from where you guys are, so it's useless, me telling you, but there's the – you've got the Pensieve and everything behind and loads of sort of weird astrolabes and different kind of, all the various sort of astronomical equipment that Dumbledore has in his office – Was there one scene in particular that you remember that resonates with you from this setting? – I mean, I think the, well, I mean, yeah, there was, actually the one that, you know what? The one that honestly came first to mind then was at the end of [‘Chamber of Secrets’], where Jason Isaacs and Richard Harris are having their kind of heated exchange at the end, and so that very vividly came back to me, and I think one of the key scenes in the series happens in this room, which is towards the end of [‘Deathly Hallows — Part 1’], where Harry learns something about Snape's past in relation to him, and that takes place in this room In fact, actually, it takes place pretty much here – Oh, am I Snape or am I you? – No, Snape's not here

There's just a Pensieve, and I'm going into it like that (laughing) And yeah, possibly the key scene in the series, you might say Certainly you could put an argument forward for that So, yeah, that's gonna be a pretty amazing – I hope, if I've done my job, it should be a pretty good scene – [Host] When you walk into a setting like this, like, do memories just come flooding in? I mean, what does? – Yeah, it's in a way, 'cause I've only sort of just left Potter's, the memories are still all very vivid but yeah, I know that I'm gonna, I'm definitely, somebody asked me a question outside actually that was saying, you know, "Do you think you'll ever bring your kids here?" If I have kids, which I hope to, one day, not for a while, and yeah, I'd love to, and then it would be a real, real nostalgia trip to come back here

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